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Apr 15 How to enhance Your windows mobile device with voice operated email client
Found in:Tips, How To, Pocket PC, email, windows mobile, voice, How to enhance Your windows mobile device with voice operated email client

Enhancing windows mobile pocket pc / smartphones with voice functions is loved by lots of people and that's why I am happy to introduce you Speereo Voice Mailer for WM devices. It is a freeware voice operated program with unique function of creating audio e-mail message.

Speereo Voice Mailer is designed for frequent e-mail users who wish to expand the capabilities of their devices by trading up standard Graphic User Interface to the comfortable Voice Interface. In the program original e-mail functions are voice enabled. Speech commands are especially helpful for smartphone owners due to limited screen size and resolution of such devices.

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Apr 09 How To Setup E-mail Account on Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Found in:Tips, How To, Pocket PC, email, windows mobile, How To Setup E-mail Account on Windows Mobile Pocket PC

In order to send and receive e-mail on Your windows mobile pocket pc the first thing needed is to setup a new email account. This can be somehow hard for the begginer users thing to do and this is reason to create this tiny guide and video showcase.

First take your device and on Today Screen tap Start and then choose Messaging. To create new email account you need to enter the New E-mail Account option and follow the steps below:

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Sep 01 HTCmail Announced - Fully Hosted 2GB Easy Push Email by HTC
Found in:Communication, Mobile News, HTC, email, HTCmail Announced - Fully Hosted 2GB Easy Push Email by HTC

HTC are hardening their foundations in the hearts of Windows Mobile device users with ahead with ideas and tweaks to make Windows Mobile more attractive to prospective buyers. Now they make it with a product called "HTCmail", which was mentioned in to the HTC devices, and will be rolling out across selected European markets from September 2007. You get 2Gb of storage, 20Mb limit on email size, anti-virus, anti-spam, a 2 month trial, all information is backed up and you can also manage your account online. Florian Seiche, Vice President of HTC Europe, said of the service...

"With HTCmail, small to medium enterprises can benefit from anywhere access to information without the expense or ongoing commitment of on-premise software and IT skills."

Congratulation HTC for pushing Windows Mobile 6 forward and forward in your attempts to make the whole Windows Mobile experience better.

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Mar 05 PushEffect Push-style email for Windows Mobile released
Found in:Pocket PC, Sync, Software, Mobile News, Communication, email, PushEffect Push-style email for Windows Mobile released

Pocket PC software developers QoreFunctions, who are developing Pocket PC apps under the slogan Nifty little apps that make life a little easier have released one program that definitely fits in it.... And this is the PushEffect. This program give you the ability to forward your emails to other email account and get notifications through SMS about their arrival.

This was offered first by Microsoft in Microsoft Exchange, before they have released their push email solution. The best part of this new application is that it offers it for any email account, Microsoft Exchange is NOT required!!!

It also offers SMS use but it seems little too outdated.

PushEffect Features:

* Adds New Features to the Messaging Application
* Push-Style Automatic Message Retrieval
* Keep Your EXISTING Email Account
* Messages Usually Arrive Within Seconds (No More Scheduled Send/Receive)
* Works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail Plus, most ISP, POP3, IMAP Accounts*
* Monitors Multiple Accounts Simultaneously (Personal, Work, etc.)
* Exchange Server/imap IDLE Server NOT required
* No Need to Keep PC Turned On to use as Redirector
* Automatically Sends Messages (No More Send/Receive)
* 1 Click Download of Attachments/Rest of Message (No More Send/Receive)
* New Message Notification Window (Like Email Caller ID - All Accounts including Outlook)
* User Selectable Sound for New Messages (All Accounts Including Outlook)
* Optional Vibration for New Messages (All Accounts Including Outlook)
* User Selectable Sleep Period (So You Won't Be Disturbed!)
* Small Application Runs Directly on Device
* NO Monthly Server Fees

PushEffect has following Requirements:

* Motorola Q Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone (or application unlocked WM5 SmartPhone)
* Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC or Phone Edition
* Automatic Message Retrieval Requires email server with ability to automatically forward copy of new messages to another * email address
* Automatic Message Retrieval Requires Text Message Package with Cellular Carrier

But stop talking it has free trial version which you can download and try for yourself. Get it .

