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May 19 3M Projector in Your Phone?
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3M Projector in Your Phone? Here’s one more idea that someone would have eventually caught up on. Since we are using our Pocket PCs or smartphone for so much more than only talking, people are busy out there inventing more applications and devices to incorporate in the smaller and thinner phone .

3M have developed this projector which Samsung will incorporate in some of their devices. I’d have to say I’d use it at least for watching some movies while I am traveling and it might come in handy when the real projector fails during a meeting or presentation. I’ll have to hand it to Samsung for getting their hands on this idea. If 3M will make it smaller but as dependable as the real thing, others will follow.

I’d like to see a working model and some more specs. For now we know this addition will make you spend from $200 to $400 extra for that new piece of equipment. What do you think?

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3M Projector in Your Phone?




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