iFonz 2 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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iFonz 2

Summary: iFonz 2 is a new Windows Mobile interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
.NET CF v3.5
2 MB of free RAM on QVGA and 4 MB of free RAM on VGA device

Price: Freeware

Arrived: Jun 29, 2009aa
Found under: Utilities, Customization, iphone, themes, skin, shell,

Made by: SimoSoft mobile

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pocket pc iFonz 2 freeware
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Rating: 3.2/5
(135 votes cast)

iFonz 2 Description

iFonz 2 Pocket PC software

New version v0.6.0

iFonz 2 is a new Windows Mobile interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.

Installation: - Uninstall older version.
- Extract ZIP in any folder and start iFonz.exe.


The program use Calibri.ttf and install it automatically at start, but if it can't find \Windows\Fonts it start with Arial font.
For Install Calibri font go to Utils folder in iFonz directory and copy Calibry.dat in \Windows\Fonts folder and rename it in Calibri.ttf.


- For now the program work only in Portrait mode.
- In Programs page the back wallpaper can't set for now, for more speedly animations, if I find a good code for this I add wallpaper.
- I have deleted the TaskBar in top for a better usage of Windows Mobile.
- If you click on Day, Clock or Hour the program open Clock Settings of Windows Mobile.
- If you click on Operator name or Signal Bar the program open Operator settings of Windows Mobile.
- If you click on Battery Bar the program open Battery settings of Windows Mobile.
- If from Home page you slide from right to left you open Programs page.
- The Calendar icon in homepage notify the appointments that you have in the day and in the next day.
- If you want back in Serch files list you can click on address in bottom and return to the back directory.
- For lock device and show a big image of caller whe you receive a call use S2U2 program (The best ever from A_C).

Download iFonz 2 Themes here (850 KB) or its mirror here.

iFonz 2 Screenshots

iFonz 2 is a new Windows Mobile interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET. iFonz 2 is a new Windows Mobile interface, with a lots of customization and a fully graphical design and animations for Windows Mobile 5/6 completely writed in .NET.

Video Preview of iFonz 2

Update Description:

v0.6.0 (02-06-2009):
- Converted Settings.dat file in a normal txt file and dismissed XML (Old settings will be converted first time you start new version).
- Resolved problem with special character in filenames and error in load settings.
- Now when battery charge you see how much is charged the battery in home page.
- Now you can create Battery.png and Signal.png in vertical to create a good animations (See AndroidVGA theme).
- Now if you set 0 to Seconds line you dont see it in Analog Clock.
- Bug fixes.

v0.5.0 (15-05-2009):
- Now when press Enter key you can switch first and last page of icons, if you have only 1 page go to home page, and in home page go to programs page.
- Added Background to programs page, if you set a wide background it do the panoramic during the slide (use more memory and it's slowly).
- Rewrite the graphic engine for programs page.
- Added option to set and color shadow text of icons in Programs page.
- Added option to set and color rounded back rectancle to text of cons in Programs page.
- Added option to show Fps in program.
- Added gesture from up (top) to down to minimize iFonz.
- Added animations on starting applications, now you can set in Configurator the colors of Open rectangle animation.
- Added type icons in Program page with notifications ballon.
- Added small and big notifications bitmap.
- Now if you slide pages you can go from page 1 or last page to homepage and viceversa.
- Now you can edit single icon directly in the programs page to modify all information about it.
- Integrated Configurator in iFonz for more speed settings open and use.
- Added and rewrited the move action with animations.
- Added for search files the "Windows Programs ->" item to go directly in the folder "\Windows\Start Menu".
- Added option to show/hide Windows Task bar.

v0.3.0 (08-04-2009):
- Added iFonz2Configurator.exe in the folder to set all options of the program. - General speed improvements.
- Fixed error with big text day on Calendar top, use only integer value in settings.dat for "TextSizeCalTop" option.
- Added a lots of options for customize iFonz 2.
- Optimized the reload of programs when Rename, Move and Delete.
- Fix an error with battery signal when is critical.
- Removed Favorites in scrolling list of files for now.
- Now Settings.dat is created/completed with missed default values.
- The loading of iFonz is a little more slow of old version because now load settings and icons at start.
- Modify the maximum number of button in Home Page to 12.
- Now click icons is more simple and the sensibility is correct.
- Added Enter key to return to page 1 in Programs.
- Added function to return automatically in iFonz when close it or a program.

