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Sep 21 InflationMaster v3.0 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Freeware, Software, InflationMaster v3.0 for Palm

InflationMaster is another Palm program which isn’t all that useful for everyday life. I would try it however because it sounds like a fun application. Like the PalmRes we’ve just seen, InflationMaster is also a special calculator. This one will be able to tell you what anything used to cost a zillion years ago. The program’s initial version actually works only for the interval 1913 – 2002 and only in the USA as it is based on the United States Federal Reserve actual inflation data.

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Sep 21 PalmRes v1.0 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Freeware, Software, PalmRes v1.0 for Palm

We’ve had quite a few Palm applications here over the last few days and today is no different. What we have in store for you right now is a freeware program designed to work on Palm OS 3.1 or higher. I am talking about PalmRes v1.0 which is an electrical resistor calculator. Sure most of you guys will hardly ever need anything like that, but all electricians packing a Palm might consider giving it a try.

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Sep 20 SafeCracker for Palm
Found in:Games, Freeware, Palm, SafeCracker for Palm

Did you ever wish to be a thief and have a crew just like Ocean had his 11 to 13 friends which helped him pull of some amazing heists? Well I wish I could have promised you such an entertaining game like that movie series was. Unfortunately SafeCracker for Palm is a much simpler game, but if you’re bored enough on the train, it will help you waste some time.

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Sep 20 F1 Season 2008 v1.14 for Palm
Found in:Sports, Palm, Freeware, F1 Season 2008 v1.14 for Palm

Hello Formula 1 fans, are you ready for the Singapore Grand Prix? This new country has been added to the international circuit and what a circuit it is! It’s a city race, at night, in a beautiful city. If you aren’t going to make it to your TV in time to catch it, install F1 Season 2008 v1.14. You might remember it since we did talk about a previous version earlier this year. v.1.14 will work on any Palm with Palm OS 3.5 or higher.

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Sep 19 Nexave v1.4 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Freeware, Software, Nexave v1.4 for Palm

Let’s check out a security application for your Palm. As most of the time it’s a freeware application. I am talking about Nexave v1.4 which will run on Palm OS 5.0. Nexave is an iPhone look-alike keyguard replacement. No more pressing the wrong buttons by mistake with Nexave!

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Sep 19 Ramen v1.4.1 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Freeware, Software, Ramen v1.4.1 for Palm

Well I had yesterday a cook and home and watch a movie scenario. Since is the weekend now, you might have a similar plan too. And if we’ve seen an application which might help you with your movie selection, now we have a cooking timer made for your Palm. All you need to have is Palm OS 3.1 or later as Ramen v1.4.1, the cooking timer application, comes for free.

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Sep 18 Event Launcher v3.0 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Freeware, Software, Event Launcher v3.0 for Palm

Need help organizing your Palm? Need a virtual assistant to do certain tasks even when you’re away when sleeping? In case you own a Palm smartphone with OS 5.0 or later, I have an application for you to try out. Event Launcher v3.0 is a freeware which will let you configure other applications or DAs to be launched at certain moment in time. With it you will be able to perform soft resets, hotsyncs and card inserts.

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Sep 18 iPuzzle Basic Edition 7 v1.0 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Games, Freeware, iPuzzle Basic Edition 7 v1.0 for Palm

iPuzzle Basic is a game for Palm OS 3.5 or higher. It has already reached Edition 7 which means you might have played the previous versions on your Palm(s). It’s quite a simple game. The object of the game is solving a puzzle which in this case is based on an image.

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Sep 18 DVD Express v1.1a for Palm
Found in:Palm, Freeware, Software, Movies, DVD Express v1.1a for Palm

It’s Thursday already and another week it’s almost done. Ready to leave work aside for the weekend? Ready for a hot date? A home-cooked dinner followed by a great DVD-movie and who knows what? Well I can help you with the movie at least since there aren’t any applications for mobile phones which would actually cook for you. But DVD Express v1.1a for Palm will help you pick a good movie.

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Sep 17 DorCino v1.2 for Palm
Found in:Palm, Games, Software, Freeware, DorCino v1.2 for Palm

DorCino v1.2 is an application for Palm which will run on Palm OS 3.0 or newer. It comes as a freeware program and it will bring you a small virtual mini-casino for the little gambler in you. The only thing that it lacks is some nice colors to go along with those cards. Free drinks would also be welcomed, but for that you will have to go to the nearest real casino.

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