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Mar 24 Garmin Mobile XT Navigation Software for Windows Mobile Published
Found in:Reviews, Software, GPS, Navigation, Windows Mobile, Garmin Mobile XT Navigation Software for Windows Mobile Published

Navigation software these days is one of the very much used ones when it comes to Windows Mobile devices. That's why I am sharing with you this nice review of Garmin Mobile XT for Windows Mobile made by Gears from

Garmin Mobile XT is a good bit of kit, don't get me wrong. The range of options and the navigation details are great. Little tweaks like the track logs, auto dimming screen and the ability to quickly find petrol stations, hotels and cash machines in your local area are all fab. However, I was a little disappointed with some of the default settings of the program - that auto-zoom does my head in and I couldn't seem to shake off the GPS lag at times. It could that I need to adjust the baud rate on my settings, but this program sets the GPS up automatically when it can, so I'm hoping it didn't get things wrong. There's also those few niggles with the country selection but, for just over £50 with free traffic updates, you've got to work this all into the equation.

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Nov 07 Try Nav4All - freeware alternative of fully functional GPS navigation system
Found in:GPS, Navigation, Freeware, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Try Nav4All - freeware alternative of fully functional GPS navigation system

If you have built-in or bluetooth GPS receiver you probably use some navigation software on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Lets don't say all, but pretty much of the good working GPS software (like TomTom, CoPilot Live, Miomap) for pocket pc is shareware so you have to pay $$$ to use it. Here is one application that does the same job but is FREE. Nav4All is a freeware alternative of fully functional GPS navigation system with maps. You can search and find millions of interesting places like restaurants, bars, gas stations, shops and much more. You can use the places you like as destination, save them as favorite, or share them with your friends by sms or email.

Nav4All Features:

* Voice-instructions and clear arrows on your screen will guide you to your destination.
* Automatic map updates: All changes in the map information are updated automatically on our servers so you always have access to the most up-to-date information.
* Worldwide coverage: (Navteq) Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Albania, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Estonia, Fajairah, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Northern Ireland, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Ras Al Khaimah, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Serbia and Montenegro, Sharjah, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, USA, Umm Al Quwain, Vatican City, Virgin Islands (USA), and Wales.
* MyWorld: with MyWorld you can share your favorite places by sending them to one of your MyWorld maps. You can share these maps with your friends or put them on your MySpace or other website you like.
* Works on over 1000 different handsets in 56 languages: Nav4All is available in your own language on almost any mobile phone, like Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, QTEK, HP, and many more.
* For Free! Nav4All can be used for free until 01.01.2010. (Your telecom provider may charge you for the use of Internet on your mobile phone.)

Nav4All is available for free download at Freeware Pocket PC site.

Nav4All is also available for Symbian phones and you can download it from Symbian Freeware site

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Nov 06 ALK Technologies release CoPilot Live 7 Mobile Navigation software
Found in:GPS, Software, Navigation, Windows Mobile, ALK Technologies release CoPilot Live 7 Mobile Navigation software

ALK Technologies has released new version 7 of fabulous CoPilot Live gps navigation software. It has been developed quite well and has even more enhancements over previous versions.

Below are the NEW Features of CoPilot Live 7:

* New 2D and 3D map views with smooth on-screen movement, points of interest icons, railway lines and improved zoom
* Redesigned user interface with large buttons, intuitive menus and simplified destination entry themes
* Change the map colour scheme with a choice of familiar and fun map styles
* Route preview – review and experience an entire trip before you set off.
* Latest street maps from NAVTEQ with updated 7 digit UK postcodes and extended London Congestion Charge Zone.
* Updated Points of Interest with more categories, improved search and the ability to dial a POI directly from within CoPilot
* New walking, cycling and motorcycle routing options provide guidance suited to the pedestrian motorcyclist or cyclist.
* Preloaded European safety camera warnings with free database updates.
* Real-time traffic service using TMC or the mobile Internet, optionally available for all CoPilot Live 7 customers (certain regions only)
* New CoPilot Central desktop companion software. Manage your CoPilot from your desktop and download additional map regions
* One software version for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones, including support for Windows Mobile 6, 5.0 and 2003 devices

CoPilot Live's maps of Europe, Australia, Middle East and South Africa are supplied by NAVTEQ a World leader in digital mapping. NAVTEQ maps are used by many leading in-dash and premium systems, and are accurate down to house number level in many regions. To find out more information for yourself visit CoPilot's site here.

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Oct 04 Garmin Mobile XT - Plug 'N Play Sat-Nav for Your Smartphone
Found in:Garmin, GPS, Accessories, Navigation, Garmin Mobile XT -  Plug 'N Play Sat-Nav for Your Smartphone

The satellite navigation company, Garmin has launched a unique, all-in-one software solution that turns selected smartphones with internal GPS into high-end navigators. Garmin Mobile XT is a mobile phone software application that seamlessly pairs the phone's built-in GPS with Garmin's software so that customers have the benefits of navigation anywhere in Europe or North America. Unlike other mobile phone applications, Garmin Mobile XT offers convenient preloaded maps and includes access to dynamic content like premium real-time traffic alerts and weather reports but does not require any monthly fees. With no monthly fees, preloaded maps, turn-by-turn directions, real-time services and only $99, this easy-to-use data card has everything you need to navigate to the front door.

