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Aug 03 O2 Has the Touch Diamond Coming Soon
Found in:O2, HTC, Smartphones, O2 Has the Touch Diamond Coming Soon

It’s official! HTC fans in the UK you will get the Diamond from O2 too. O2 is going to sell the HTC Touch Diamond soon. There’s no price specified yet but the HTC Touch Diamond is displayed as the XDA Ignito (see screenshot) in O2 catalogs for August.

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Jul 25 HTC P6500 Coming from O2
Found in:HTC, O2, XDA, Smartphones, HTC P6500 Coming from O2

Is O2 going to release the HTC P6500 soon? Apparently they have it on display on my-xda.com as the O2 XDA Mantle. There’s no sign of it on O2’s official site so we don’t know what to think at this point. Is this HTC P6500 going to make in the O2 world?

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Jul 15 Samsung Omnia Announced in Germany
Found in:Samsung, Smartphones, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, Samsung Omnia Announced in Germany

Well it’s here folks. The Samsung SGH-i900 or the Omnia is here. By here we mean Germany for now. We also mean this summer. That’s when this great handset will hit the carrier stores. And by carriers we mean all German carriers. T-Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus and O2 will sell this baby. The unlocked price for the 8GB version has been announced at 649 Euro, or about $1,030 but I am sure we’re going to see specially designed plans for it. I wonder if T-Mobile will offer the same iPhone plans to Omnia buyers.

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Sep 06 O2 Xda Comet 3G Windows Mobile phone launched by O2 Germany
Found in:O2, XDA, Pocket PC, Mobile News, Devices, O2 Xda Comet 3G  Windows Mobile phone launched by O2 Germany

O2 Germany has just expanded the portfolio of Windows Mobile phones in Germany with the launch of O2 Xda Comet. But there is one catch and this is the lack of unlimited flat rate for mobile internet access in O2 pricelist, so probably not many people will use the HSDPA feature of this phone.

O2 Xda Comet Specifications:

* primary camera: 2 megapixel with macro function but no autofocus
* secondary camera: VGA resolution camera for 3G video calling
* processor: Intel PXA 270 XScale 624 MHz
* FM radio
* support for 3G: UMTS and HSDPA (unknown yet which HSDPA speed is supported - 1.8 Mbit/second or 3.6 Mbit/second)
* connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, infra-red, USB
* memory card: miniSD
* display: 2.7 inch, 240x320 pixels
* quad-band
* dimensions: 106x58x18 mm
* weight: 148 g
* stand-by: 8 days
* availability: beginning of October, at O2 Germany (unknown yet whether it will come also to O2 UK and O2 Asia)

More information about this phone can be found at O2 Germany here (pages 4 and 5).

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May 23 O2 Xda Orbit gets a Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade
Found in:O2, XDA, Pocket PC, Mobile News, WM6, ROM upgrades, O2 Xda Orbit gets a Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade

O2 Germany has just released Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade for the O2 Xda Orbit. The Xda Orbit is in-fact one quite nteresting Windows Mobile handheld with its small size, built-in GPS Receiver and its special joystick and wheel input controls. Now all of you who use this phone can just download, install and enjoy the new operating system.

Remember that ActiveSync must be installed on the PC used for the update. In order to accomplish the update, you need an active connection between PC and Xda over ActiveSync. Therefore the Xda must be connected with the PC during the entire update process switched on and by provided USB cable.

The Windows Mobile 6 Professional ROM is 52MB and can be downloaded via this link.

O2 Xda Orbit Specifications.

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May 15 O2 Xda Flame Pocket PC phone gets new site
Found in:O2, XDA, Pocket PC, Mobile News, O2 Xda Flame Pocket PC phone gets new site

O2 Xda Flame gets new site from O2 Asia. It is the first ever PDA-phone to boast a dedicated graphics processor unit (GPU), the Xda Flame features the advanced NVIDIA GoForce 5500 GPU for ultra-crisp graphics. 2 GB of onboard memory and an Intel XScale PXA 270 Processor running at 520 MHz, powers an unsurpassed user experience. You can enjoy movies on the go or simply achieve more with the generous 3.6" VGA touchscreen.

Everything is very cool, but the lack of Windows Mobile 6 (there are rumours that it will be upgraded soon) makes thing little confusing. It has power to run more that WM6 i think.

If you want to learn more about Xda Flame visit our device section or SeeO2.com/flame.

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May 09 O2 Xda Atom Life to get free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade in Asia
Found in:O2, XDA, updates, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, O2 Xda Atom Life to get free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade in Asia

O2 Asia is about to offer free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the Xda Atom Life! This free update will be available to all current Atom Life users, and will involve either a download from the O2 Web site or a visit to one of its service centers. The upgrade will change the operating system on the Atom Life from Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition to Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) Professional.

