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Summary: the free ebook reader

Requires .Net Compact Framework 3.5 Supports all screen sizes

Price: Freeware

Arrived: Jul 13, 2010aa
Found under: misc, ebook, reading, personal,

Made by: Jim Chapman

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pocket pc Freda freeware
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Rating: 4.5/5
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» Freda Description

Freda Pocket PC software

Freda: the free ebook reader

Freda is a free program for reading electronic books (ebooks) on Windows Mobile devices.


  • Compatible with Windows Mobile versions 6, 5 and 2003
  • Reads ePub (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format books
  • Touch screen interface
  • Works with all screen dimensions and orientations
  • Customisable controls, fonts and colours
  • Dictionary lookup
  • Bookmarks and annotations
  • RSVP (auto-scroll)
  • Compatible with OPDS on-line catalogs (Feedbooks, Smashwords, Calibre)
  • Store books on your phone, or download direct over-the-air

For full information, see the manual.

the Freda for Pocket PC free

Price: Freeware

» Comments on Freda

Mon 9 Nov

viky wrote...

DOesn\'t work on P3400, installed it on storage card throws exception..

7:16 am

Mon 9 Nov

orso46 wrote...

doesn\'t work on my omnia i900 + net cf 3.5.. installed on my storage. Error:TypeLoadException in Freda.Program.Main()

11:32 am

Mon 9 Nov

joao wrote...

Error:TypeLoadException in Freda.Program.Main(), on Touch Cruise, WM6.1 installed on storage card, or on internal memory.

1:25 pm

Mon 9 Nov

mortlocl wrote...

looks good but I get \'an unexpected error\' message on my ipaq 112. details read: typeLoadException at freda.program.main() ..not sure if this is due to my installation to a storage card ??

4:00 pm

Mon 9 Nov

carsonjo wrote...

doesn\'t work on my omnia i910

8:45 pm

Mon 9 Nov

sadia wrote...

Nokia phone not only offers a communication media intended for family, associates plus equals, but moreover a stand for information as well as amusement for the customer.

11:53 pm

Tue 10 Nov

Jim Chapman wrote...

(from the developer) This beta version doesn't work if installed on the Storage Card. If you've installed it there, try doing an UnInstall (from ActiveSync or the mobile's control panel), and then re-install into internal memory. Should work ok then. The release version (in a couple of weeks I hope) will work fine when installed on storage card. Thanks for trying the software. Jim

1:36 am

Tue 10 Nov

Jim Chapman wrote...

(from the developer) You can also get the TypeLoadException error if you install the program on a non-English-localised device. The 'beta 0.9' version needs to be installed in a folder called /Program Files/Freda, and for non-English installations that might no work. I will fix in version 1.0 Cheers, Jim

5:13 pm

Tue 10 Nov

pat wrote...

Will there be rtf support?

10:08 pm

Wed 11 Nov

viky wrote...

thanks, it works when installed on device memory. what if i want to read pdf format files with freda. Is there a way to do so , a free converter or something like that...

6:17 am

Fri 13 Nov

Jim Chapman wrote...

To read PDF files, your best bet is to convert them to HTML first (just Google for \'pdf to html converter\'). I\'m unlikely to implement the reading of PDF files, because PDF is not really designed for ebooks - to render PDF properly, you really need a screen that can represent something the same size and shape as a sheet of A4 paper, and PDA screens just aren\'t like that. Anyway, ePub is the format of the future. For the same reason, I probably won\'t add RTF-reading either - it would add significantly to the size of the program, and all for the sake of supporting a format that I think will go out of fashion. Of course, since I am releasing the source code under the GPL, you (or any c# programmer you can persuade to do it) are free to implement PDF or RTF decoding! Thanks for trying the beta version - and look out for the release version in a couple of weeks. Jim

4:51 pm

Sun 15 Nov

hal wrote...

The typeLoadException workaround worked nicely, thanks. I hope you\'ll include a bold fonts option soon. I also noticed that when you change the font size, you don\'t stay on the spot you were just reading, but have to claw your way back :) And would it be possible to include a toggle switch for the tap menu ? Right now it pops up almost every time I try to slide to the next page; slightly annoying that is... And please include an option to resume where you left off on startup. Great work so far !