"Garmin Mobile XT is easy-to-use and affordable, with no monthly charges to get navigating straight away" says Garmin's Mobile Product Manager, Greg Stephenson. "It's a one-time investment that gives customers full-featured GPS sat-nav on their smartphone whenever and wherever they need it, including areas outside of wireless network coverage."

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Jul 17 VITO FindMe Free GPS utility for Windows Mobile released
Found in:GPS, Freeware, Pocket PC, Navigation, VITO FindMe Free GPS utility for Windows Mobile released

VITO Technology has recently presented their latest GPS application with unique features. It is called VITO FindMe and is a FREE GPS utility for Pocket PC Phone Edition that will help you and your friends easily find whereabouts of each other just by sending an SMS. The idea is to send an SMS containing a codeword to a Pocket PC with installed VITO FindMe and receive back your friend’s coordinates via SMS as well. And after that just input the coordinates into the search box at Google Maps and see your friend’s location.

After a casual installation VITO FindMe stays in Today, tapping it brings forward the settings. In options you need to set a codeword: VITO FindMe will send out your coordinates only in return to received SMS with this codeword. In addition to this VITO FindMe can send your coordinates via email if the contact that requested your location has an associated email.

* easily spot your friends and let them spot you on Google Maps
* send your coordinates additionally via email
* protect settings by password

VITO FindMe requires a Pocket PC Phone Edition with a built-in GPS receiver under Windows Mobile 2003 (SE), 5.0, 6.0. VITO FindMe is distributed for free. You can download it free at Freeware Pocket PC site.

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Jun 27 Travel easy with just released Spb Traveler from Spb Software House
Found in:Navigation, Software, Pocket PC, Utilities, Travel easy with just released Spb Traveler from Spb Software House

Spb Software House has just released Spb Traveler, which as they say is "a must have tool set for travelers". They have took in mind thta traveling is definitely a field where a user can get maximum of his Windows Mobile device powered with proper software so they have created this neat piece of software. A traveler will always have to face things like local time estimation, weather forecasts, currency, unit and clothing size conversion, city guides, planning of international calls and meetings, multi-connection trans-continental flights. are their ideas behind this program.

Spb Traveler Features:

* World time
* Weather forecast
* Currency converter
* Unit converter
* Clothing sizes
* Tip calculator
* Flight assistant
* Meeting planner
* Geo Game

Spb Traveler is currently available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Dutch, and Japanese languages. Spb Traveler is compatible with all Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC devices. A free 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Traveler can be purchased for 29.95 USD, from our pocket pc software archive.

Note that if you are a registered user of Spb Weather 1.X or Spb Time 2.X you can purchase Spb Traveler 1.0 for $15.00 only. The special Spb Traveler price = Spb Traveler price - Spb Time/Spb Weather price = $15.00 ($29.95 - $14.95).

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Jun 25 PocketReperion Offers Free Instant Live GPS Tracking for Windows Mobile Pocket PC
Found in:GPS, Navigation, Pocket PC, Freeware, PocketReperion Offers Free Instant Live GPS Tracking for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

PocketReperion is brand new Windows Mobile Software that brings you instant live GPS Tracking in Google Earth, Virtual Earth and Google Maps. This software has a client which can be used to upload your GPS positions to their server every 10 seconds or more. You can configure the minimal distance that you should move before an update is sent. The client is also capable of storing the positions offline, so you can upload them at a later time when you have a cheap internet connection. Pretty cool is that updates are really small (100 bytes on average).

PocketReperion has also features to upload audio, video, and pictures to your live Google Earth track from your PDA, so others can watch the action in Google Earh "tv channels" Free i-SMS (1024 characters), waypoint/buddy navigation, geo-fencing, email alert, PDA maps, GPS tracking, GeoBlogging.

PocketReperion Features:

* GPS Realtime tracking from your PDA
* upload GPS position, audio, video, pictures
* results live in Google Earth, Virtual Earth
* KML composer (create specific Geo-Blogs)
* send/receive 1024 character free i-SMS
* set geofences, get alerts
* offline logging possible
* many more features

PocketReperion is available for FREE download at Freeware Pocket PC site.

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May 30 Enhance Your WM Smartphone with Fully Featured GPS navigation software for Free
Found in:Smartphone, Freeware, GPS, Navigation, Enhance Your WM Smartphone with Fully Featured GPS navigation software for Free

These days most of us are too busy with random thing to be worried about small details of everyday life such as how to get from place to another, what is the best route i can take, if i take this direction shall i catch the traffic jam, and there if you have a Smartphone in your pocket things can take much pleasant shape for you. The Use of Windows Mobile powered Smartphones for navigation purposes has increased by numbers recently and it is very cool to see that there are enthusiast like Vsevolod E. Shorin who develop free application for those who need this kind of solutions.