v0.1.0 Beta:
- First Public release.
- All code are rewitten.
- Added Clock (Analog & Digital) on Home Page.
- Added Menu Buttons.
- Added Icons Page.
- Added Sroll list explorer files and contacts.
- The program work on all devices resolutions only in Portrait, change DirGfx in Setting.dat for Resolution (gfxQVGA or gfxVGA).
- Added Settings.dat to customize a lot of graphics (XML style).

the iFonz 2 for Pocket PC free

Price: Freeware

Comments on iFonz 2

Tue 29 Jul

JRgueZ wrote...

this version work with NetFrame2.0 or do i have to install NetFrame3.5 in my WM5?

1:10 pm

Tue 29 Jul

venkatesh wrote...

installed it. had to install .NETcf 3.5, works fine, but real slow on an LG KS20 with a 400MHz CPU. the old version 0.9.9, is fast and better. good work.

2:15 pm

Tue 29 Jul

chrismta233 wrote...

dose it work for htc touch & how do i install it

7:54 pm

Tue 29 Jul

zzzbug wrote...

How do you install this on the phone? There is no execution file in the zip file.

10:40 pm

Tue 29 Jul

jenp wrote...

won't install correctly on my htc ppc6800 us cellular. can't install the 3.5.net version either. ALSO will not completely uninstall either..icons remain and it says it is sharing software..good luck

11:54 pm

Wed 30 Jul

Joseph Felicien wrote...

Great software - no problem with installation, but freezes my AT&T Tilt. I have been using 0.9.9 for the past 3 weeks without having any such issues. it also freezes or return to the "today" screen while editing and icon and I have to start over again. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to solve this problem. Thanks - keep up the good work. I plan to donate to the cause soon.

8:55 am

Wed 30 Jul

dandi_3224 wrote...

i use pda

1:10 pm

Wed 30 Jul

kash wrote...

works alright for me on HTC touch like the updates except freeze s and takes me back to today screen when editing settings. overall I like version 0.9.9 better until errors are fixed. was beta released too soon?

10:31 pm

Thu 31 Jul

duglessm wrote...

didnt work on my 6800 mogul,but its ok,i just realized that iphone craze is played out

12:25 am

Fri 1 Aug

Nath wrote...

wats the difference between iFonz v0.9.9 and iFonz? can someone help me out

2:09 am

Fri 1 Aug

JETBRO wrote...

works just fine on my at&t tilt, runs smoother than v0.9.9

6:06 am

Fri 1 Aug

alexbell wrote...

Where can I get Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5?? no working on my XDA.Can somebody to help please???

6:07 am

Sat 2 Aug

surasak wrote...

thank you

12:33 am

Sat 2 Aug

willie wrote...

how do i get microsoft framework 3.0

10:44 pm

Sun 3 Aug

serena wrote...

where do i download net framework??

10:52 pm

Mon 4 Aug

martin wrote...

work good @WM 5 just update framework 3.5 from MS

4:37 am

Tue 5 Aug

Juntoo wrote...

Excellent , 1.0 Version rocks man, Finally you made it, excellent work boy, I enjoyed this version

12:24 pm

Fri 8 Aug

hgtama wrote...

those of you looking for .net compact framework 3.5... download from here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=e3821449-3c6b-42f1-9fd9-0041345b3385&displaylang=en

12:39 pm

Fri 8 Aug

hgtama wrote...

sorry.. link above got cut off.. just google .net compact framework 3.5, click on the 3rd result, then click the link in that page that says ".NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable Now Available"...then download from there.

12:41 pm

Fri 8 Aug

Panda wrote...

this is brilliant. had to add .net 3.5 but even an idiot like me got it to work on my verizon xv6800 aka HTC on windows mobile 6.