1:29 pm

Fri 20 Nov

wild wrote...


9:50 am

Sat 12 Dec

Jim Chapman wrote...

I\'ve just updated the program to v1.0 New version now available at Can some kind soul please upload the new version onto this page, in place of the (now out-of-date) description and install files. I don\'t seem to have the access to do that (maybe because I didn\'t make the original post). Thanks, Jim

6:08 pm

Sat 19 Dec

nyc wrote...

Works well on omnia2. Very responsive indeed. It is the reader I use everyday. Will be ideal if dictionary lookup is available.

9:02 pm

Sun 20 Dec

Anup wrote...

hi Jim, how about integrating with \"calibre\" for library functions? that would be a great addition

2:22 am

Sun 20 Dec

nvns wrote...


12:46 pm

Wed 23 Dec

pezuzaine wrote...

i have .net cf 3.5 installed on my phone... this program still doesn\'t work. what am i missing?

1:02 am

Wed 23 Dec

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi pezuzaine With .NetCF3.5 installed, it should work. So I guess I don\'t know what you\'re missing. Could you email me some details of the problem please, and I will investigate. Please send me the \'\\Program Files\\Freda\\Logfile.txt\' file, and also tell me what message was displayed on the phone\'s screen. I am at Thanks, Jim

7:57 am

Sat 26 Dec

pezuzaine wrote...

hi jim, i got it to to work, but now i want to uninstall in so i can reinstall in on my storage card. the only thing is, is that it\'s not listed in the \"remove programs.\" how do i uninstall it so that everything that came with the installer get removed properly.

11:38 am

Sun 27 Dec

pezuzaine wrote...

how do i find the freda.exe file on my device so i can delete it. i have the htc tp2. i\'ve uninstalled the program via settings > remove programs - but when i\'m in the all programs section of my phone freda is still listed on there. when i had freda installed it showed it with the freda icon. now it just says freda with a \"program\" looking icon. i tried to see what would happen when i clicked on it and this is what it said: \"The file Freda cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file.\" i\'ve tried reinstalling it and uninstalling it and it still shows up in my all programs list.

11:11 pm

Mon 28 Dec

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi pezuzaine, it sounds like the Freda.exe file has *already* been deleted from your phone, and that is why the menu item is giving that error (which actually means \'missing program file\'). So what you need to do is to delete the Freda link from your menu. I don\'t have the same model phone as you, so I am not sure of the procedure you need, but you could try this: use a file explorer program to find the folder \\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\ then in that folder look for the file called \'Freda.lnk\' and delete it.

4:32 am

Thu 31 Dec

david wrote...

Installed on Touch HD (WM 6.1; NET 3.5) fine. Somehow app can read certain .epub files while others crash. For example files from, app can read any of the Charles Dickens ebooks fine, but crashes on William Shakespeare and Mark Twain. Could the app not like Shakespeare or Twain???

4:55 pm

Fri 1 Jan

Jim Chapman wrote...

Strange - I am having no problems with the Gutenberg files for Mark Twain and Shakespeare works. Most likely issue is your device running out of storage/memory space - can you check that point. Otherwise, please send me your \'logfile.txt\' file (it will be in whatever folder you installed Freda is - probably \\Program Files\\Freda\\). And please send me the epub files too, or links to them. My email is home(at) Thanks.

4:50 pm

Sat 2 Jan

Paul wrote...

Hello Jim, This is just brilliant, thank you. Two things I'm missing though is the option to switch page orientations, and have use a font as bold. I prefer to read landscape, rather than portrait. Bold makes the letters more readable, especially on a backlit device.

6:45 am

Sat 2 Jan

david wrote...

Hi Jim, the Freda prototype you sent me can read the Shakespeare/Twain epub files. Thanks. Looking forward to the 1.1 release.

10:35 am

Sat 9 Jan

Anna wrote...

