HTC Touch Cruise mobile phone features, information and price comparison

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HTC Touch Cruise

HTC Touch Cruise

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HTC Touch Cruise specifications

HTC have just announced the latest addition to their HTC Touch Family - HTC Touch Cruise. It is the successor to HTC Artemis and comes complete with the enhanced finger-poking HTC TouchFLO technology plus the funky new HTC Album and keyboard additions.

HTC Touch Cruise Specifications:

* Qualcomm 7200 chipset
* Built-in GPS receiver
* TomTom mapping
* 400MHz CPU
* TouchFLO UI
* 256MB/128 MB ROM/RAM
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* Bluetooth 2.0
* GSM / EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps
* 2.8” QVGA Touch Screen
* FM Radio
* Micro SD memory card
* Windows Mobile 6.0
* HTC Home screen

he Touch Cruise utilizes mapping and navigation solutions from TomTom. This navigation software comes complete with a taster city map or the option of full maps of Western Europe. Other key features include a 3 megapixel auto focus camera, FM radio and microSD memory card slot for adding to the 128MB RAM. The device will be available from both retailers and SIM free from HTC starting this month.

the third member of the HTC Touch product family and the first to feature built-in GPS for personal navigation. Building on the popularity of the HTC Touch and the HTC Touch Dual, the Touch Cruise also includes 3G-HSDPA wireless connectivity.


Thu 22 Nov

sandra wrote...

very good device !

2:05 am

Thu 22 Nov

bksnr wrote...

i want 1

2:10 am

Thu 22 Nov

nmoh wrote...

Good device.. old CPU...

10:15 am

Thu 20 Dec

amnun wrote...

definitely getting this phone pretty soon. looks hott and very technologically advanced!!

9:55 pm

Mon 24 Dec

Dennis wrote...

Can anybody tell me if this phone will b available on the Sprint network. Email me at if it will or if there's a way to make it work.

6:38 am

Tue 25 Dec

someguy wrote...

Same question as Dennis, please email me at

9:48 pm

Fri 4 Jan

Spydera wrote...

Its important to see how much of that 125 MB is hogged by other installed applications. With each plugin, the phone slows down until it finally wont work unless you uninstall some stuff. I wonder why they have not made the screen longer this time instead of adding more clunky buttons! By the way, the touch screen gimmicks are pretty much useless. This one is already outdated before it came in. PS: I turned my HTC Touch within 3 months because it was getting too slow to make simple phone calls (just in case anyone wanted to know why I am commenting so much.) I also installed every single application I had installed just to be able to make calls... spare RAM was at 17MB after I removed all the crap! Not much to go on.

5:46 am

Fri 4 Jan

Spyder wrote...

Correction to previous post [I also un-installed* every single application...] Oh and those icons really need to be colored... What the use of a windows mobile if you have mono colored icons that take the same color as the skin!!!

5:53 am

Mon 18 Feb

HTC POLARIS owner wrote...

i thought WHAW!!! bu now i know it better! * CPU tooo SLOW... * NO HTC SUPPORT yet!!! * FM Radio not working on a brand new pda! pooooor performance, shame on YOU HTC!!!

8:51 am

Tue 19 Feb

POLARIS wrote...

VERY BAD DEVICE the big bubble about polaris was a marketing joke!

9:30 pm

Wed 27 Feb

play8oy wrote...

i think my dopod p800w is much better ...

7:31 am

Fri 29 Feb

haovan wrote...


8:31 am

Mon 3 Mar

mpoulieris wrote...

i have this device and i am not satisfy,i prefer my old one ,a qtek 2020i. this device is much slower. i will sell it right away. :(

5:53 pm

Sun 9 Mar

magic wrote...

I paid ฃ 360 for this phone And now I regret it Figured it would be a practical phone But i was wrong This is not a phone to use day to day I put my sim in my nokia 6300 And I am happy again!

12:03 pm

Thu 13 Mar

Icaruz wrote...

Haha .. just bought this phone and couldnดt be more happy with it. Very fast and with windows mobile you got all the support you need. this device comes with 128mb ddr ram and 256mb rom. I bought a 8gb microSD and installed all application there, so with alot of 3:e party applications installed (about 20)iดve got 85mb of free ddr ram all the time. Now i can be in my car using vnc or remote desktop via vpn to my customers, fast as hell with 54mb wi-fi or 7.2mbit hsdpa. Great phone!!

2:17 pm

Sat 29 Mar

Tony wrote...

Great phone. Besides all the great features that really work, the sound quality is the best compared to all the HTC/Dopod phones I have.

10:23 am

Sat 29 Mar

Mo0oN wrote...

Hi all, i have this mobile but i can't use both language arabic and english Helllllllp Please

12:16 pm

Fri 4 Apr

david wrote...

