Help 2 Speak for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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Help 2 Speak

Summary: Take this free mobile conversation guide everywhere you go.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Price: Freeware

Arrived: Feb 19, 2008aa
Found under: speak, language, conversation,

Made by: Arena Games Studios

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pocket pc Help 2 Speak freeware
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Rating: 3.7/5
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Help 2 Speak Description

Help 2 Speak Pocket PC software

Version 1.2 is now available for download !

Help 2 Speak is a free conversation guide to translations from and to English, French, German etc .

Through an intuitive user interface, take the basics of the conversation in a foreign language everywhere with you and speak in the most common situations.

the Help 2 Speak for Pocket PC free

Price: Freeware

Comments on Help 2 Speak

Mon 21 Jan

Senior Martoniki wrote...

Successful and useful.. Thx a lot :)

4:00 am

Mon 21 Jan

robert wrote...

It is working well! I'm impressed! I can't wait to put it in good use! a must have even for someone who has no immediate travel plans yet! Thanks a bunch!!!

5:20 am

Mon 21 Jan

Salvador wrote...

Bueno, pero me sale en pequeño en una esquina de la pantalla, no cubre la pantalla completa, si alguien sabe cómo se puede arreglar por favor digame. Baje la versión para pocket PC no la de smartphone. Gracias.

8:25 am

Mon 21 Jan

VanYang wrote...

Flawless. Any language expansions (like Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese) in the works?

9:06 am

Mon 21 Jan

marcone wrote...

Nice concept but several translations are not correct. some are really funny

11:31 am

Mon 21 Jan

S.Kiel HTC MOGUL WM6P Sprint wrote...

A simple and effective program. Pick your language. Pick their language. 30 or so common words/ phrases, such as "Hello" and "How are you?" Works well, and I have not seen any mistakes yet, but so you know, it DIRECTLY translates. Many languages speak in a different format, instead of 'How old are you?' in English, one speaking Spanish may ask 'How many years do you have?' This means just the same, it is the simple language barriers. That wasn't an example from the progam, just one I had thought of. 8/10

9:30 pm

Wed 23 Jan

Dr. Sykes wrote...

This is very helpful and works great. Thank you!

2:13 pm

Sat 26 Jan

suresh wrote...

Excellent program. Right now it is showing only English - German translations. Can someone tell me how to change the language settings?

2:01 am

Sat 26 Jan

Muratkhan wrote...

looks very tiny on a 480*800 screen

10:13 pm

Wed 30 Jan

haris mustarto wrote...


4:49 pm

Mon 4 Feb

torre wrote...

Si tienes un dispositivo con pantalla VGA, no te servira de nada, ya que salfra de un tamao muy pequeo. Sol apto para dispositivos Qvga

12:16 pm

Wed 20 Feb

Jim H wrote...

Love this program. I think it will be perfect if it can talk.

11:14 pm

Thu 21 Feb

hamza wrote...

very nice wish it had more languages and speak.thanks.

1:12 am

Sat 23 Feb

Falcon wrote...

How do I install this ap on my HTC Touch phone? I appreciate the suggestion. I'm a newbie and just got this phone. Thanks!

9:38 am

Sun 24 Feb

noel wrote...

sync you phone up and droped the cab in the mydocument folder click file explore and open my documents and run it and it will install to your phone then do a soft reset and your ready to go,hope this helps and enjoy.......this is a reply to falcon and the htc.........let me know if this was a help...........

4:35 pm

Wed 5 Mar

rami wrote...

nothg i am downloading it wait

2:19 pm

Mon 10 Mar

txomin wrote...

i dont know

5:15 pm

Sun 16 Mar

bobo wrote...


8:45 pm

Thu 21 Aug

fgdf wrote...

going to use it.

11:13 pm

Wed 15 Oct

Dan C wrote...


7:30 am

Wed 29 Oct

klai wrote...

I can\'t downlaod it in my phone is htc tytn ll plz help me

12:57 am

Tue 23 Dec

mmmw wrote...

Still cannot get to download

9:36 pm

Sun 18 Jan

george shahine wrote...

it's verry nice

1:11 pm

Thu 9 Jul

luigi wrote...

4:13 am

Thu 9 Jul

luigi wrote...

4:20 am

Wed 20 Jan

humberto wrote...

thank you for giving us the link to download the program !!

6:44 pm

Wed 20 Jan

humberto wrote...

thank you for giving us the link to download the program !!

6:44 pm

Thu 6 May

martin foxon wrote...

Does this translate into Arabic

9:51 am

Sun 16 May

komi wrote...


8:56 am

Sun 27 Jun

Hans wrote...


7:12 am

Mon 4 Oct

mamom wrote...

is good

3:51 pm



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