Freda installs successfully, but when I want to open the downloaded ebooks, it always breaks down and says the \"experienced a problem and has to close\" stuff,there is still enough memory left (after my opinion) and the book names cant be more simple yet,so whats wrong?how much memory is needed or is that compact framework absolutely necessary?its a great application and i want to use it thank you in advance

1:35 pm

Sat 9 Jan

Anna wrote...

Oh,sorry I just figured out that compact framework is installed,so whats then?

2:20 pm

Tue 2 Feb

Marieta wrote...

error: Freda.exe TypeLoadException bei System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor() freda.Form1..ctor() Freda.Program.Main() logfile: Read from registry: program file is in folder \\Storage Card\\Programme\\Freda

5:10 am

Wed 17 Feb

Benton wrote...

Seems to work perfectly on htc touch pro! Looks great.

10:45 am

Wed 17 Feb

Marcus Hohnemann wrote...

HD2: reader works fine. No multitouch for zoom supported, no auto rotate with g-sensor.

11:34 am

Wed 17 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

Auto-rotate with G-Sensor is supported. You just have to put \"Freda\" onto the G-Sensor whitelist. I don\'t do that by default because I personally find it doesn\'t do what I want (I often want to read in portrait mode, while lying down on my side). As for \'pinch to zoom\' - no, I don\'t support it. You can zoom into images by tapping on them, and for other elements, you just have to select the font size you like; zoom would be redundant (also it would be incompatible with every device except HD2). Jim

12:44 pm

Wed 17 Feb

VIVALDI wrote...

best program for reading ebooks

1:07 pm

Wed 17 Feb

Tanisha Woods wrote...

It's not working on my htc touch pro 2 Windows mobile 6.5 it's saying it needs a newer microsoft to work

5:53 pm

Wed 17 Feb

june wrote...

I tried a text format ebook on Tilt2 and works great, can read Chinese books.

10:05 pm

Thu 18 Feb

Amanda wrote...

why isnt it compatible with my HTC touch pro2?? i could really use this app! can u tell me what i can do?

12:03 am

Thu 18 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

Freda should work fine on Touch Pro 2 - at least, tt works on mine ;) If you\'re having problems, first check whether you need to download a newer version of Microsoft .Net Compact Framework (see instructions in the manual, If you\'re still having problems please email me at and I will sort it out. Thanks, Jim

5:27 am

Thu 18 Feb

mer716 wrote...

thank you

6:43 am

Thu 18 Feb

kanav wrote...

it is very good program.

10:40 am

Thu 18 Feb

ng tg wrote...

hope more encodings can be supported, including BIG5

11:45 am

Thu 18 Feb

chris wrote...

bonjour jim fonctionne tres bien sur omnia i 900 mais il ne lit que les epub?beaucoup de bd sont en pdf merci

1:12 pm

Thu 18 Feb

jinjin wrote...

thisis best epub reader on wm. works very good on my omnia 2. thank you very much.

1:42 pm

Thu 18 Feb

Amanda wrote...

I feel really silly. I read all instructions I finally got freda to work on my HTC Touch Pro2 but how do i get books so that I may start reading?

2:14 pm

Thu 18 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

Books are EPUB files (that is, files with names ending \".epub\"). If you put an EPUB file into the \\my documents\\freda ebooks\\ folder on your phone, it will appear on Freda\'s Library screen. You can find EPUB files at FeedBooks, the Gutenberg Project and other places on the net. Jim

3:17 pm

Thu 18 Feb

Tanisha Woods wrote...

I am so done trying 2 put Freda on my touch pro 2 nothing works :'( it would have been a cool app

9:48 pm

Fri 19 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi Tanisha, email me at, and I will sort out your difficulties. Thanks, Jim

3:13 am

Fri 19 Feb

hfrmobile wrote...

Any plan to support .lit files?

4:57 am

Fri 19 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

re LIT files - no plans at present. I don\'t want the added complexity (and program size) involved in handling multiple formats. Generally, I\'d suggest you use Calibre to convert other formats to EPUB. Jim

5:57 am

Fri 19 Feb

Tanisha Woods wrote...

Thank you Jim I will as soon as I get a chance :)

11:43 am

Fri 19 Feb

Matthew wrote...

