Farsi (Persian) Language Support 4.23
by Paragon Technologie GmbH

Farsi (Persian, Arabic Farsi) language support (localization)
Rating: 3.8/5
Found in: Business, Notes, Software Keyboards
Arrived: Oct 17, 2005
Price: $24.95
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Complete description of Farsi (Persian) Language Support 4.23
Requirements: Any Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile or Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition device

Language Extender (LEng) is designed for Farsi (Persian, Arabic Farsi) localization (language support) of the following devices:

  • Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

Language Extender package includes drivers of Farsi Pocket PC on-screen keyboard and Arabic regional settings.

With Pocket PC Farsi support you can input information in Farsi in any application on your Pocket PC/ Windows Mobile, edit it, save, transfer to other Pocket PCa€™s or desktop computers and print documents including texts in Farsi


  • On-screen keyboard layout for Farsi (Persian) letters input without switching between English and Farsi keyboards
  • New! Hi-resolution and landscape modes support
  • Availability to adjust appearance of the on-screen keyboard layouts (3D-look, color keys, font of keys)
  • Arabic regional settings with Arabic format of date and time
  • Correct synchronization operations of Pocket PC applications and desktop applications (for example, MS Office applications)
  • Modified Character Recognizer (Letter Recognizer) to write Farsi symbols (by default you can write only English symbols on Pocket PC), availability to adjust it in your own way
  • Correct print operation for documents in Farsi


Arabic language support for Pocket PC 2003/Windows Mobile and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition

Arabic language support for Pocket PC 2002

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Farsi (Persian) Language Support 4.23 Screenshots
Image of Farsi (Persian) Language Support 4.23 for Windows Phone 7

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