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Jan 25 Samsung Blackjack II Reviewed by Mobile Tech Review
Found in:Samsung, Reviews, Smartphone, Windows Mobile 6 Standard, Samsung Blackjack II Reviewed by Mobile Tech Review

Mobile Tech Review has recently posted nice review of the Samsung Blackjack II. This is a smartphone equipped with Windows Mobile 6 Standard, HSDPA radio, 2MP camera, larger screen, GPS, and a improved upon QWERTY keyboard.

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Sep 13 The most robust Windows Mobile device HTC TyTN II gets another Review
Found in:HTC, Devices, Pocket PC, Reviews, The most robust Windows Mobile device HTC TyTN II gets another Review

Last week just after the official announce of HTC TyTN II we saw its first unboxing and small review and now we have one bigger and very well made review of it. It is made by David Ciccone for mobilityTODAY and as you will see the HTC TyTN II is put on all kind of program and feature tests and performs quite well.

More powerful than any mobile communications device you've usedbefore, the HTC TyTN II takes global connectivity to the next level. Staying connected means staying ahead. The TyTN II supports the full spectrum of network standards, guaranteeing that you will stay in touch ANYWHERE in the world. With an internet connection via 3.5G HSDPA that is nine times faster than 3G, using the TyTN II to download files and surf the Web is a breeze.

HTC TyTN II Specifications

Source: MobilityTODAY

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Sep 07 i-mate Ultimate 8150 get its First Review
Found in:i-mate, Reviews, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, Devices, Pocket PC, i-mate Ultimate 8150 get its First Review

The i-mate philosophy of Innovation by Design has been used in every sense to create a product range of devices that aims to re-define the category of Windows Mobile devices. From the 520MHz Intel processor, to the XGA direct video out, from HSDPA connectivity to the 262k colour VGA LCD touch screen, every component of every device provides the latest and best in mobile phone and PDA technology.

Early this year i-mate has introduced their Ultimate line of Windows Mobile based devices. Now when they made available the Ultimate 8150 it was about time for its first review. This Windows Mobile 6 Professional powered device is one true behemoth with its 640 x 480 pixels screen, 128 MB RAM and very fast Intel Bulverde 520 MHz processor. It features the amazing Direct Video Out XGA, which acts as TV Out-External Display, enabling you to view and operate your device on almost every monitor or tv you have nearby (very important to many employers and lecturers and small companies, including large, in addition to that it would be a great benefit to the employee if the normal usage such as how to exploit this feature in the display of pictures and videos Digitalis in the apparatus on the screen television to see all the parents and friends).

The review made by ce4arab is available in Arabic only and has lots of interesting pictures, but here you can read it translated in English.

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Jul 24 HTC Kaiser P4550 Review
Found in:HTC, Reviews, Pocket PC, Devices, HTC Kaiser P4550 Review

Here it pops another review of the most perfect Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone produced by HTC till that moment. It is of HTC Kaiser aka HTC P4550 and is made again by Gears from coolsmartphone.

I mentioned in my HTC Touch review that HTC seem to be pushing the envelope with their handsets at the moment. It's fair to say that HTC are adding features and functionality quicker than even Microsoft themselves. Now, with the Kaiser, HTC has thrown everything into the specifications listings - the only thing missing is the kitchen sink.

For example, GPS in on board, meaning your favourite satellite navigation programs will run without the need for extra Bluetooth sat-nav receivers. Get this handset and you can stick your Bluetooth GPS receiver on eBay, then never have to worry about charging and faffing with two seperate devices again. The HTC Kaiser - aka the HTC P4550 - is the true one-for-all device. Don't believe me? Read on.

Read complete review here.

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Jul 17 Review of HTC P6300 Panda Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Found in:HTC, Pocket PC, Devices, Reviews, Review of HTC P6300 Panda Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Gears from has just released new review of HTC P6300 Panda Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It is a handheld that has all the classic functions and specifications of previously made devices by HTC and can be easily described as well built in traditional style.