Looks good, could do with a better face if you understand be. A main screan with all the options put in plain view rather than hidden behind multiple taps. Otherwise it does the job

7:41 pm

Sat 20 Feb

Mooshbool wrote...

I need it with Mdict integration.

7:58 am

Sat 20 Feb

Mooshbool wrote...

One touch lookup in Mdict popup and auto pronunciation. And remain compatible with Win Mobile 2003. It would be nice to add a text to speech engine to read aloud books. And export to a flash card program for learning words (that are looked up during dictionary)

8:04 am

Sun 21 Feb

tigfer wrote...

marche tres bien sur mon HD2 sur votre pc installer calibre pour des livres en epub

7:53 am

Mon 22 Feb

Zach Carriger wrote...

Beutiful app works wonderfully w/HTC Diamond WM 6.5!

1:43 pm

Thu 25 Feb

nehdi wrote...

really tanks and itis very good program

12:19 am

Thu 25 Feb

joecoco wrote...

not compatable with non English WM environment, cannot read the non Eng folder name, non eng WM user, save your effort.

10:27 pm

Fri 26 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi joecoco - Actually you\'re wrong there. I have plenty of users who are managing to use Freda with German, French, Portuguese, Czech and even Chinese localisation. Your problem must be caused by something different. Please email me some details of what it going wrong and I will help out. I\'m at Thanks, Jim

1:00 pm

Fri 26 Feb

mac_b wrote...

I have an LG Incite (w/net3.5) and I\'m getting the out of date net software error whenever I try to open the program.

1:47 pm

Sun 28 Feb

T.James wrote...

would be nice if wirked with more formats, like pdf.

8:09 am

Wed 3 Mar

Mooshbool wrote...

Mdict? Mdict? Mdict?

12:12 pm

Wed 3 Mar

Jim Chapman wrote...

The problem with mdict is that, as I understand it, there isn\'t an easy way to find out what is the path to the mdict program (whereas for SlovoEd the path is kept in a Registry key). So I\'d need to create a mechanism whereby the user can tell Freda where to find mdict, and deal with the various error cases around that. I guess I\'ll get round to it some time ... Jim

2:35 pm

Thu 4 Mar

Mooshbool wrote...

Hi Jim, I don\'t think referring directly to Mdict exe file would help. Mdict has a pop-up mode that when you select a word in almost any program and click on the pop-up icon near the start menu it automatically shows the translation of the world and pronounce it. If you can manage somehow that by clicking on a word, in Freda, the process of the selecting the word and clicking on Mdict\'s pop-up icon be done automatically, it could be done. Or you can make Freda to use a built in dictionary engine, like \"Haali Reader\", that had been the best e-book reader I\'d used on PPC so far. (the best ebook reader that I\'d seen on any hand-held was \"Palmfiction\" on Palm Os, combined with \"ZDIC\" dictionary)

5:05 am

Thu 4 Mar

Artur wrote...

Jim excellent app. reading books on my device has never been so enjoyable. Also as previously stated by Moosh it would be nice to have Mdict as a dictionary in Freda.

12:52 pm

Thu 4 Mar

Artur wrote...

Mdict has plenty of different databases so we could look up words from Freda in dictionaries, wikipedias, thesauruses, encyclopedias etc.

12:57 pm

Thu 4 Mar

Artur wrote...

miasto muzyki

1:11 pm

Fri 5 Mar

Ralph van Zetten wrote...

Program is simple and runs great on my HTC Touch HD with WinMo 6.5.5. Only point of criticism is an over large gap between paragraphs.

2:34 pm

Mon 8 Mar

Jim Chapman wrote...

To fix that over-large gap between paragraphs, try ticking the \'ignore consecutive blank lines\' option, or setting \'Max margin\' to 0%. Both of those options are on the Options>Book Properties screen. Thanks, Jim

3:29 am

Sun 28 Mar

Edo wrote...

damn fine reader. in fact the very best i could find until now. works perfect on my htc hd2. would be great to read prc (mobi) too, but epub is also fine with me - or me it is the must have program on my phone! thanks a lot!

12:47 pm

Sat 17 Apr

Jo Sch wrote...

