Slider Helper Offers Added Abilities On Nokia N95 And N95 8GB

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Jul 14 Slider Helper Offers Added Abilities On Nokia N95 And N95 8GB
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Slider Helper Symbian Freeware If your a user of the Nokia N95 or the Nokia N95 8GB Symbian based smartphone cellular devices you are probably more than familiar with the many features offered on the devices.

However when it comes to slider manageability, there is very little offered. That's where Slider Helper for those two devices comes in handy.

I personally downloaded Slider Helper onto my Nokia N95. I found the installation to work quickly and easily. Here are a few of the nice features the Symbian Freeware offers.

When the slider on your device is closed you can have the call you are on hangup, you can also lock the phone by closing the slider function on the device, best of all it won't ask you to do so, eliminating an annoying step.. If you also want to save on battery life you can have the slider turn off the screen lights when in the closed position.

On the other side of the spectrum you can set the program to unlock the device when the slider is open.

The program supports English and Russian and is available now.

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Comments on
Slider Helper Offers Added Abilities On Nokia N95 And N95 8GB

Thu 24 Jul
momin wrote...

thank you this softwear but is workin?

1:05 am

Sat 2 Aug
hubert wrote...


3:24 pm

Sat 2 Aug
Magnus N wrote...

Couldn't get it to work. Problem with signing. Why do most software to the N95 be such a hassle to install!?

3:52 pm

Fri 29 Aug
jerrish wrote...


11:59 pm

Thu 4 Sep
cristobal padilla wrote...

i really need it!

4:12 pm

Sun 7 Sep
dante wrote...

please tell me how to download slider helper

12:24 pm

Sun 5 Oct
sanja wrote...

n 95 8gb

6:46 am

Wed 8 Oct
Rehan wrote...

I want to download this software can i have the exe file detials?

1:45 am




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