This device is suited to two different categories of people. The first category are those who love the older style Pocket PC's. You know the type of person I'm on about - they've probably also got a huge Nokia 5.1 that still plays that annoying "Bida-Bee-Bee-Bida-Bee-Bee-Bida-Bee-Bee-BEEEEEP" tune. They want a similar handset because they feel comfortable with it and know how it works.

The second category of people are mobile business users. We're talking warehousing, fleet management and stock-taking. You want a big, hard-wearing device that will survive the knocks, bangs and scratches. It's got a nippy 400Mhz CPU and the "robust" (the PR people keep prodding me to say that word) Windows Mobile 5 OS to run your custom software on. This will do the job, and no doubt it'll do the job well. It'll write data to a standard SD card and you can quickly read the data with card readers or via the miniUSB port. As a workhorse it's ideal.

On the downside however it's a retro 2004-style unit that lacks 3G or even EDGE connectivity. If you want to get a data connection then just hope that there's WiFi near you, otherwise you've got a tortuous wait for the GPRS to splat the data down.

Imagine your Windows Mobile phone is a car. Most new devices now appearing are executive cars - real top of the range ones too, with all the extras. Air con, stability control, ABS, leather seats and sat-nav. If you want one like that then you'd better start looking at the HTC Kaiser. This, however, is a white van. Sure, you can sit in the outside lane of the motorway in your executive car but there, behind you, is some guy in a white transit TDI somehow managing to do the same speed as you. He's got a big, wide, boxy thing that doesn't do everything yours does, but somehow it still keeps up and it'll carry a lot more while it does it.

Read the whole review here.

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Jun 04 E-TEN Glofiish X500+ WM6 Smartphone Reviewed in Pics
Found in:E-TEN, Reviews, Devices, E-TEN Glofiish X500+ WM6 Smartphone Reviewed in Pics

E-TEN has recently announced and made available the Glofiish X500+ Windows Mobile 6 Professional Smartphone. This cool looking VGA Pocket PC Phone Edition features Windows Mobile 6 and the VGA screen i am sure that using it will be a pleasure. Arne Hess from the::unwired has made a Photoview of this sleek device and said This unique VGA Pocket PC Phone Edition features Windows Mobile 6 and the VGA screen definitely benefits from Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile version since the 2.8" screen looks crispy and makes it using it a pleasure. The housing is a kind of soft-touch finishing (similar to the Samsung SGH-i600/BlackJack or HTC Excalibur) which definitely feels nice and keeps the device safely in the hand as well as it keeps away finger prints.

Cheers to Arne and click here to see E-TEN Glofiish X500+ in his hands.

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May 30 Sleek and Smart, S60 powered Nokia N76 is under review
Found in:Nokia, Reviews, Symbian, Devices, Sleek and Smart, S60 powered Nokia N76 is under review

One of the latest Smartphones from Nokia, the N76, was introduced as their first Symbian S60 folder phone more than a year ago. Thanks to Nokia Hong Kong, the guys at MobileBurn had the chance to check out the final production model of the N76 before it's widely available and make a review of it. It's sleek and with the usual smartness of S60 powered devices, but has only a 700mAh battery, and a hiss on music playback and a 3.5mm audio jack location that fouls the flip lid ane little strange, but read the review and decide for yourself.

The Nokia N76 looks great on paper, but of course is not perfect in real life. Apart from the HTC Star Trek (Qtek 8500/Dopod S300) which is quite outdated by now, this device does not have any direct competition in the thin smartphone department. Apart from a few design glitches such as the earphone jack that gets in the way with the flip and the poor battery life, the N76 seems to deliver what is has promised. It is sleek and powerful.

Its ergonomics aren't the best and there are a number of places in the software that we hope to see improvements in, including the lack of consistency with settings organization and the instability of cover display UI. The background hissing noise heard when playing music is something that I think really needs to be solved first.

You'll find sample photos shot with the Nokia N76 on the following page.

Read the rest of the review here.