Since its availability from May 12, the Atom Life will become one of the first commercially-available Windows Mobile products to sport the newer OS. Atom Life handhelds sold in stores from June onwards will also be preloaded with WM6. In comparison, Dopod, which will be acquired by HTC, will be upgrading its selected devices to WM6 in July.

O2 Atom Life will still feature its enhancements, the O2 SMS Plus and O2 MediaPlus. They have been tested on the new OS, and will still be available on the Atom Life after the upgrade. O2 added that they are currently testing WM6 on its upcoming Xda Flame (Specifications) and all of their phones which will be launched in 2007 will be opearting with WM6. The only thing left is to hear about an upgrade for the Xda Zinc and Xda Graphite soon.

Source : cnet

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May 04 O2 UK HTC Panda as O2 Xda Argon Pocket PC Phone Edition
Found in:Devices, HTC, O2, Pocket PC, O2 UK HTC Panda as O2 Xda Argon Pocket PC Phone Edition

O2 is again releasing HTC Phone in UK! They have just presented the O2 Xda Argon Pocket PC phone which is baes on the HTC Panda we have talked about back in March. It comes with big 3.5 inch display, but lacks 3G and Windows Mobile 6. It may be disappointing but for many people large crisp display and built-in Wi-Fi will be more than enough, because in fact it is a budget phone with the focus more on PDA functions.

The long awaited replacement to the Xda 11i, the Trion is a large touch screen tablet device ideal for using applications such as Windows Mobile 5, Microsoft push email, and Internet Explorer. Complete with a 2 Megapixel camera and MP3 player so you'll have all the tools you need in this pocket sized device! said from O2. To learn more about O2 Xda Argon go here on O2 UK's website.

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Jan 23 O2 Xda Zinc Pocket PC Phone Edition announced in Asia
Found in:Devices, Pocket PC, Mobile News, O2, XDA, O2 Xda Zinc Pocket PC Phone Edition announced in Asia

O2 Asia has announced today the launch of its latest Windows Mobile-enabled 3G Pocket PC Phone Edition, the O2 Xda Zinc in Singapore. The Xda Zinc is designed to be the most powerful messaging PDA-phone for professionals who needs staying in touch with their E-Mail, IM and SMS. To increase the productivity of the Zinc O2 has incorporated a slide-out QWERTY keyboard into the device to deliver the optimal messaging experience. When extended, the sturdy keyboard automatically switches the 2.8" 65k-colour TFT-LCD display from portrait to landscape mode to facilitate the composition and reading of E-Mail, SMS and work documents like Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides. The Xda Zinc's sleek design will also appeal to seasoned road warriors who prefer to communicate via a thumb keyboard and is perfect for high data users who don't think twice about banging out information at lightning speed. Communication can also travel faster now thanks to the device's 3G capabilities.

The Xda Zinc is powered by the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 platform and is equipped with an Intel Xscale PXA 270 processor running at 520MHz and Intel Hermon chip to allow speedy data transfer, and 128 MB of onboard memory. The device will also appeal to those who prize seamless wireless connectivity: It has 3G capabilities, and also features direct push technology for E-Mail, Bluetooth SIG v 2.0 and Wireless LAN 802.11b/g.

According to Mark Billington, CEO of O2 Asia Pacific, "Technology is complicated, but your life shouldn't be. O2 devices are built not just for style but also for performance, and of course, ease-of-use. The Xda Zinc is defining a whole new category of 3G phones in our portfolio. The Xda Zinc is for professionals who are tech-savvy, enjoy messaging and need to stay connected to work 24/7. We pair the Xda Zinc with 3G capabilities, so it can experience a smoother web-browsing experience and join the 3G revolution and all the benefits that brings. It's all about broadening choices and new experiences for our customers," I can say that the Xda Zinc is really a true professional messaging machine with its included unique messaging applications, such as O2 Phone Plus, O2 Message Plus, and SMS Backup, all designed to simplify your every communication need. The Xda Zinc will retail at S$ 1,298 (around US$ 845/650 Euro) inclusive of GST and a one-year local warranty at early February 2007 at all SingTel, M1 and StarHub outlets, authorized distributors and retail channels.

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Jan 16 O2 XDA Zinc launch delayed until March
Found in:Devices, Mobile News, O2, XDA, Pocket PC, O2 XDA Zinc launch delayed until March

Many had expected the O2 XDA Zinc we have talked about before to be on the way this month, but it appears that O2 will be delaying the device until March.

O2 is comparing the XDA Zinc as to the existing XDA Mini S, but they say more 3G power for high speed internet and video calling have been added. This new device also reportedly sports following features:

* QWERTY keyboard
* 320 x 240 resolution
* 520MHz PXA270 processor
* 64MB of RAM
* 128MB of flash ROM
* two-megapixel camera
* miniSD slot
* Bluetooth 2.0
* 802.11b/g
* tri-band connectivity

O2 XDA Zinc measures 10.9 x 5.8 x 2.3cm and weighs 165g with the 1,300mAh battery in place. Unfortunately still there is no word on pricing.

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