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Jun 04 E-TEN Glofiish X500+ WM6 Smartphone Reviewed in Pics
Found in:E-TEN, Reviews, Devices, E-TEN Glofiish X500+ WM6 Smartphone Reviewed in Pics

E-TEN has recently announced and made available the Glofiish X500+ Windows Mobile 6 Professional Smartphone. This cool looking VGA Pocket PC Phone Edition features Windows Mobile 6 and the VGA screen i am sure that using it will be a pleasure. Arne Hess from the::unwired has made a Photoview of this sleek device and said This unique VGA Pocket PC Phone Edition features Windows Mobile 6 and the VGA screen definitely benefits from Microsoft's latest Windows Mobile version since the 2.8" screen looks crispy and makes it using it a pleasure. The housing is a kind of soft-touch finishing (similar to the Samsung SGH-i600/BlackJack or HTC Excalibur) which definitely feels nice and keeps the device safely in the hand as well as it keeps away finger prints.

Cheers to Arne and click here to see E-TEN Glofiish X500+ in his hands.

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May 13 E-TEN Released Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for the Glofiish X500 and M700
Found in:updates, WM6, E-TEN, Pocket PC, E-TEN Released Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for the Glofiish X500 and M700

E-TEN has annonced WM6 upgrades for their both X500 and M700 Glofiish handhelds back in March. Now this has become reality! If you have E-TEN Glofiish X500 or M700 now it is time for upgrade! E-TEN has released free Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for both devices and what you need to do is head over to E-TEN's web site and grab your free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade in English, French, Russian, German, or Chinese.

What you need to do is to register your device, if you haven't done so already. Upon registration, you'll receive an action key, which is needed to successfully install the upgrade.

Happy Installing :)

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May 10 E-TEN Glofiish X500+ VGA WM6 Pocket PC announced
Found in:E-TEN, Pocket PC, WM6, Devices, E-TEN Glofiish X500+ VGA WM6 Pocket PC announced

E-Ten Information Systems has introduced the E-TEN Glofiish X500+. It is their first high-resolution (VGA) Pocket PC Phone, which is also running Windows Mobile 6 platform. It benefits of a larger screen-area, improved Auto-Macro camera, Wi-Fi and GPS in an portable, ultra-thin form factor for entertainment, communications and productivity on the move.

The Glofiish X500+ features a VGA display which offers up to four times the resolution of previous E-Ten handsets, highlighted E-Ten. The VGA resolution of the screen maked images and movies viewed on the X500+ sharper and show more detail making the X500+ the first choice for enjoying mobile multimedia, said the company. Additionally, the X500+ includes a 2-megapixel camera allowing users to capture high-resolution photographs and record home-video.

The X500+ is based on the Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform. Updated Mobile Office applications add new functions and editing options to help users stay even more productive while working with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the move, while the new Windows Live for Windows Mobile suite helps them surf the Internet and communicate online.

E-Ten's exclusive suite of in-house developed software comes preloaded on the device including the new Namecard Manager. Namecard Manager is designed to simplify the process of updating contacts on the X500+. Using the built-in Auto-Macro camera, which helps capture images at close distances, Namecard Manager lets users photograph a business card, and then uses OCR technology to identify and extract contact information, adding it to the device's contact's list in just a few steps.

Other specifications of E-TEN X500+ includes a boasted 400Mhz processor, 128MB on-board memory, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, 11g wi-fi. As with the original Glofiish X500, the X500+ measures 113.5x60.5x15.5mm and is available in silver and black.

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Mar 28 E-TEN Glofiish owners will get Windows Mobile 6 upgrades
Found in:updates, WM6, E-TEN, Pocket PC, E-TEN Glofiish owners will get Windows Mobile 6 upgrades

E-TEN Information Systems has announced that it will offer owners of its own-brand Glofiish X500 and Glofiish M700 Pocket PC Phones the ability to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6, the latest platform for mobile devices. The upgrades will be delivered via downloads which will be available from the Glofiish website. The updates are currently scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2007.

E-TEN has revealed that it is working to deliver a series of language-localized ROM updates that will allow owners of Glofiish X500 and Glofiish M700 Pocket PC Phones to upgrade their devices to Windows Mobile 6. The first of the updates are expected to be released in May. "As a leading designer and supplier of Pocket PC Phones for both business and leisure, E-TEN is committed to delivering both the latest technological innovations as well as long-term value to its customers." said Teresa Chou, Sales & Marketing Director, E-TEN, "These updates ensure owners of Glofiish devices will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Windows Mobile 6 platform without the expense of having to purchase new hardware."

Windows Mobile 6 is the latest mobile operating platform from Microsoft which offers improved usability and functions, and adds rich features that make working with documents and email on the go more rewarding. The benefits of Windows Mobile 6 include a new user-interface, and improved integration with desktop and notebook PCs running Windows Vista or XP. Additionally, the platform has been refined to make better use of hardware resources, including CPU and memory, and offers support for new services including Direct Push technology and VoIP (voice over IP).