I have one since 3 days... very very great!!!

5:35 pm

Wed 16 Apr

Dave wrote...

Where to buy one cheaper?

1:24 pm

Sat 19 Apr

hussain wrote...

It is a nice device. But ask the vendor to install for you the gps software that comes with it. mine had copilot 7 and I have not nor the vendor been able to install it. so watch out!

12:14 pm

Tue 22 Apr

Beni Jr. wrote...

Hi, I'd like to buy one, but I'd like to buy directly in the store, not by web. I'd like to buy in Orlando-FL ou Miami-FL. Do you know where can I find it? Thanks for your help.

11:45 pm

Tue 22 Apr

Beni Jr. wrote...

Please, answer me to Thanks

11:46 pm

Mon 5 May

mona wrote...

i own one and i sugest that the money that you use for this phone get two other phones with that money don't wate your money freeking slow ass phone i've ever seen good features but what good is it if it takes 10 munites for you to load only one app the phone even freezes sometimes i think the person that put the internal memory is an freeking idiot i mean look youyou have device and it has all the features and the phone freezes when you want to load an app. this is the fist time i regret having a phone i've spent $675 and i threw all that money in trash can.. dont buy it you just going to wate your money.

8:44 pm

Mon 12 May

Jwairy wrote...

OMG it's fantsatic.. and all you need is in it!!! it's not slow nor freezes .. it's great !!!Trust me even if it falls yet you wont loose your money .. mine 2 days ago fell on the street right on the screen and only around the screen some scratches which shows only when you look specificly .. however it's VERY GOOD!!!:D:D:D

3:45 pm

Tue 13 May

Desi wrote...

I am an O2 fan and this one has the exact specs as the O2 Orbit II...Excellent The only thing i can complain about is the touch screen is a little less sensitive when using the stylus...Get a Protective screen cover to avoid the certain scratching after a few months...Other than that its top notch

9:24 pm

Tue 27 May

appreciator wrote...

this phone in terms of tech, is really fantastic,in style, a bit weak,in connectivity awsme,... the issue rises in case of RAM, well, RAm is occupied by apps, accrdng 2 ur instrctions, just installing an app dsnt consume RAM...coz if dat wud b da case, all pcs' wud hve bn sluggd wid even 256mb RAM n it isnt so as u knw... all u need is n app lyk a system manager, dat 4ces da priority level of ur memory consumption during usage n during da idle state... n 4 u, dear mona...plz provide me details of da app ure running dat tkes 10 mins on ths phne, i cn bet on it, dat u re jus a critic of ths phn, n if prove rong, ill gt u 50USD on da spot..n if i win, u gna vow dat u wont rite such kinda quotes again, i mean its rediculous dear to criticize da phone 2 ths xtent, ths phone isnt meant 4, u cn say, da daily rogue, its a bit sophisticated dats wat its lyk, n dats wat u shud learn.... i hve compared sony xperia wid it, xcept da mega bass finish n a bettr display, ths fone rocks... n if nebdy wans ne kinda help on ne phne management, try me 4 freeee.. n sori 4 my comments mona

1:39 pm

Mon 9 Jun

Anson wrote...

I like it has radio function. Is anyone know if the radio can be upgraded to RDS radio?

2:49 pm

Wed 20 Aug

praky wrote...

i have HTC Touch Cruise i wanna transfer all my contact to nokia from HTC. Can any 1 can help me pls how & what software can be used. pls send me link if u can Thank you very much in advance. my email id

2:33 am

Fri 22 Aug

m a samad al-khaobar wrote...

I was using NOKIA E51 and it was really damn good and it is far better than HTC Touch Cruise in the speed. it is lacking the good keyboard and drivers for Bluetooth preipheral devce for Vista. I can't use bluetooth.

2:57 pm

Fri 31 Oct

Indi wrote...

Smart phones- window based- will be always slower than the Nokia phones. I guess this is because of the platform on which the phone runs... i have used Motorola, Nokia and a Blackberry... all i can say for this phone is that i am very happy with this.

3:40 am

Sun 11 Jan

HomerJS wrote...

This phone have the radio RDS! I'm am italian and in my area work fine.

6:42 pm

Sun 5 Jul

ISMAIL wrote...

htc,its sou special,number one in the world.please tell me price for one htc touch cruise.thank you.

1:40 pm

Tue 2 Mar

leah wrote...

im trying to decide if i should buy the the touch dual if any one has that specific model give me advice at THANKS!

9:22 pm

Sat 8 May

big daddy b wrote...

it sucks!!!

4:01 am

Sat 8 May

banku wrote...

very poor....=dick

4:03 am

Mon 28 Jun

ashraf wrote...

hey plzz can u give me the link where i can download Pc software for my device on always tell me ur S/N not valid cant get z version software or any more application can u help???

3:04 am



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