Pocket Kitchen Timer for Pocket PC 2003 V 1.1.2
by Publish or Perish Software Press

Perfect for outdoor grilling and home banquets, 5 timers with separate settings, plus text. Get rid of that plastic kitchen timer and use y
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Arrived: May 3, 2004
Price: $14.95
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Complete description of Pocket Kitchen Timer for Pocket PC 2003 V 1.1.2
Requirements: Pocket PC 2003, ARM or XScale processor

Pocket Kitchen Timer (PK Timer) for Pocket PC 2003 supports timing for up to 5
different items which you can label with a short description, such as "Heat grill",
"Asparagus", "Steaks", "Clean grill". While
particularly useful in the kitchen or by the outdoor grill, it can also be used for general purpose timing.

New in V 1.1.2, power off your PDA while timing and PK Timer will power it up automatically to sound an alarm.

Timing can be a very simple duration countdown: Enter the hours and minutes
duration, start the timer, and it counts down, showing time remaining and sounding an alarm when ready.

Timing can also be a more advanced "Start By" time calculation. You
can set a future time you want an item to be "Done By", and the duration
is used to compute a "Start By" time. PK Timer will notify you when
it's time to start the item and will begin the countdown.

After timing has been started, you can "tweak" the settings, such
as adding 10 more minutes for the roast.

PK Timer includes a built-in calculator for computing hours and minutes to cook based on weight.

Visit PORPSW.com for details and on-line help.

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