"With this announcement, E-TEN customers will be able to experience the new features of Windows Mobile 6 which improves the access to critical information and data on a mobile device, and delivers to the small screen a familiar and rich experience that meets the needs of work and life on the go. said Marianne Roling, EMEA Director, Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft. The Glofiish X500 and M700 Pocket PC Phones offer all-in-one connectivity for consumers and professionals on the move. Both handsets include support for GSM, EDGE, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth and include a 400MHz Samsung CPU and 128MB of Flash ROM. At just 15.55mm, the Glofiish X500 is one of the thinnest Pocket PC Phones available, while the Glofiish M700 includes the convenience of a sliding keyboard for easy and efficient editing, emailing, and messaging while mobile. Both devices are available now from official E-TEN distributors around the world.

This is definetely very good news for owners of E-TEN Glofiish devices. Currently there are no details about will be priceing pricing / availability of the Windows Mobile 6 update yet but soon it will be clear.

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Mar 15 E-TEN Glofiish X800 about to be shown at CeBIT 2007
Found in:Devices, E-TEN, Mobile News, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, WM6, E-TEN Glofiish X800 about to be shown at CeBIT 2007

E-TEN Information Systems is about to present the next generation of it's Pocket PC Phone line, with its latest product the E-TEN Glofiish X800 (previously known as X600). With support for 3.5G connectivity - HSDPA/WCDMA - the Glofiish X800 offers access to new mobile services, while the new Windows Mobile 6 platform and large VGA display deliver improved ways to work with documents, messages and multimedia while on the move.

E-TEN has released details At CeBIT 2007 that this Pocket PC Phone will be launched at the second quarter 2007. The upcoming Glofiish X800 will deliver three significant innovations that make it the first of a next-generation of Glofiish devices. The recently unveiled Windows Mobile 6 platform offers new and improved ways for Glofiish X800 users to stay productive while on the move. The new Windows Live for Windows Mobile suite incorporates utilities to simplify web search, email, instant messaging and blogging all from a single location, while the Mobile Office suite has been updated to offer even more ways to view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

E-TEN Glofiish X800 features a new, large VGA (640x480) display offering up to four times the resolution of previous E-TEN handsets. With its increased screen-area the Glofiish X800 increases mobile productivity letting users display more of their documents, calendars, messages and spreadsheets onscreen at once. Additionally, the Glofiish X800 makes mobile multimedia more enjoyable by allowing pictures and video to be viewed in finer detail.

The Glofiish X800 maintains similar ultra-thin (113.5x60.5x15.8 mm), pocket-friendly dimensions as E-TEN's previous X-series model, as well as the all-in-one connectivity solution - GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth - that has become a standard of Glofiish Pocket PC Phones. The device features two digital cameras, an auto-focus 2-megapixel version at the rear to capture high-quality photographs and video, and a front-mounted VGA camera for video calling.

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Jan 03 New E-TEN M700 Pocket PC Phone gets FCC Approval
Found in:Devices, E-TEN, Pocket PC, New E-TEN M700 Pocket PC Phone gets FCC Approval

Pocket PC Phone manufacturers E-TEN are growing speed lately with the upcoming E-TEN x500 Glofiish and the rebrand of it as Pharos GPS Phone. The latest good news is that their neweset Pocket PC phone, E-TEN M700, has been approved by FCC.

E-TEN M700 Pocket PC Phone Features:

* Windows Mobile 5.0 software for Pocket PCs (AKU 3.2)
* Samsung SC3 2442 400 MHz Processor
* 128 MB Flash ROM, 64 MB SDRAM
* GSM/EDGE Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* Bluetooth v2.0 class 2 + EDR
* WiFi
* Embedded SiRF Star III chipset,
* Built-in 2.0 mega pixels CMOS camera, up to 1600 x 1200 resolution
* Lithium Polymer rechargeable with 1,530 mAh capacity

Eten glofiish M700 Specifications

Source - FCC

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Jan 03 E-TEN x500 Glofiish comes rebranded as Pharos GPS Phone
Found in:Pocket PC, GPS, Smartphone, E-TEN, Devices, E-TEN x500 Glofiish comes rebranded as Pharos GPS Phone

The recently announced E-TEN x500 Glofiish has come in new shape. It has ben rebranded by Pharos as the Pharos GPS Phone.

Dubbed GPS Phone (we really think calling it The GPS Phone would be much more potent), it's got all the specs we knew this phone was packing, including: SiRFStarIII GPS receiver (duh) with Pharos Ostia nav software, quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE (sigh), WiFi, Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera, FM radio (o rly!), and a friggin fat $699 price tag. Now, we're not necessarily saying $700 for a GPS-equipped Pocket PC is too much, but we really do wish they could have shaved $5 off the top of that margin and dropped in a damned UMTS / HSDPA radio, you know?

Eten glofiish X500 Specifications

Stay in touch with us for more details soon.

