AVIA 1.0
by Asitcon Corporation

Aviation Calculator(E6-B type)
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Arrived: Feb 16, 2006
Price: $8.00
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Complete description of AVIA 1.0
Requirements: Pocket PC 2003 Windows Mobile™ or higher – based device with a StrongARM or Xscale processor, minimum of 32MB RAM (with 0.5 MB of free program memory) .Net Compact Framework 1.0 or higher.

Version 1.0

Requirements: 0.5 MB free memory.


Flight Calculator contains 17 aviation related calculations.

It can be accessed directly from the main screen of the Pilot Quest as a stand
alone application or from the test where the student can use it as a powerful
tool for solving specific aviation problems.

Flight Calculator main screen contains an index of the aviation operations

Sample operations



total fuel,

fuel consumption(/hour)


time endurance

Heading and Groundspeed



wind speed,

true airspeed and





/ ARM / Moment


loading data



ballance and

CG of the plane

Flight Calculator Tools


Flight Calculator has a large scale of conversion features. As you can see in
the left picture you can do a conversion by a simple click on the conversion
button and selecting the desired measure.


Flight Calculator has a special memory which stores results. The special
feature of this memory is that it stores results related to the type of measure
of the parameter. By a simple click on the left side of a parameter label you
can access only the values related to this kind of parameter.

Standard calculator

By using the display box of a specific parameter as a standard calculator
display, you can do simple math calculus.

Use Flight Calculator from test

When you access the flight calculator from the test, specific
question related information such as question additional images and question
overview is transferred to it. This in turn can be used in helping you solve
your problems.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the information is very easy to
call in every screen of the Flight Calculator.

AVIA 1.0 Screenshots
Image of AVIA 1.0 for Windows Phone 7

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