Works great om my omnia II. The best reader i could find. Thanks!

5:15 pm

Thu 22 Apr

Steve wrote...

I have a non-touchscreen HTC Ozone running Windows Mobile 6.5, and when I install Freda it appears to start but the app crashes and never fully starts or runs. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

2:03 pm

Sun 25 Apr

Florin Dragomirescu wrote...

A good reader..

2:21 pm

Sun 16 May

luciana wrote...


8:12 pm

Sat 29 May

Lawrence Whyte wrote...

My favourite app on htc td2

9:54 am

Tue 8 Jun

Adam wrote...

Changed the default directory to my documents on my storage card and it promptly deleted over 5 years worth of files! BEWARE!!!!!

4:19 pm

Sat 12 Jun

Jim Chapman wrote...

Like it says in the manual: if you set up a folder for Freda to keep its temporary files in, don\'t keep any non-Freda files in that folder. When it clears temp files, Freda just deletes every folder in that directory; it does not make any effort to work out whether any particular file belongs to it.

1:03 pm

Tue 15 Jun

nikerbopper wrote...

after install. program will not execute. error message. indicating that I need a newer version of microsoft windows on my HTC HD2. I have the latest Win Mobile. please advise.

7:59 am

Tue 15 Jun

Jim Chapman wrote...

Probably it isn\'t a newer version of the OS that you need, but an updated version of the \'.NET Compact Framework\'. There are instructions in the manual.

3:58 pm

Sun 20 Jun

krill wrote...

Thank you for such an excellent program Jim! 2 thumbs up. Replaced mobipocket reader on my htc hd mini. Maybe in the future can add kinetic scrolling? :)

1:57 pm

Wed 30 Jun

Ted Allan wrote...

Jim, excellent program & liking it very much on my HTC HD2. However, getting problem where the program doesn\'t seem to display HTML files. Any ideas?

10:50 am

Fri 9 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi Ted, Not sure what the problem might be with HTML files. Can you email me one of the files ( and I will check it out. Anyhow, Freda v2.0 is about to be released; maybe that will work better for you. You can follow the progress of the v2.0 Beta testing on XDA-developers and MobileRead.

8:35 am

Sun 11 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi, there is a new version of Freda (v2.0) available. Do you want to update your page? If so, you can find the download links at BTW I\'m now busy porting it to WindowsPhone7.

9:50 am

Tue 13 Jul

Devin wrote...

Love the program. Liked 1.1 and have now downloaded 2.0 on my Omnia 2. Works great.

2:46 pm

Wed 14 Jul

nitsan simantov wrote...


1:41 am

Wed 14 Jul

beppegg wrote...

This application is really amazing! it has become my only ebook reader!

4:11 am

Wed 14 Jul

Ted Allan wrote...

Hi Jim & thanks again for a great program. Am using V2.0 now & it is great. Will email you the HTML file to see what you think. Another query on V2 is that, although I have managed to get the program to open Pocket Dictionary is there any way of making the search word appear automatically in the dictionary search field? At the moment I have to retype the word & wondered if it might be a simple case of changing the command line that runs the dictionary. Thanks.

7:56 am

Wed 14 Jul

John Laird wrote...

Can Freda read books bought from on line book stores?

10:27 am

Wed 14 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

Regarding books purchased in on-line stores, Freda can only read DRM-free EPUBs. Most on-line stores supply EPUBS that are encrypted with DRM, and Freda can\'t open those. There are technical tricks you can use for removing DRM-encryption from EPUBs, but it probably isn\'t appropriate for me to say more than \"search the internet\"! It may help you to know that the DRM-encypryption system is called ADEPT.

10:54 am

Wed 14 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

Re Pocket Dictionary, I don\'t know. Such on-line documentation as I could find did not offer any clues. Maybe you could check with the author Daniel Vladutu (at The key question is \"is there a way to pass a search term to Pocket Dictionary in the command line and/or the clipboard?\"

10:57 am

Wed 14 Jul

John Laird wrote...

Thanks for your help Jim!

11:33 am

Fri 16 Jul

terakicelestine wrote...

what?I started reading a book and I cant get out of

9:53 am

Sat 17 Jul

Ammy Juarez wrote...

how do you get a book and read it on htc hd2?.thanks.

