Sleep Music v0.6 for Symbian

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Oct 01 Sleep Music v0.6 for Symbian
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Sleep Music v0.6 for Symbian In case you are used to falling asleep only when either a movie or some music is playing in the background, then you definitely need to install Sleep Music v0.6 on your Symbian phone. Don’t you worry about your battery dying while you listen to your favorite songs. The application has a timer for you. Turn it on, set the numbers of hours you want it to run and go to sleep quietly. The Music Player or the Radio will follow you to sleep when the time is up.

There are timer presets to choose from: 15, 30 and 60 minutes. If you need to customize that you can simply enter the time manually. The application will run in the background so you can technically still play with other applications before sleep. Although you shold be sleeping already! Am I right or what?

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Sleep Music v0.6 for Symbian




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