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Dec 03 E-TEN Glofiish M700 will debut in Europe at Mobile Office 2006
Found in:Mobile News, Devices, E-TEN, Pocket PC, Smartphone, E-TEN Glofiish M700 will debut in Europe at Mobile Office 2006

The recently announced E-TEN Glofiish 700 Pocket PC Phone is supposed to be launched into European markets during Mobile Office 2006. PARTELEC, the E-TEN distributor, will be the organizator of the launch. E-TEN Glofiish X500 will also be on show at the event.

The Mobile Office tradeshow this year will be held from 5 to 7 December, at the Palais des Congres, and is expected to host around 200 exhibitors and welcome 7,500 visitors. According to E-TEN the event is the ideal opportunity to launch its latest Pocket PC Phone the Glofiish M700 in Europe. The launch will take place within a booth themed E-TEN Glofiish Word hosted in partnership with French mobile solution provider and official E-TEN distributor, PARTELEC.

The Glofiish M700 is the first E-TEN Pocket PC Phone to feature a sliding keyboard. The Windows Mobile 5.0 based product is currently the only sliding keyboard Pocket PC Phone to support all of the most common communication and wireless data transmission standards; GSM, GPRS, EDGE, IEEE802.11b/g, Bluetooth and GPS in a single device.

Also on show at the event will be E-TEN's other consumer focused device, the Glofiish X500. Released early in November, the Glofiish X500 boasts an almost identical feature set to the Glofiish M700 with just the latter's sliding keyboard being the major differentiating feature. By keeping the Glofiish X500 limited to just the traditional Pocket PC input methods (touch-screen, stylus, and soft-keys) E-TEN was able to reduce the size of the device to just 15.5 mm thin making it E-TEN's most portable all-in-one Pocket PC Phone.

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Oct 16 E-ten X500 Pocket PC hits the market soon
Found in:Devices, E-TEN, Pocket PC, Mobile News, E-ten X500 Pocket PC hits the market soon

E-Ten has just announced their new X500 Pocket PC. The basic distinctive feature of the new device are the tiny sizes and the thin case (less than 15 mm). Heart of model will be Samsung 2442 400 MHz processor. It will support four ranges GSM and EDGE and will has ROM 128 Mb and 64 Mb RAM Memory.

E-ten X500 Pocket PC has following specifications:

* WM5 for PPC (AKU3)
* Samsung SC32442 400Mhz CPU
* 128MB ROM
* 64MB RAM
* Quadband GSM w/EDGE
* SiRF Star III GPS (most likely with TMC)
* FM Radio (most likely with RDS)
* microSD
* 802.11g Wi-Fi
* 2MP Camera w/Auto Focus

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Aug 01 E-TEN G500+ Pocket PC Phone Edition announced
Found in:Devices, Pocket PC, E-TEN, E-TEN G500+ Pocket PC Phone Edition announced

E-TEN Information Systems has announced that its business/travel focused Pocket PC Phone, the G500 with built-in GPS, will get a hardware refresh early next month. The upgraded product, which will be called the G500+, will feature increased 256MB flash memory and new FM radio functions, and will include support for Direct Push technology along with enhancements to boost the performance of GPS communications.

E-TEN G500+ Features:

Style and performance with a twist
* Sleek and compact design
* Internal antenna
* 400 MHz processor

Non-stop storage
* 256MB Flash ROM, 64MB SDRAM
* Mini SD card slot

Always connected on the move
* Built-in quad-band GSM module
* Data support GPRS Class B, Multi-slot Class 10
* Bluetoothฎ v2.0, class 2
* Embedded SiRF Star III chipset, TMC function supported* (*subject to change by region)
* Speakerphone function
* Call Recognition function provides the individual photo from the entry of your contact for immediate recognition.

Compelling multimedia experience
Image Captures Anywhere, Anytime

* Built-in 1.3 megapixels digital camera with zoom function.
* Support video recording.
* Multimedia features (AMR,AWB,MIDI,MMF,RMI,AAC,3GP, AVI)
* 192 Polyphony, MIDI, WAV, MP3, WMA, AMR, AWB, MMF, RMI, AAC Ringtones
* Send/receive pictures, graphics, and vCard
* Play on-line games
* Downloadable today screens, wav ring tones and games

Touching Features

* Windows Mobile 5.0 software for Pocket PCs
* GSM quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
* GPRS Class B, Multi-slot Class 10
* 240 x 320, 65,536 colors transmissive TFT-LCD
* Built-in 1.3 mega pixels digital camera with flash light
* 4x digital zoom
* Video recording
* Built-in Bluetooth v2.0
* Messaging functionality includes MMS, SMS, email and MSN Messenger
* Internet browsing
* Multimedia features (AMR,AWB,MIDI,MMF,RMI,AAC,3GP, AVI)
* 192 Polyphony, MIDI , WAV, MP3, WMA, AMR, AWB, MMF, RMI, AAC Ringtones
* Speakerphone and voice recorder
* Voice command* (*depends on region)
* Personal information management and full email support (IMAP/POP3)

So we can say the only wrong thing with the E-TEN G500+ Pocket PC Phone is the lack of Wi-Fi and EDGE/3G.

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