3:08 am

Sat 17 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

To get out of a book while reading it, use a long tap (tap-and-hold) or press the \'action\' key. You can, by customising the \'tap action\' setting, make a short-tap also work for leaving the book, but by default the short-tap does nothing if used while a book is loaded. To get books, you can: 1) copy book files into some folder on your phone using ActiveSync, then do Library>Add Folder to put the contents of the folder into Freda\'s library. 2) use Library>Add OPDS Catalog to navigate around an on-line book catalog, and once you have found some book(s) you like, use the Add action button. After either (1) or (2), you can use the Library shortcut to select a book to open and read.

4:49 am

Sat 17 Jul

Robert Scopatz wrote...

Works great on Omnia. Easy to change settings to view books in different formats. I'm loving it for epub books. Thanks for a great program.

10:10 pm

Sun 18 Jul

Tsvetan Ovedenski wrote...

Great reader!!! Thanks! SUGGESTION: When I press Add Book, I want to choose, not to write the path. :)

3:43 am

Sun 18 Jul

Robert Scopatz wrote...

Just upgraded to 2.0. Very nice. I use a lot of docs from Gutenberg. It'd be really handy if the program would run through all files in a 'library' and grab the authors and titles w/out my first having to open each file. Not a BIG deal but G'berg filenames are just a sequence number. I love that freda displays the actual titles. Thanks again. 2.0 is fantastic.

6:01 pm

Mon 19 Jul

Ted Allan wrote...

Jim thanks for response re pocket dictionary & again for a great program.

4:49 am

Wed 21 Jul

Fredda Durando wrote...

Can\'t get it to work with Intrepid Phone Win 6.5 Pro...any suggestions?

4:26 pm

Wed 21 Jul

Helen wrote...

cant understand how it works where do I get ebooks from?

6:16 pm

Wed 21 Jul

Helen wrote...

crap slows down my hd 2

6:18 pm

Thu 22 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

Helen: Take a look on the MobileRead forums for suggestions about where to find epub ebooks. I\'d suggest looking at Feedbooks in particular (that\'s there on Freda as the default \'OPDS Catalog\' source). If you\'re having performance problems on your HD2, please drop me an email with details ( because I have plenty of satisfied HD2 users out there, so we should be able to find a solution for you. Thanks.

5:44 am

Fri 23 Jul

Helen wrote...

thanks a lot Jim I surely will

12:16 am

Fri 23 Jul

geekatlrg wrote...

5 books read with it htc hd2good app thank you

3:42 pm

Fri 23 Jul

MiezeKatze wrote...

works great on HD2. i love it and just read 8 books since ive install. nice work jim! thanks a lot

4:32 pm

Sat 24 Jul

panos wrote...

works fine hd2.

10:21 am

Sat 24 Jul

greenstalker wrote...

by the way i tried using pocket dictionary on this but it didnt work any chnace of recommending a dictionary that works with this. by the way very nice app thankz in advance

8:26 pm

Sun 25 Jul

peter wrote...

Freda doesn\'t work on my Hp 4150 pocket pc with windows mobile 2003. Can anyone help??

2:49 am

Sun 25 Jul

youngdosha31 wrote...

keeps running out of memory and quitting automatically on my omnia 2 with 62mbs of freer does the clearing memory thing once or twice then it tells me it ran out of memory then quits.didn't have this problem with the earlier version.other than that this version looks very nice and I like what you did with the menu screen.

6:09 am

Sun 25 Jul

Jim Chapman wrote...

Re the Omnia2 memory problem: I\'ve had some reports of this, and I\'m working to build a version of Freda that doesn\'t experience these problems. Please keep an eye on the Freda discussion thread at XDA-Developers for updates. Thanks, Jim

12:28 pm

Thu 29 Jul

Steve Watkins wrote...

Excellent application thankyou. one small problem, a box appears about memory and like last review program shutsdown out of memory. Using Energy rom Touch HD.

4:45 am

Fri 30 Jul

ivaylo wrote...

works flawlessly on my htc hd2. what's more it is a wonderful application and I just love it! thank you, Jim Chapman!

