Bible Study QuickVerse PDA Platinum 2006
by QuickVerse

Have instant access to any book/chapter/verse in the Message, ESV, NLT, KJV, NKJV, ASV and YLT from the makers of the All-Time Best-Selling
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Found in: Religion, Reference, Bible Software
Arrived: Apr 5, 2006
Price: $64.95
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Complete description of Bible Study QuickVerse PDA Platinum 2006
Requirements: Pocket PC 2002 or greater

New Multi-book Search: Now search multiple books in one quick pass!

  • New Word Form Search: New advancements in word search technology will now allow you to find all forms of a given search word without embedding cryptic symbols like * or ?. Search for rise and receive arise, risen, rising, and rise.

  • New Thesaurus Search: Search for similar words including those hard-to-remember 16th century words like Forthwith (immediately), threescore (sixty), Forscore (eighty)!

  • New Near/Proximity Search: Now find multiple words near each other. Find God within 5 words of command!

  • New 100 Multi Segment Reading Plans: Now save up to 4 Bible segments in any daily reading Plan. Read passages from Genesis, Psalms, Mathew, and Revelations all in the same day!

  • Parallel Verse: Now display up to 9 comparative verses in any number of Bible translations.

  • Search the Words of Jesus: This is a unique and VERY valuable feature for those looking to search only the words and phrases of Jesus.

  • Split Screen Viewing: have your favorite Bible Translation and Commentary automatically synchronized. Move in one and the other follows by Book/Chapter/verse.

  • Parallel Gospels: Show all passage similarities in Mathew, Mark, Luke and John a€“ available in every English Bible translation.

  • Multicolor Highlighting: Highlight your favorite verses in eight different colors! Organize and review them by color instantly!

  • VerseFinder: With both abbreviated and full book names to expedite book/chapter/verse research.

  • Bookmark: Your favorite verses and passages marked and categorized for easy reference! Add unlimited text with bookmark notes!

  • Fast, Powerful Searches: Find what you are looking for quickly with the most advanced search and retrieval system available.

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