1:51 pm

Fri 8 Aug

Elizabeth wrote...

It wouldnt work for me on my phone. My phone had an error saying the central directory wasnt found any ideas what im suppose to do

7:52 pm

Sat 9 Aug

JoeStix wrote...

I Love the improvements to ifonz.Unfortunatly it freezes up my phone everytime I open it. It is unstable. I hope the problems can be taken care of because it really is a great program.

2:51 pm

Sat 9 Aug

Lexy wrote...

thanks hgtama! i downloaded .net compact and the ifonz now working with my TILT!

3:41 pm

Mon 11 Aug

Shank wrote...

Unbelievable program. But how do i link new icons to the other programs in my pc. When i try to link i cannot find the path to the programs in my program folder.

1:57 am

Mon 11 Aug

Jyotirmoy Banerjee wrote...

How do you install this on the phone? There is no execution file in the zip file. dose it work for htc touch & how do i install it

12:35 pm

Mon 11 Aug

jimp wrote...

So how do you get net framework 3.5 for powerpc as opposed to Windows?

2:04 pm

Mon 11 Aug

vnz1 wrote...

Great program, the only problem Im having is that when I try to change the settings on an icon it freezes or exit's Ifonz. Thanks

5:05 pm

Tue 12 Aug

Lilibeth wrote...

Hello, is this ifonz 1.0.4 works on htc diamond touch phone? I downloaded it but it's not working? Any solution? Thanks.

9:11 am

Sat 16 Aug

jjtheplane wrote...

how do i install frame work onto my treo 700wx plz someone help

2:52 am

Sat 16 Aug

W-Wim wrote...

HTC touch diamond, w/framework 3.5 working , but a bit sluggish. has some minor clashes with slide2unlock f.i. Using latest version iFonz and HTC cooked rom diamond surface latest version.

6:19 am

Sat 16 Aug

goose wrote...

how do you access the options to change the setting

10:00 pm

Sun 17 Aug

jasonnn wrote...

can some one plz tell me how to insatll framework onto a pocket pc

1:22 pm

Sun 17 Aug

goose wrote...

ok i figured out how to change the icons (well on my phone at least(i have to close out ifonez then go to the ifonz setting then open ifonz again so the new setting can be active))what i want to know now is if anyone figured out how to add new icons to the main menu

7:00 pm

Mon 18 Aug

andrew wrote...

can anyone tell me why my ifonz cant switch between landscape and portrait?mine is only in portrait and when i rotate my phone,the icons still remains portrait.can anybody help me?btw..im using HTC touch

1:57 pm

Tue 19 Aug

sanoop wrote...


5:31 am

Wed 20 Aug

NgMz3 wrote...

Not work with samsung i900, but interesting to use it. ^_^ How can I fix it. Cannot open the program.

10:47 am

Mon 25 Aug

danny wrote...

really cool on htc touch

12:57 pm

Tue 26 Aug

Anoop Malhotra wrote...


9:47 am

Tue 26 Aug

Morpheus2094 wrote...

Great but not fast in HTC Diamond. And if you want uninstall the programme. That's impossible. Anyone have a solution to erase? The solution is a hard reset?

2:55 pm

Wed 27 Aug

Zulfekar wrote...

can anyone please tell me how to install 'net framework 3.5? please

1:43 pm

Mon 1 Sep

dpzelenak wrote...

downloading know now hope it works does anybody know were i can get microsoft vista for my PPC-6700 thanks

8:30 am

Tue 2 Sep

sethu wrote...

fanastic features

3:25 am

Tue 2 Sep

white6speedz28 wrote...

Hello all, I recently installed net framework 3.5 and iFonz 1.0.0 and the icons on my HTC P4300. The program worked great. Then I changed a few settings in the page option in general settings. I received an error with IFonz OnPaint Error NullReferenceException Now, whenever I start my phone, it will try to load iFonz and I get this error and there is no getting around it. Can anyone help? Thank you

11:35 pm

Wed 3 Sep

magic32 wrote...

