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May 20 Did You Buy a Phone This Year?
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 Did You Buy a Phone This Year? The recession in the US is felt by phone manufacturers too. Let’s look at a few numbers from 2008 cell phone business. So far in the first quarter 31 million phones were sold which is 22 percent lower than the same period of last year. Smartphones however increased in sales from 7 to 17 percent which means people prefer a smarter phone for their daily business.

Most desired features in phones are Bluetooth in 79 percent of sold phones and music players in 60 percent. Motorola stayed on top of the numbers but they did suffer a loss of 8 percent from 35 to 27. Samsung follows with 18 percent with LG breathing down their neck at 17 percent. Nokia has just 8 percent of the market with RIM coming to a 5 percent after surpassing Sanyo. Apple doesn’t make the top 6 but they have increased too their share of the market.

What phone did you buy this year?

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Did You Buy a Phone This Year?




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