TripLOG+ by ROFLsoft 3.3a
by ROFLsoft

Quickest method of tracking trip mileage data for expense reporting and tax information. New 3.0 release includes new features and improved
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Arrived: Oct 2, 2008
Price: $14.95
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Complete description of TripLOG+ by ROFLsoft 3.3a
Requirements: Pocket PC

Do you need a quick way to track the following for one or more vehicles?


Trip Time/Duration

TripLOG+ is a solution that can record this
information with just a few taps of the screen!

TripLOG + allows you to capture vehicle information quick as a flash!
Plus, advanced database features allow you to print or e-mail reports and export
to MS Excel.

Not only is TripLOG+ easy to use,
it is a snap to install
! Just download, unzip
(extract) and run setup.

TripLOG+ tracks mileage, notes, and trip time. Then export file and open
with Excel for easy format/analysis.

Although all modules are small in size, you can further same your PDA memory
by only installing the modules you need.


TripLOG+ can be licensed
for only $14.95. With such a small investment, your ROI will be measured in
hours/minutes rather than months/years!

TripLOG+ 2.0 added advanced
features that include:


Duplicate button (Allows you to create new
record from existing record with a single tap!)

New Destination Field

Enhanced Note Pad


Draw / Sketch Pad


Travel Time Tracking


E-mail interface from within Report


Enhanced navigation buttons

New in 3.0 include:

- New Graphic Interface with
Tabbed Page Layout

- Export now has allows you to preview
; it allows you to specify file name

and save it anywhere on you PDA.

- Windows Mobile 2003 VGA
(Horizontal/Landscape) screen support

- Updated State of the Art Database Engine

- Evaluation Version Availability

- Online Help

- Email Reports in either .txt or .rtf format

TripLOG+ by ROFLsoft 3.3a Screenshots
Image of TripLOG+ by ROFLsoft 3.3a for Windows Phone 7

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