May be a dumb question but i cant get the .NET framework 3.5 to download on my HTC 6800 someone give me an idea what im doin wrong?

12:08 pm

Wed 10 Sep

Sociopathic wrote...

This rocks! I'm using samsung omnia and it's working with net framework 3.5. There is just a small bug - when I have missed calls the app crashes in a weird way. Not a big problem though :)

5:34 am

Sun 14 Sep

jeffery wrote...

this rocks

7:19 am

Tue 23 Sep

Joey wrote...

How can I uninstall it? I removed the programm at \"settings\" on My HTC Touch Dual because it doen\'t work on mij mobile phone, but the icons are still on \"programms\"! Thanks! (Sorry for my bad English)

12:34 pm

Wed 24 Sep

Maxx wrote...

good on my toshiba G900 (removed the start animation) how i write in \"parameters\" for to call the backlight tool in setting program? thanks

7:56 am

Thu 25 Sep

ki-wi wrote...

when i installed it said central directory not found what the prob, I have windows mobile 6.1 it is not compatible????

8:49 am

Thu 25 Sep

Mexico wrote...

hi I have a Mongul 6800 with WM 6.1 but after it finil downloading it said sumthin bout framework@.net can any 1 help me Plz

1:16 pm

Sun 28 Sep

amol wrote...

as i am using i-mate jama windows 5 version how to download on my phone as i tried it says its not valid pocket pc application run the application first & then run the file help me . thanks

10:48 pm

Sun 28 Sep

jaron wrote...

I have the Att Tilt, i had to install Micrsoft compact3.5 framework and now it works great. I just googled for a free 3.5 download, CNet has a free download. it works great now, thanks

11:44 pm

Mon 29 Sep

raja wrote...

does it work with htc3400i ?? plzz reply

8:02 am

Wed 1 Oct

esteban wrote...


3:59 pm

Sat 4 Oct

mark wrote...

Works well and looks exactly like the pic, which can be a good thing, however my opinion..the icons look scrappy. Maybe its down to the resolution on the HTC touch. I still prefer the HTC interface since it does not look like a windows machine tht has been hacked. The slide lock application has managed to get around the icon issue, it looks like it belongs on the HTC.For free though you can go wrong!!!

3:45 am

Wed 8 Oct

none wrote...

this software suxxxx, please make a better one

11:31 pm

Mon 13 Oct

Lau-Lau wrote...

Won\'t work on my HTC 8925/Tilt. Instructed me to download earlier version which I did but it tried to attack my computer. Good thing I had anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-spy on my computer.

1:30 pm

Tue 14 Oct

Jeff wrote...

How do I install .Net Framework 3.5 on my Touch with Vista?

8:35 am

Thu 16 Oct

jags wrote...

Does not work on the HTC Diamond!!!! The app failed to load required components etc etc.....

4:46 pm

Tue 21 Oct

matt wrote...

Has anyone managed to uninstall this properly yet, i still have an ifonz folder showing in programs and no way to get rid of it!

9:00 am

Wed 22 Oct

user wrote...


2:48 am

Wed 22 Oct

Jhun wrote...

Anyone know how to change the time on sprint mogul/6800?

9:55 pm

Tue 28 Oct

someone wrote...

how do you uninstall the iFonz in samsung omnia?

7:20 am

Thu 30 Oct

coolboy wrote...

there are several questions without any answers! it would be nice if someone could help those friends by giving some reply. That\'ll be helpful to every one.

11:11 pm

Fri 31 Oct

koocuz wrote...

I have the latest version (1.1.2) on my tmobile wing and everytime i open a program it fades out in white (including the lock prog). Is there a way to make the icons to the animation shown above? (they break apart when you open something?)

1:47 am

Mon 3 Nov

coolboy wrote...

Yes, it doesn\'t work on HTC Diamond. Once you installed it, it can\'t be removed! Those who are going to install IFonz, please take note that you should back up your system first. Because you may need to reset your system to get rid of it.

1:41 am

Mon 3 Nov

coolboy wrote...

