MagicCab PocketPC CAB extractor 2.0
by EricG

MagicCab is a Windows Mobile CAB viewer tool.
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Found in: Development, PocketPC Apps, Document Viewers
Arrived: Nov 13, 2008
Price: $14.99
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Complete description of MagicCab PocketPC CAB extractor 2.0
Requirements: none


Save yourself time and headache when developing for Windows Mobile devices. Using Drag and Drop, it's an amazing time saver when you deal with frequent updates of Windows Mobile CAB files.

Windows Mobile IT users use MagicCab to stay in control of frequent application installations and be on top on their windows mobile device maintenance.

Developers use daily MagicCab to:

* Verify the content of a CAB file
* Troubleshoot an installation
* Check where files and shortcuts are installed on the targeted Windows Mobile device
* Check if the registry keys matches with what they specified when building CAB files
* Customize the content of a CAB by recreating a CAB project.



"I bought it several years ago and still use it constantly." Gary

"I'm a software developer myself, working on both desktop and PocketPC development. I use Pocket MagicCab many times a week as I install software. MagicCab is a great tool that has helped me be a more productive PocketPC developer. Thanks again!." Mike

MagicCab PocketPC CAB extractor 2.0 Screenshots
Image of MagicCab PocketPC CAB extractor 2.0 for Windows Phone 7

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