His creation is called gpsVP and is full-featured GPS navigation software. This application support way-points, tracks, multiple monitors. The program is intended for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices. Such devices have a numeric keyboard and no stylus. It is fully compatible with maps for Garmin navigators and Garmin MapSource maps (.img).

More information and download links for gpsVP are available at Smartphone Freeware site

Thanks You Vsevolod E. Shorin for developing for Windows Mobile and Let the Power be with You!

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May 21 Enable DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery on Your Mobile with amAze
Found in:GPS, Navigation, Software, Mobile News, Enable DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery on Your Mobile with amAze

amAze... have you heard of it? If no, you need to know that amAze is free navigation and local search service tool which enables DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery on Mobile Phones via a Java client.

Now its makers have said that a Windows Mobile and BlackBerry versions are coming soon. Infact currently there are many programs that are offering satellite imagery for free (some of which are Virtual Earth Mobile, Mobile GMaps, TerrasatPix) but here comes the catch, amAze will also offer GPS satellite navigation FOR FREE.

Below is their today press release

amAze Enables DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery on Mobile Phones

LocatioNet Leverages DigitalGlobe's High Resolution Satellite and Aerial Imagery for amAze Mobile Navigation Application

London, UK and Longmont, Colo., May 21, 2007 - LocatioNet Systems Ltd., a leading provider of mobile mapping and location applications, and DigitalGlobe, the provider of the world's highest- resolution imagery and geospatial information products, today announced a partnership that adds DigitalGlobe's global satellite imagery to the amAze mobile service.

This collaboration means that for the first time, worldwide voice-guided GPS navigation is enabled over high resolution satellite imagery and aerial photos with regular mass-market phones that has either internal or external GPS receiver.

DigitalGlobe has joined the amAze collaborative initiative, led by LocatioNet. amAze is a revolutionary navigation, mapping and local search service supported by several industry leading vendors. It offers services free to mobile users and generates revenue from the emerging mobile advertisement model. The application provides any regular, Java-enabled mobile phone with navigation and local search information over maps and DigitalGlobe satellite imagery in Europe and North America. A full voice-guided navigation feature is available for users with any Bluetooth GPS device.

"Satellite imagery has proved a great success over the internet. This is the first time such a rich mapping layer is being used for off-board GPS navigation on mass-market phones," said Ofer Tziperman, President of LocatioNet. "We are very excited about this collaboration with DigitalGlobe, it is yet another innovative solution offered under the amAze initiative. Since amAze was launched a few weeks ago we have seen keen adoption by users from all over the globe using it for free. As part of our on-going service, additional features are being planned to further enrich amAze."

"We are very pleased to take part in this first of its kind service," said Jill Smith, CEO of DigitalGlobe. "Our satellite imagery and aerial photos provide a useful dimension to GPS navigation. The fact that amAze is capable to use our imagery archive for navigation on regular phones opens the opportunity for people around the world to experience the benefits of content-rich mapping layer. We look forward to supplying LocatioNet with the highest-resolution satellite imagery available."

LocatioNet's GIS technology enables fast enough streaming of aerial photos from the huge backend databases to the thin client mobile phone over the wireless networks, to allow real-time navigation over the aerial photo.

amAze already supports over 100 Java-enabled mobile handsets with more handsets supported every week. Windows mobile and BlackBerry versions will be released soon.

Users can log into the amAze web site: to register and obtain their free copy of this first of its kind useful mobile software.

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May 13 VITO SmartMap & VITO Navigator II merge into VITO SmartNavigator
Found in:Software, Pocket PC, GPS, Navigation, VITO SmartMap & VITO Navigator II merge into VITO SmartNavigator

VITO Technology, has just released a brand-new GPS application – VITO SmartNavigator. VITO SmartNavigator comprises the advantages of two well-known best-sellers: VITO SmartMap and VITO Navigator II and thus becomes a real SmartNavigator.

With maps support and track recording VITO SmartNavigator is the ideal solution for geocaching as well as for off-road traveling. SmartNavigator provides various trip info like speed, direction and distance to a destination point, compass, current time, or active satellites. Apart from this VITO SmartNavigator displays a track of movements on a map. Users can set pushpins to mark their personal places of interest. Pushpins can be set only for certain tracks or for all maps and tracks.

VITO SmartNavigator allows you to upload a previous track in the background while recording a new one and check your current path against it. Tracks recorded with VITO SmartNavigator are compatible with Google Earth. VITO SmartNavigator uses vtm maps available at Users can create their own maps with a free VITO MapManager. Skillful users will be able to build their own plug-ins to support maps of any format in VITO SmartNavigator.

VITO SmartNavigator is available for $29.95 at with two weeks’ trial.

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