Clinical Ophthalmology 2010 - Mobi v3
by PPC

A medical reference text with detailed work-ups, treatment plans, medicines and differentials for a myriad of medical conditions.
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Arrived: Jul 27, 2009
Price: $12.99
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Complete description of Clinical Ophthalmology 2010 - Mobi v3
Requirements: Free MobiPocket Reader via

Topics: diagrams, full exam tips, detailed work-up, tx's and differentials of a multitude of conditions including dry eyes, vision loss, pupillary abnormalities, glaucoma, nystagmus, diplopia, red eyes, infections, medications, cataracts, vision correction surgery, abbreviations, fundoscopic findings, eyelid lesions, trauma, occular side effects of drugs.
Features: Tons of detailed work-ups, treatments, Ddx, pearls, illustrations, references...Everything you ever needed to know about ophthalmology as a primary care physician, resident or medical student in an easy to read and navigate format.
The perfect text for internists, family physicians, EM, urgent care, residents, medical students.

This text contains numerous illustrations and is fully referenced. This file NEVER expires.

Requires either the iSilo reader ($19) or the MobiPocket Reader (FREE, need to obtain the text from

No other text on the market provides such a collection of succinct and clinically relevant material that can be accessed at the bedside.

Note: similar texts selling for 5X as much, why pay paper prices for electronic texts!

Can be read on the desktop or laptop with "iSilo for windows".
The free DEMO contains the basic layout with live links to each chapter and sublinks to 1-2 topics per chapter.

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