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Jul 12 O2 Xda Atom Exec Pocket PC Launched
Found in:Atom, Pocket PC, Devices, O2, XDA, O2 Xda Atom Exec Pocket PC Launched

O2 has launched a new mysterious website with details of their latest Pocket PC and it is the O2 Xda Atom Exec.

The O2 Xda Atom Exec Pocket PC features an Intel XScale PXA 27x processor 520MHz which is capable of running multiple applications seamlessly at one time, 192MB of flash ROM, 64MB SDRAM and an extra miniSD memory card slot. It has a 2.7-inch TFT QVGA LCD display with touch panel and resolutions support of 240 x 320, 2 megapixel CMOS camera with preview mirror located at the side for self portrait, white LED strobe flash and FM radio capability. The supported file formats are MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA and AMR.

It also has installed Windows Media Player 10 with equalizer controls and 64- chord MIDI, MP3, WAV and WMA ring tone formats. Other great built-in stuff includes wireless LAN, infrared IrDA, Bluetooth, Integrated GSM/GPRS, high-speed EDGE phone, stereo audio jack and mini USB connector. The whole system is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 which comes with Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile , Direct Push Technology, Microsoft Office programs and Pocket MSN. Xda Atom Exec weights 140 grams with the size of 58 x 102 x 18.5 mm.

Currently there is no information about the pricing of O2 Xda Atom Exec. You can read more information at O2 Xda Atom Exec new site located here.

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May 05 O2 XDA Atom AKU2 ROM Update released with MSFP
Found in:Atom, Smartphone, O2, XDA, O2 XDA Atom AKU2 ROM Update released with MSFP

O2 Xda Atom gets AKU2 ROM Update upgrade right now. Initially O2 Xda Atom was slow and had memory problems, but quick update was launched and fixed these problems. The major of all is MSFP (push e-mail baby) as well as a whole slew of bug fixes.

O2 XDA Atom upgrade includes:

* Overall Performance – Improves overall speed performance.

* AKU2

o Added Messaging & Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 supporting direct push technology. Go to Microsoft for more details and conditions. (requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2).
o General browser performance improvements.
o Added Wireless Manager application to provide easy configuration of wireless LAN, Bluetooth and GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone for users.
o Added a permanent battery status indicator on the Today screen.

* Camera software

o Improves startup time and picture saving time.
o Enhanced user interface with more screen buttons for controlling the strobe flash, picture resolution, exposure and capture mode.
o Improves picture sharpness and white balance control.
o Enhanced quickview mode with options to allow pictures to be instantly disposed of or sent by infrared beam or email.

* FM Radio – Corrects the heartbeat noise in FM radio application.

* Resolutions to following issues

o Cell broadcast support.
o Occasional roaming issue to new network.
o GPRS connectivity with some networks.
o Low phone volume in noisy environment.

You can download the update from here.

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Apr 21 O2 Atom Pure - Special Edition
Found in:Atom, Pocket PC, O2, XDA, O2 Atom Pure - Special Edition

O2 is coming out with great new hardware, something a little more Pure - O2 unveiled their Limited Edition Xda Atom Pure.

Power packed with all the cutting edge features in an Xda Atom, this powerful multimedia PDA-phone is now available in seductive white.

It integrates :
- 2 mega pixel camera
- FM radio integrated
- A full suite of Microsoft and O2 exclusive applications

Take a closer look at the new pure atom here

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Mar 20 O2 Atom camera patch released
Found in:Atom, Pocket PC, O2, XDA, O2 Atom Pure - Special Edition

This camera patch contains improvements to quality of picture taken by built-in camera and provides fixes to camera software that sometimes causes device to hang when it is used in low light intensity environment.

You may consider upgrading your device if you encounter the issues above.

This patch applies to devices with the following system software:

  • ROM: 20060105B1WWE

  • or
  • ROM: 20060123B1WWE
Do not apply this patch if you are using a Chinese version of Xda Atom. Do not apply this patch if you have the following
  • ROM: 20051129B2
You can check the core software versions running on your device by going Start > Settings > System > System Info.


Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP with ActiveSync 4.1 or later. Other operating systems are NOT supported and may result in damages to your devices

Download from here
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Feb 04 Images of Rumored HP rw6828 iPAQ ... Is it really the new Atom?
Found in:Mobile News, Atom, Smartphone, iPAQ, Images of Rumored HP rw6828 iPAQ ... Is it really the new Atom?

Few hours ago our friends from have received these images from an anonymous source. As it looks the source has already this new hp ipaq in his hands /the ipaq as we have told you allready is a rebrand of the O2 famous Atom/. The pictures he have taken are quite blurry but for me looks like it could really be the rumored rw6828...

So now the question that stands upon us is "Is this really the new HP version of XDA Atom and if it is not then what it is?" be sure you will get your answer soon.

You can read our previous articles about this rumor at


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Jan 25 HP Atom known as hw6800 - Rumor continues
Found in:Mobile News, Atom, HP Atom known as hw6800 - Rumor continues

10 hours ago mobilitytoday were claiming that thay have received information from anonymous person who apparently had some time with the rumored HP Atom aka possible hw6800. As to them he was saying "I happened to be at HP today and got a chance to see, hold and play with the upcoming iPAQ 6800 (name to be finalised). I hadn't read anything about it so thought I would send you a note.

