FlexMail 4.01
by Web Information Solutions, Inc

Email application with superior interface and options including GMail, SSL, POP3, IMAP, IMAP IDLE support.
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Arrived: Sep 3, 2008
Price: $29.95
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Complete description of FlexMail 4.01
Requirements: Pocket PC 2003 or higher device

FlexMail 4 is a full-featured award-winning (2004/2005/2006/2007) Email application that works with your device's built-in Messaging client to provide the best Exchange and IMAP connectivity available on Windows Mobile! Use FlexMail to improve your ActiveSync or SMS messaging with our multiple signature support, multiple folder searches, and cross-account email copies and moves. Use FlexMail to connect with the best IMAP feature-set on Windows Mobile with easy to configure yet powerful folder settings. Set each folder to download differently, notify of new messages, and get email using PUSH use IMAP IDLE.

FlexMail 4 is a major upgrade from FlexMail 2007 and offers many huge changes including:

  • Better IMAP features support (server search to filter messages, server-side messages parsing, more message operations done over IDLE, single attachment download etc.)
  • Supports MMS on most devices
  • IMAP server folders redesign (more settings, easier to use)
  • Accounts and Application settings redesign
  • Single-page view redesign (tabs gone, new left panel with IDLE indication)
  • Original Email HTML reply/forward
  • New Notification settings (global-account-folder)
  • Internal changes (messages saved already parsed, better save/load performance on WM5 etc.)
  • Asian Language Encoding Plugin
  • Improved internals

FlexMail supports reading and replying to ActiveSync/SMS/Hotmail email for basic operations or through its more powerful POP3/IMAP4 services to your email server. With support for industry standard SSL and SOCKS proxies, you can connect to almost any email provider including GMail! Use FlexMail as an adjunct to Windows Mobile Messaging or as a near complete replacement.

With FlexMail's many options you can customize your email usage much more than the Windows Mobile device Messaging allows. Receive your email via ActiveSync and respond via your POP3/IMAP4 SMTP account. Get immediate per email or per folder notifications via IMAP IDLE! Have FlexMail only hold the last 5 days of your IMAP folders. Create local folders and server folders. Synchronize by age, size, and synchronizations status on a per folder basis allowing you to get only the last 5 day's worth of email in your Inbox but the last months in your Personal folder, for example.

Read about how Steve Hagerott uses FlexMail in the enterprise on his Smartphone to handle his business email at Mobility Today. Steve was a beta tester and vocal advocate for Smartphone usability within the beta, but he has no ties financial or otherwise within WebIS.

Top Features include

  • HotKeys

    While in the message list just press a key to reply, delete, flag, or any one of 10 commands quickly.
  • Push Email

    Using IMAP IDLE, FlexMail gets immediate notifications of new messages
  • Searching

    Search single or multiple folders for email within IMAP/POP3/SMS or ActiveSync accounts
  • Rules Engine

    Full featured Rules Engine lets you move, reply, mark messages and more based on custom rules with an easy to use GUI
  • Meeting Requests

    Accept and Reject Meeting Requests
  • Address Auto-Complete

    Quick Selection of matching contacts
  • Flags

    Reply/Forwarded and Flagged Messages now displayed and synched
  • Folder Synchronization

    Under IMAP, each folder can have separate Download/Upload/Delete characteristics
  • Sent/Drafts

    Assign IMAP Sent/Drafts Folders

More Killer Features

  • Notifications

    Per Account and per new message notifications
  • HTML Viewing

    View HTML Email through POP3/IMAP with or without images
  • Pocket Informant

    (Pocket PC only) Integrated with Pocket Informant for editing contacts and creating tasks/appts from an email
  • Views

    3 pane view, 2 pane view, 1 page view
  • Preview Window

    Display a Preview window to read your email more quickly
  • Signatures

    Per Account Signatures

    Full proxy support
  • Full SSL Support

    SSL POP3/IMAP with standard and custom ports
  • Full Authentication SMTP

    With SSL, CRAM-MD5, Authentication, and POP3 check before send plus separate authentication for Send and Receive
  • ActiveSync

    Supports ActiveSync or Exchange ActiveSync
  • Character Sets

    Extensive character set support
  • Designed for Windows Mobile

    Certified for Windows Mobile 5.0/6 (Smartphone and Pocket PC) and Pocket PC 2003 with full support for Square Screens, VGA and QVGA screens

iPaq 21x, 11x users Notice:FlexMail is not compatible with these devices at this time. We believe there are bugs in the implementation of Windows Mobile 6 that HP has on these devices that cause data corruption and crashes with FlexMail. At this time we do not see any resolution until HP updates the ROM.

FlexMail 4.01 Screenshots
Image of FlexMail 4.01 for Windows Phone 7

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