If my comment\'s wrong, please correct me. Thank you.

1:49 am

Wed 5 Nov

Sammy wrote...

make a new one that lookes like the iPhone not a cheap knock-off

5:39 pm

Wed 5 Nov

coolboy wrote...

I reinstalled the IFonz hoping that it would work but unfortunately it didn\'t! The result is I got two IFonz icons on my screen now and it can\'t be removed! Can someone help?

8:49 pm

Thu 6 Nov

diligentkane wrote...

I\'m having the same problem with my my HTC Mogul from sprint . Is there a way too remove without having too hard rest .

1:18 pm

Thu 6 Nov

GottaBeKD wrote...

Doesn\'t work for me either on my HTC Touch Diamond. It installs, and when I click on one of the two icons in my program list, it gives me the intro animation, but then does nothing. And yes it doesn\'t fully uninstall either.

3:55 pm

Fri 7 Nov

SANTHOSH wrote...

i tried installing it on my mobile but it said it itneeds newer version of .net and when i tried uninstalling it it was not fully removed and the icons are still there in my mobile start menu. I am using asus p320. Pl help me uninstall it fully.

2:58 am

Sat 8 Nov

kelvince wrote...

i can\'t use this ifonz ..... Z....z....Z...

3:02 am

Mon 10 Nov

charlie wrote...

bene ne

6:23 am

Wed 12 Nov

duglessm wrote...

the iphone crap is dead anywayz,why would you guys even want that on your phone. we moved passed that look. its all about looking like the t-mobile g1 or the sprint touch pro these days baby

6:46 am

Wed 12 Nov

bartman920 wrote...

Pointui is way better. If you want the iphone, go buy one.Try pointui, orginal and smooth, works great on my mogul!

7:08 am

Wed 12 Nov

Dike Nwachukwu wrote...

Look its really cool having this program thought and all but like the others it doesnt work on my Sprint Mogul 6.1 and I cant uninstall...So to the programers take this WANNA BE NON-WORKING PROGRAM OFF THIS SITE PLEASE! Thats how people phones get wiped out!

5:43 pm

Wed 12 Nov

tihor wrote...


10:47 pm

Thu 13 Nov

sonney wrote...

too slow to be usable... The icons looks not that good either

3:50 am

Thu 13 Nov

Alex wrote...

for those that are having a hard time with .net 3.5 heres the solution http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=38ED2670-A70A-43B3-87F3-7AB67B56CBF2&displaylang=en

7:46 am

Thu 13 Nov

Alex wrote...

be sure to also get this it will help install onto your device http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyou.aspx?familyId=fce9abbf-f807-45d6-a457-ab5615001c8f&displayLang=en

7:59 am

Thu 13 Nov

Andrew wrote...

Why do devs allow people to DL their stuff knowning is messes up their phones! DO NO DL THIS!!!

10:13 am

Thu 13 Nov

joel wrote...

I have ifonz installed on my Tilt. Works great, fast and looks great to. Makes opening programs a breeze. You folks should follow the instruction before complaining, or buy a phone that is not $29.

10:10 pm

Thu 13 Nov

free wrote...

where is the cab file

11:39 pm

Fri 14 Nov

ibarra wrote...

Same here, no CAB file in this version, do we just copy the extracted files onto the device, mine being the Tilt?

6:21 am

Fri 14 Nov

ibarra wrote...

Went to the creators web site, there is no CAB file, he was having issues with it during installation so just extract and transfer over to your device.

7:30 am

Sun 16 Nov

Fred wrote...

why is grey at bottom big and the setting sreen save and cancel are real large

12:38 pm

Sun 16 Nov

Michael wrote...

Tried to install this program and a message comes up saying, \"This application requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device.\" Can anyone help?

1:15 pm

Mon 17 Nov

hyzteric wrote...

take first result in google when search for : .net compact framework 3.5 download file, install it on your pc with your touch diamond (or other i guess) connected, then follow instruction on the touch and voila, you can launch the ifonz.exe you had previously unzipped on your phone...