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Aug 01 Scan, fax and email paper documents with your camera phone in PDF
Found in:Software, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Symbian, Palm, email, Scan, fax and email paper documents with your camera phone in PDF

Clicktoscan has released new software is now available for Camera Phones, which enables the user to take a photograph of a document and convert it into PDF form so that it can be sent to work colleagues, associates or clients.

Clicktoscan enable users to do just that, sending their new PDF documents by mms, e-mail, or simply uploading them onto the Clicktoscan server, to which users can securely gain access via their individual accounts given upon registration.
As well A4 documents, the Clicktoscan software works well white boards, paper boards, and almost every kind of form. Users also need not worry about the quality of the camera within their mobile phone, as the Clicktoscan software is highly tolerant towards this.

You can try Clicktoscan here.

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Aug 01 Symbian Smartphones now have Free Mobile Push Email thanks to emoze
Found in:Symbian, Software, email, Symbian Smartphones now have Free Mobile Push Email thanks to emoze

emoze Ltd. has announced the release of emoze for Symbian Smartphones, a free push e-mail and PIM service. Using emoze, users with supported mobile devices can automatically receive emails in real time, and synchronize contacts and appointments free of charge, paying only for data charged by the mobile operator.

The emoze service offers on-the-move users a free push mobile e-mail service combined with instant calendar and contact synchronization. The software is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and features compression technology that saves on data transfer to a mobile device.

The latest release of emoze works with all Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphones and most Symbian Series 60 Phones (Nokia 6680, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6600, Nokia 3230). To use emoze, all users need is an email account, compatible device and download it here.

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Jul 16 Secure your Smartphone's inbox SMS and Email messages
Found in:Smartphone, Freeware, Tips, email, Secure your Smartphone's inbox SMS and Email messages

Probably you have sometime needed a solution to create a password for your inbox SMS messages. SecureInbox is a first-level security to prevent other people from reading your messages (SMS and Email) or using your phone to write SMS without your permission.

SecureInbox is one very simple but nice application for Windows Mobile powered Smartphones ( Smartphone 2002 and above ), developed by Rey Vegafria. It is available for Free download at Smartphone Freeware site.

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Jul 12 Microsoft Push Email added To T-Mobile Web'n'Walk
Found in:Mobile News, Smartphone, Pocket PC, email, Microsoft Push Email added To T-Mobile Web'n'Walk

T-Mobile is the latest UK mobile service provider to offer its mobile customers Windows Push Email. The Push Email service is compatible with Microsoft Windows 5.0 devices, which include the MDA Pro, MDA Vario, and MDA Compact handsets carried by T-Mobile.

The system - as the name suggests - works by 'pushing' email straight to the user's portable device from their businesses Exchange Server, and then notifying them that there's a message in their pocket.

The Microsoft Push Email service comes with security measures for businesses, including centrally controlled password protection, local data wipe, and a remote data wipe feature to clear devices of company-sensitive data if they get in the hands of rogues and robbers.

Working over GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi, T-Mobile's push email service also offers integration with Microsoft Outlook, letting swivel-action besuited types synchronise tasks and search for contacts on the move.

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Jun 15 QMAIL Free email client and RSS Reader for Pocket PC
Found in:Pocket PC, Freeware, email, QMAIL Free email client and RSS Reader for Pocket PC

QMAIL is a new Free communications program for Pocket PCs which deserves to be more well known. It supports POP3, IMAP4, NNTP & RSS protocols.

QMAIL's built in mail client has IMAP4 support, it supports SSL/TLS authentication (which makes it compatible with GMail, but this requires a separate download), filters and all the configuration options that you could imagine. HTML support is still not working for the Pocket PC. Neither is the ability to compose scripts.

To read a RSS feed, you only need to create an account and choose RSS in the "Class" menu. When you return to the main screen you choose the account that you just created, tap and hold to bring up "Create" and voila, after entering the name of the feed, you only have to give the URL. The interface is not bad: you click on the title to see the contents, providing quick access.

QMAIL is available for Free download at Freeware Pocket PC site.

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Mar 28 Push Email ROM update for i-mate JAMin available
Found in:Mobile News, i-mate, email, Push Email ROM update for i-mate JAMin available

All of you who use i-mate JAMin are in luck, the latest English ROM update includes AKU2 for Direct Push Email is available now. It looks like the manufacturers of Windows Mobile 5.0 devices have understanded that this update makes their devices more usable and wanted.

You can download i-mate JAMin AKU2 ROM update from here.

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