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May 20 Did You Buy a Phone This Year?
Found in:Motorola, Devices, Smartphone, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sanyo, RIM, Did You Buy a Phone This Year?

The recession in the US is felt by phone manufacturers too. Let’s look at a few numbers from 2008 cell phone business. So far in the first quarter 31 million phones were sold which is 22 percent lower than the same period of last year. Smartphones however increased in sales from 7 to 17 percent which means people prefer a smarter phone for their daily business.
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May 20 Does Your Phone Say BlackMe
Found in:Windows Mobile, Software, Smartphone, Does Your Phone Say BlackMe

There’s no secret that cell phone manufacturers today are trying to deliver the slimmest devices, the best batteries and the biggest touch screens to their customers. Until they have managed to do that successfully we have BlackMe to save some power and turn off the LCD when you aren’t using it.

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May 20 iPass Gives You WiFi
Found in:Windows Mobile, Software, smartphones, iPass Gives You WiFi

Why did you buy your phone in the first place? Besides using it for.. uhmm.. talking to your friends, you surely want to use it for checking your email and reading your favorite feeds while traveling.

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May 19 3M Projector in Your Phone?
Found in:Pocket PC, smartphone, Samsung, 3M, 3M Projector in Your Phone?

Here’s one more idea that someone would have eventually caught up on. Since we are using our Pocket PCs or smartphone for so much more than only talking, people are busy out there inventing more applications and devices to incorporate in the smaller and thinner phone .
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May 19 Turn Your SmartPhone into a SmartCam
Found in:Pocket PC, Smartphone, Windows, Freeware, Turn Your SmartPhone into a SmartCam

Here’s a simple freeware application which will turn your smartphone into a handy, anytime SmartCam. I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d desperately need a web cam, but if I did, I’d know where to turn to to make one out of a smartphone.
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May 19 Play Machines at War 1.2
Found in:Pocket PC, Games, Software, Smartphone, Play Machines at War 1.2

From now and then I will show you a game made for your phone, however smart it might be. But the rate we are going, the smarter the phone, the smarter the games developers are getting their magic on.
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May 18 Skybox is the limit!
Found in:smartphone, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Skybox is the limit!

Actually the Skybox is just another Windows Mobile interface and from the pictures it could be a popular one. It will offer you the fresh look you have been looking for all this time.
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May 18 ICQ Smaper Anyone?
Found in:software, smartphone, , ICQ Smaper Anyone?

I’m not much of an ICQ fan. I prefer other instant messengers whether for mobiles or PC. However if you are into all that ICQ thing you might want to try out Smaper which is exactly that. An alternative ICQ client for your smartphone.

Smaper allows you to work with multiple profiles simultaneously, it has an anti-spam filter, lots of smileys and changeable skins. You can go ahead and manage your contacts and arrange them into groups. Like any other messenger you can customize your chat session, and you can save important chats.

Here’s what’s new on version v1.51. Have you updated your Smaper?

Changelog v1.51:
[added] - Allocation of links in the chat box.
[added] - Ability vygruzzhat sent links in service “My Bookmarks.” This service is available to all users Smape c May 16. You must enter your login and password by in (Settings-Profile).
[added] - “Masked” under other ICQ-client (5 pre-ids) with the possibility of preserving identifiers other clients (Settings-Profile).
[added] - Support for Nokia 5500 Sport.
[added] - Staying option allows the group when starting the program.
[added] - Display T9 dictionary in the chat box.
[added] - Indicators network, state of GPRS-connection charge bateri (only for S60 v3).
[added] - skin “Zenit Spb” with the standard honour of victory “Zenita” in the UEFA Cup (including the Nokia E90).
[added] - the new status icons.
[corrected] - work with files larger stories.

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May 18 Sony Ericsson Up to Something...
Found in:Sony, Ericsson, smartphone, Sony Ericsson Up to Something...

This video has been circulating the web for the last couple of days. Is this what Sony Ericsson is preparing for? Is this their way of launching a new rumor? I’d have to say it kind of works.

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May 17 E-Ten New Glofiish DX900 to be Released
Found in:Smartphone, Windows Mobile, E-Ten, E-Ten New Glofiish DX900 to be Released

A new Windows Mobile smartphone is preparing to emerge from E-Ten Glofiish series. They call it the DX900 and they will announce it in Taipai at the Computex in June. This phone will resemble the V900 and will have a dual-SIM which will let you have your way with two SIM cards simultaneously.

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