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May 30 UBiQUiO 501 Windows Mobile Phone Reviewed
Found in:Devices, Pocket PC, Reviews, UBiQUiO 501 Windows Mobile Phone Reviewed

UBiQUiO 501 is described as ultra slim Pocket PC phone with QWERTY keyboard. Composing e-mails, texting, writing notes and documents, or performing spreadsheet calculations is quicker and easier thanks to the responsive QWERTY keyboard. But that's not all - if you are more comfortable with traditional Pocket PC input, the 2.5" QVGA screen is also touch sensitive, allowing stylus control of menus and programs. A nice BlackBerry competitor which gets reviewed by Piers Karsenbarg from MSMobileNews.

Overall the 510 is a very nice phone to use, the keyboard is very comfortable in operation and all of the buttons are within easy reach which makes it a phone that's very easy to use when writing long pieces of text without too much “thumb-strain”. The screen is set at a fairly decent resolution so you don’t get eye strain either and the battery has a decent capacity so you can get away with forgetting to plug it in overnight.

UBiQUiO 501 Specifications:

* Processor: TI OMAP 750 200 MHz
* Platform: Windows Mobile 5.0
* Memory: 128MB ROM/64MB internal RAM
* Dimensions: 122 (L) x 65 (W) x 13.5 (D) mm
* Weight: 135g
* Display: 2.5" QVGA Colour TFT
* Cellular Radio Module: GSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900, GPRS Class 10
* Device control: 5-way navigation control
* Connectivity: Bluetooth – 1.2 with A2DP, WiFi - 802.11b/g, mini-USB, IrDA
* Camera: 2MP
* Expansion: mini SD slot

Complete review is available at MSMobileNews.

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May 23 T-Mobile Wing aka HTC Atlas Reviewed
Found in:Devices, Reviews, Pocket PC, WM6, T-Mobile Wing aka HTC Atlas Reviewed

T-Mobile Wing is one of the most talked recently Windows Mobile Phones. It is based on the HTC Herald design, but the actual Wing's code name is the HTC Atlas(the only difference in the Herald and Atlas seems to be the color).

The T-Mobile Wing is the follow on product offering to the T-Mobile MDA (aka HTC Wizard), and now the Wing has added Windows Mobile 6 to this form factor and we have a pretty neat new phone.

The T-Mobile Wing is a solid replacement for the any HTC Wizard Variant. (T-Mobile MDA/Cingular 8125) When compared to the Wizard, the performance is not a huge increase, but having Windows Mobile 6 and it's additions make it a worth the upgrade. If you are still carrying the MDA, the keyboard is probaly so loose that it slides open whenever it wants anyway and the spring loaded keyboard on the Wing should be a welcome fix for you.

This phone is pretty slim for a slider, it's really amazing. The styling of this phone make it a looker for those that care what your phone looks like. I definately recommend this phone to anyone on the T-Mobile network. I am not sure it's worth swaping carriers, but I would have to consider.

Here you can watch video of unboxing and 1st look at the T-Mobile Wing...

... and the complete review is here at mobilitysite.

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May 18 Palm Treo 755p Smartphone Reviewed
Found in:Palm, Treo, Reviews, Palm Treo 755p Smartphone Reviewed

The Treo 755p is the latest Treo smartphone from Palm and the first new model released in 2007 by Sprint. Ryan Kairer from Palm Infocenter has reviewed it few days ago and if you are fan of Treos the review is coolfor reading.

The Treo 755p offers very little new in terms of technology and design, yet it remains one the most powerful and easy to use smartphones available. The 755p is a nice minor update from the 700p, but as a power user I wish more had been done to improve the software and overall user experience. Nevertheless, the 755p is a good choice for people looking for a productive mobile device, as it continues to offer Palms blend of an excellent user experience with the ease of use and software choice the Palm OS platform provides.

Read complete review here.

Note that Palm Treo 755p is available from Palm stores and online at It also will be available from Sprint beginning at $279.99 after available discounts and promotions. It is available for $579.99 without a service plan.

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