MobileWrite Handwriting Recognition 4.1
by Inkmark Software LLC

Enter text by writing printed or Graffiti letters
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Found in: Enhancements, Input, Notes, Handwriting
Arrived: Apr 21, 2009
Price: $14.95
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Complete description of MobileWrite Handwriting Recognition 4.1
Requirements: Pocket PC running Window Mobile 5.0 or higher.

Using MobileWrite handwriting recognition
software, it is easy to enter text and data, in
to your favorite applications, by simply writing
on the screen of your handheld, instead of using
the keyboard. MobileWrite gives you an option to
use standard letters, Graffiti 1 or Graffiti 2
letters. Using the standard letters, capitals and
lowercase letters can be written as you normally
would on paper. With the ability to write words
on the same screen as your application, letter
writing or data entry can be done with less
effort. You will be able to concentrate on your
work, instead of the data entry. Supports French,
German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese.

  • Letters, numbers and other symbols can be
    written on the screen of the


  • In addition to the standard characters, TAB,

    and selected text is also available for editing
    longer text messages.

  • Write one character at a time or an entire
    word across the screen.

  • Shows alternate letters for quick

  • MobileWrite does not need to be trained to
    recognize characters.

  • No shifting is required for lowercase, and
    uppercase letters, or other


  • Integrates seamlessly with other applications
    requiring text entry.

MobileWrite Handwriting Recognition 4.1 Screenshots
Image of MobileWrite Handwriting Recognition 4.1 for Windows Phone 7

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