It is in essence an O2 Atom but with HP firmware and in a silver case with a 6500 style plastic fold back screen guard. "

He also said that the rumoured HP hw6800 Atom has:

Windows Mobile 5
tri-band GSM with EDGE
FM radio
2.0MP camera
Bluetooth (with A2DP & AVRCP support)
802.11b & Mini-USB 1.1 port
Memory: FlashROM 128MB, RAM 64MB

"This is a real product and from what I hear is due for release in April '06." as to this anonymous contributor


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Jan 17 Rumor of HP iPAQ version of O2 XDA Atom
Found in:Mobile News, Atom, O2, XDA, Rumor of HP iPAQ version of O2 XDA Atom

Most notably known as the O2 XDA Atom, it looks like Quanta's HTC Magician "followup" might soon see the light of day under the auspices of HP, who's reported to have been working with the Taiwanese ODM on redistributing the device in the first half of this year.

Word on the street has it that it may even get a bump to 3G to better take advantage of that 416MHz Xscale processor, 2.7-inch 262k color QVGA display, and round out the Bluetooth 1.2 and WiFi it's already got. Guess we'll have to wait and see (so what else is new?), but between the Atom and the HTC Feeler it sounds like HP may well be starting in on a mean ODM streak.

According to Chinese-language newspaper the Commercial Times, Taiwanese contract manufacturer Quanta, which is building the device for HP, will begin volume shipments of the product some time in H1 2006.

The report suggests HP's version of the Atom will sport Windows Mobile 5.0 and incorporate a quad-band GSM/GPRS radio with support for the EDGE higher-speed data-transmission specification.

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Dec 12 New o2 Atom count down page and game
Found in:Devices, Atom, New o2 Atom count down page and game

It's december 12th and the new o2 Atom XDA Pocket PC counter points to 6days,1hour,50min and 46sec till the Mighty Atom is released officialy in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.With it's Intel PXA272 416Mhz processor and wireless lan support the new device is getting popular across the handheld communities.

I recommend you to visit the new Atom web page and take a look at the new detailed specifications and pictures.The o2 team has also put a flash game involving you in real atom catching and stuff ;-)

The mighty Atom also has 2 mega pixels camera with strobe flash for self pictures and a sweet 262k QVGA screen.
But probably the best thing in the new o2 Atom will be the O2 Media Plus and FM Radio support .

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Nov 25 O2 Xda Atom - smallest Pocket PC phone in the world
Found in:Devices, Atom, O2, XDA, O2 Xda Atom - smallest Pocket PC phone in the world

Almost two months after unveiling the Xda Atom, O2 today finally launched the much-anticipated PDA-phone at Eskibar, a sub-zero degree bar in Singapore. Touted as the world's smallest multimedia PDA-phone, the Atom succeeds the popular Xda II mini. It comes with a plethora of enhanced features including a 2-megapixel camera, 262K-color display and Windows Mobile 5.0, despite sporting a slightly smaller foot print.

According to Mark Billington, CEO of O2 Asia Pacific: "The Xda Atom offers all the latest digital innovations in a truly sexy form factor. It is exclusive to the O2 brand, carries our unique O2 signature and meets the promise to our customers."
Upside:By integrating wireless LAN in the Atom, O2 has finally resolved one of the biggest complaints from Xda II mini owners--the lack of onboard Wi-Fi. Previously, mini users had to buy an additional SDIO Wi-Fi card which took up precious SD expansion slot space in order to enjoy wireless connectivity.

At the heart of the Atom is the same Intel 416MHz processor used in the mini, but the onboard flash ROM has been increased to 128MB. O2 has also enhanced the camera resolution from the mini's 1.3 megapixels to 2 megapixels, and added a built-in LED flash, FM tuner, 2.7-inch 262K-color QVGA display and Windows Media Player 10 application. To top it all, the Atom will come with O2 MediaPlus which gives users a convenient one-interface access to music, photos and videos on the handheld.
For all the bells and whistles, O2 has somehow managed to pack the new features into a tiny 102 x 58 x 18.5mm form factor, which is 6mm shorter in length, though 0.4mm thicker, than the Xda II mini. The UK firm has also kept the design simple and clean, just like the mini. In line with its recent launch of the black mini, the Atom will also be available in a piano-black finish, which has already proven to be popular with both male and female users.
For those concerned about the battery life of the Atom, O2 has promised that it will be better than its predecessor. Based on the specs given, the Atom is expected to last for 150 hours in standby and 5.5 hours of talktime.
Downside: The compact size of the Atom is not without its tradeoffs. Besides a slightly smaller screen (2.7-inch versus the mini's 2.8-inch), the PDA-phone now comes with a miniSD slot instead of a regular SD card option. This means storage capacities will be limited and many of the current SDIO devices cannot be used on the Atom. We were also surprised that the Intel 416MHz chip remains unchanged since the enhanced multimedia features are likely to add to the processing load on the device.
Like the mini, the new O2 handheld comes with triband and not the quadband GSM support found on many PDA-phones these days. This is, however, unlikely to affect most frequent travelers.
Outlook:Based on the popularity of the Xda II mini and the number of clicks generated on the CNET Asia site over the last two months, the Atom certainly looks very promising not just for its smaller size and improved onboard features but most importantly, for the inclusion of Wi-Fi. Look out for its early-December launch.
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