Yoho Voice Recorder 1.80
by AvailSoft

Yoho brings quality voice recorder and dictation to Pocket PC. Programmable hardware buttons, Voice activated recording, audio compression
Rating: 0.0/5
Found in: Music, Sound, Media Players
Arrived: Jun 19, 2009
Price: $1.99
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Complete description of Yoho Voice Recorder 1.80
Requirements: Pocket PC 2000 or later

Yoho Voice Recorder brings Pocket PC user experience to a new level. It is an essential addition to your favourite Pocket PC programs. Features:
  • Industry standard wave audio file format

  • Standard GSM 6.10 speech compression

  • PCM Modulations: PCM 8Khz 8 bit, PCM 8Khz 16 bit, PCM 11Khz 8 bit, PCM 11Khz 16 bit, PCM 22KkHz 16 Bit

  • User configurable hardware buttons

  • Voice activated recording system (VAS)

  • Adjustable voice activation level

  • Silence CUT system

  • Adjustable CUT length and ambience level

  • Automatic record stop

  • Compact Flash (CF) card, SD card and other external storage support

  • Real time signal strength indication

  • Corrupt audio file auto detection

  • Email recording

  • Recording List Sort

  • Yoho Voice Recorder 1.80 Screenshots
    Image of Yoho Voice Recorder 1.80 for Windows Phone 7

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