2:06 am

Sun 1 Aug

Xranix wrote...

the best for htc touch pro 2 thanks

3:50 pm

Sun 1 Aug

Carlos Virella wrote...

i tried to install the reader on my htc hd2 but it always gives the same message... installation was unsuccesful... what can i do?

5:41 pm

Thu 5 Aug

Lisa Pidgeon wrote...

great little app.

4:42 pm

Fri 6 Aug

Marmi wrote...

très bien mais il y a un problème quand on veut afficher un texte qui comporte les deux langue au même temps, l\'arabe et une langue latine (français par exemple), il n\'affiche pas correctement une langue, à cause du paramètre forcer l\'orientation du mots une simple manipulation résoudre le problème, merci équipe Freda

4:11 pm

Sat 7 Aug

Jim Chapman wrote...

Marmi - pourriez-vous m\'envoyer un exemple (un fichier EPUB qui contient et les mots francais et les mots arabes) avec des JPG pour me montrer l\'affichage correcte? Peut-etre je peux resoudre le problematique ... Cordialement, Jim (

7:32 am

Sun 8 Aug

Adam Novak wrote...

Great work!

12:40 pm

Mon 23 Aug

Michael wrote...

a great ebook reader. works well on HD2.

6:07 pm

Wed 25 Aug

Anand wrote...

Many thanks. Work fine on ASUS M10.

6:12 am

Wed 25 Aug

michele wrote...


1:45 pm

Sat 28 Aug

Bob Scopatz wrote...

Nice reader. Good update from v.1. Only problem I've seen is the decode over-ride doesn't seem to change anything. V.1 worked when changing codes, V.2 does not. Proj. Gutenburg e-pubs display same odd chars. no matter which decode I choose and 'over-ride default' changes nothing.

6:55 am

Tue 31 Aug

Jim Chapman wrote...

Hi Bob, Thanks for the bug report. Yes that problem with encodings is a known issue, and I am working on a fix. - Jim

1:27 am

Thu 9 Sep

Ma7mood wrote...

does it read .chm files?

10:32 pm

Fri 10 Sep

dip wrote...

Works great on hd2.

10:34 pm

Sun 12 Sep

Bob Scopatz wrote...

Jim, It's not a huge problem. The only stuff not displaying properly seems to be the em-dash and some foreign language characters. Great app.

3:17 pm

Mon 13 Sep

kamalant wrote...

Great reader with lots of settings. I whish it would support PDF files as well...that would be great! Works on HD2 flawless. BIG thanks.

8:37 am

Tue 21 Sep

mino wrote...

Love the app, have read a few books with it. What I am missing is an info about book status in bookshelf, f.e. reading finished or percentage to know where I am in the book.

3:42 pm

Fri 1 Oct

Brodie Jones wrote...

Great ereader. Thanks!

10:45 pm

Fri 8 Oct

norocel popa wrote...


6:56 pm

Sun 10 Oct

NSD wrote...

does not play chm files. downloaded and its working but when i download txt or html files while opening them its showing a blank black screen with msg 1/1.. what to do now ? i\'m using htc pharos

2:36 am

Mon 11 Oct

Shane wrote...

Pretty good, works nice on my hd2. settings and rotating the screen can be a pain though

7:38 pm

Wed 13 Oct

greenstalker wrote...

great update but laggy when trying to read big books, i have been getting the trying to recovery memory lately but it only happens with really big books, any chance of a tweak for me, i use the x1 running wm 6.5.x

3:55 am

Wed 20 Oct

llien wrote...

thank you for the kind effort, this is a great program for e reader work well on my HTC hd2. cheers

10:26 am

Fri 22 Oct

ahmed taha al ahmed wrote...

doesnt work on htc pro2

9:50 am

Sat 23 Oct

Jim Chapman wrote...

Ahmed, it works on my Pro2. Please contact me with details of the problem, and I will debug (

7:02 am

Tue 26 Oct

betanga donzebe wrote...

Great APP works well on my HD2.

10:53 pm

Fri 5 Nov

Marj Abad wrote...

