Current Consult Medicine 2007 2.1
by Unbound Medicine, Inc.

The latest update of CURRENT CONSULT Medicine! Authoritative clinical answers on more than 850 disorders from the authors of CURRENT Medical
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Arrived: Apr 23, 2007
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Complete description of Current Consult Medicine 2007 2.1
Requirements: Pocket PC 2003 or later; Windows 5.0; ActiveSync 4.0 or later; Windows PC with Internet connection; 3.6 Mb of handheld memory; Memory cards supported

CONSULT Medicine 2007

Authoritative -- Efficient -- Easy-to-use
Editors: Maxine Papadakis, MD & Stephen J. McPhee, MD
Publisher: McGraw Hill
CONSULT Medicine 2007
is the at-a-glance diagnostic and treatment
guide for all your clinical questions. Developed by the expert editors of
the best-selling CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, CURRENT
CONSULT Medicine covers more than 850 disorders including the most common
diseases, syndromes, and symptoms seen in hospital and outpatient settings.

answers to your clinical questions are presented in a well-organized and
easy to read format. Multiple indexes allow you to select the most effective
path for searching the latest clinically pertinent coverage of all aspects
of adult inpatient and outpatient care. Start with patient presentation
and use the integrated differential diagnosis tool to move quickly from
specific symptoms to detailed disease information. Or begin with a broader
approach to searching and view diseases categorized by organ system. Practical
solutions to immediate diagnostic and management problems are enhanced by
more than 150 reference tables with crystal clear summaries of disease assessment
and treatment options.

New to This Edition:

  • Completely revised Differential Diagnosis section (from Diagnosaurus

  • Thoroughly updated treatment recommendations

  • Expanded discussion of select diseases including angina pectoris,
    atrial fibrillation, cor pulmonale, and familial adenomatous polyposis

  • Bookmark tool for instant retrieval


  • Practical answers on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 850

  • Differential diagnosis tool--go from symptoms to treatment in just
    a few taps

  • Laboratory tests and imaging studies for efficient diagnosis

  • Specific treatment recommendations for effective patient management

  • Guidelines for When to Admit and When to Refer

  • Selected websites and references for more information

Advanced PDA features

  • Tables optimized for both Palm and Pocket PC operating systems

  • Color and high resolution support

  • Landscape mode

  • Secure digital (SD) card and memory stick support

  • Highly compressed data to save space on your device

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