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If you are interested in advertising on MobileTopSoft,
please email us at ads -at- (changing -at- with @)

With our specific style of delivering quality content to our visitors and clear target, we can act as influential middleman factor delivering your message to the audience.

MobileTopSoft is generating over 1.5 million page views every month from over
400 000 unique visitors. We have over 3 000 RSS and email subscribers. Our targeted audience of highly educated, technology aware influencers include entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, analysts, software developers, power PDA/smartphone users, mobile professionals. People who like and use technology gadgets.

Showcase Your product or service with flexible advertising solutions as well as good known ones. We feel you as sponsors important to us and we look for products and services that are far relevant to our targeted and influential audience and your products.

We currently offer various ad spots, some of which are served on every page. The ads are priced on a day / monthly basis for a permanent ad spot and traditional CPM-based advertising.

We work with following Ad Specifications along with custom which can be arranged:

* 728x90 px on top and bottom of every page

* 468x60 px on every page

* 160x600 px at sidebar of every page

* 300x250 px below our logo on every page

* 300x250 px at sidebar of every page

* 125x125 px at sidebar of every page every page

* Custom sizes may be accommodated, so please inquire

Banner formats that are acceptable include GIF, JPG or SWF (Flash).
Campaign lengths are flexible and do not have to run for sure on the usual per month basis, and subject to targeting and number of impressions bought.
Rates will vary depending on the number of impressions purchased (this does not apply if you purchase ad unit on monthly or day basis).
Month term is no limited, and is followed by a month-to-month plan where either party may terminate the relationship on 30 days notice.

Please note that we do not accept text links, pop-ups, pop-unders, superblast/layered ads, ads with no user-initiated sound or objectionable content/websites nor do we participate in "affiliate-type" programs, or exchange/trade links.

Payment Terms

- Full payment must be received and clear before each campaign term begins.
- Minimum spend for any length campaign is $100 USD.
- Rates/quotes are in U.S. dollars or Euro and are subject to availability and to change without notice.

If you are interested in advertising on MobileTopSoft,
please email us at ads -at- (changing -at- with @)