Hi Jim, doesnt work with my touchpro2 as well. it requires new version? thanks for the update

2:41 pm

Sat 6 Nov

fimerlin wrote...

Buena y útil aplicación.

3:34 am

Fri 12 Nov

Red Herring wrote...

Good program, but not without problems. The biggest problem by far is that it forces fullscreen, which is really stupid because WM6.5 does a horrible job with programs that do that. The taskbar keeps appearing, covering up the first line of text. I set the border to max and it still wasn't enough to get the text out from under the taskbar.

1:29 pm

Sat 20 Nov

leo aleman wrote...

I have an HTC HD2, can't get this app to do anything

11:44 pm

Sat 27 Nov

Brent Wild wrote...

works well on hd2. would suggest making dowloading books easier with less clicks.

5:22 pm

Sun 19 Dec

Adriaan Tollenaar wrote...

looks like a nice program, however I do not get it working on my device (B7610). First tries to clear memory, then kicks me out of the programme. Also after a fresh restart and freeing up memory.

11:15 pm

Fri 14 Jan

francisco milla wrote...

i install this app on my hd2 i could it make this crap work..

5:22 pm

Thu 20 Jan

Tekoa wrote...

i can't download this app to my phone i want to give it a try but it aint downloadING its saying check.your intert connection can someone help me download.

12:20 pm

Sat 22 Jan

philip pearce wrote...

this is the most used app in my phone (hd2). works perfectly and the newest version rocks. thanks for this jim. i was considering buying a kindle, but i realised i dont really need it now.

3:34 pm

Tue 25 Jan

Jamie wrote...

just got it.I dont understand it. where do you find books

9:24 am

Wed 26 Jan

Tommy wrote...

tommy cannot load book. but looks good. someone can help how to fix on hd2? can download book but not open. pls help. thx

2:09 am

Sat 29 Jan

Tommy wrote...

please someone help tommy

8:15 pm

Fri 4 Feb

Punisher wrote...

framework error. dont waste ur time.

10:36 pm

Fri 11 Feb

clueme wrote...

it works well at HD2!! great, thank you^^

1:52 am

Wed 16 Feb

Jim Chapman wrote...

@Punisher: to avoid wasting your time, download the .Net Compact Framework V3.5 (like is says in the manual) @Tommy, @Tekoa, @Marj: email me at, with some more details of what is happening, and I will try to help. @Jamie: Take a look at for discussions about where to find books. is perhaps the most popular place.

6:05 am

Sat 19 Feb

Andre wrote...

Brilliant app that has loads of features. can upload your own books as well. A must for HTC HD2 Owners due to the huge 4.3 inch screen reading is even better. to learn how to use app properly go onto youtube and search freda guide.

8:18 am

Sat 26 Mar

Alec Terwilliger wrote...

Are the books free?

12:29 pm

Sun 27 Mar

greg milner wrote...

much better than the htc app. very customixable. I really like the dictionary feature. can't beat it for the price.

9:55 pm

Sun 24 Apr

Abu Bakar wrote...

I'v dowoaded it but how do you use it?

10:06 am

Mon 25 Apr

public wrote...

Gerçekten kullanışlı ve güzel bir okuma programı.

12:59 pm

Sat 11 Jun

christian van der dys wrote...

Funciona muy bien en mi Omnia 2. Si te quedas sin memoria reinicia el equipo e intenta de nuevo. He leído varios libros ya con este programa en mi dispositivo.

8:18 pm

Fri 12 Aug

JBive14 wrote...

can i the text sie in hollands ?

8:32 am

Tue 23 Aug

esen draga wrote...

This is a very useful reader: customizable and clear. It recalls the last page opened in each book. Works fine on hd2 and hd mini

5:59 am

Thu 22 Sep

That Tuning Guy wrote...

A really great ebook program! Thank you so much!! It works beautifully on my htc hd2.

8:42 pm

Wed 2 Nov

Chem Dude wrote...

Great app!

6:34 pm

Thu 30 Aug

montel williams wrote...

this is a piece of rubbish it woulnt let me search for a book worst ereader ive downloaded

6:09 am



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