6:26 am

Mon 17 Nov

Fred wrote...

why is the bottom grey on screen is going up half way in the screen ? and on the setting screen the save and cancel is real large

8:44 pm

Tue 18 Nov

Michael wrote...

hyzteric...thanx it worked! Anyone know if you can revert back to the regular windows mobile screen? and if so, how?

2:22 pm

Tue 18 Nov

biggulps wrote...

Have downloaded the iFonz onto my sprint touch. Tried opening the zip file \"iFonz.exe\" but message read - An unexpected error has occurred in iFonz.exe. Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information. Can anyone assist?

7:52 pm

Wed 19 Nov

rzza wrote...

works on my sprint touch. ive been trying different launchers, and this is by far the best one i tried.

12:50 pm

Thu 27 Nov

exoticdancer559 wrote...

I can not install to my mogul can some help me please I like the way it looks and want it to work PLEASE HELP

1:11 am

Mon 1 Dec

robert wrote...

Exoticdancer559 The iphonz V.1.1.2 doesnt have the cabfile that you need,download the old version V.0.9.9, unzip the file and grab the (iphonz-0.9.9-setup.cab) now drop it into your phone (program files) then take your phone and goto (program file) folder and click on the cab file it should start the installion process

10:25 pm

Tue 2 Dec

pasish wrote...

I have iFonz V1.1.2 QVGA on T-Mobile Wing...I cannot click on any settings on the Settings Screen..can anyone help me? thanks

12:20 pm

Tue 2 Dec

robert wrote...

pasish in the setting screen don\'t tap the word, tap the arrow on the right side,then the page expands to reveal the extra settings have fun, hope this helps

1:09 pm

Wed 3 Dec

doannhatthu wrote...


9:52 am

Thu 4 Dec

Mario wrote...

Great Software ! Have QVGA version running on a Samsung Omnia which is WQVGA and it works great. Can actually use device with my fingers now and it looks great. Spent some time playing with icons and settings, can they be exported or is there a setup file, as a friend wants to use my settings too? Cheers

8:09 am

Thu 11 Dec

haribhai wrote...

pc to conevert iphone good.

2:24 am

Thu 11 Dec

Martin wrote...

My Samsung Omnia want a Net Framework upgrade! Any ideas where I can get it?

1:59 pm

Fri 12 Dec

NOT Andrew wrote...

Why do noobs make random comments without giving any relevant details ? iFonz is the ONLY reason I have a Tilt. iFonz Rocks !

9:26 pm

Sat 13 Dec

elohes wrote...

Hey guys I have a TMobile Dash and it wont read zip files any advise on how to load this ?

7:32 pm

Fri 19 Dec

darling wrote...

hey I have an htc touch with windows 6.1 and I can't seen to get the application to work it says I need a different version does anybody know what version I need or how I get to work

4:23 am

Fri 19 Dec

alan wrote...


8:23 pm

Fri 19 Dec

alan wrote...

ok i see the uninstall older version thats what i get for quick reading but i still get the same error and there is no cab file in the zipped folder!!

8:44 pm

Sat 20 Dec

darling wrote...

please helpppp me when i try to install the soft wear on my htc touch with windows 6.1 it tell me "this application requires a newer version of the microsoftR .NET campact framework than the version installed on this device" i dont know what to do now....plz helo

1:27 am

Sat 20 Dec

samuraisupreme wrote...

ok so i downloaded ifonz for my new htc tilt (8925) but its a zip and it says The central directory was not found in the archive (or you were tryimg to open a disk other then the last disk of a multi-disk archive). what am i supposed to do?

9:21 pm

Tue 23 Dec

michael perl wrote...

Put IFONZ onto my HTC PPC6800, no problems...Just would like to have a large digital clock on the main page included...works great so far...

6:45 pm

Tue 23 Dec

Matt wrote...

i tryed put this on my fone but when i started it it said something about .NET something.. the fone was the AT&T Tilt and this is my first time putting any kind of program on my fone can any 1 help ,e out or give me tips on adding things to my fone... pls e-mail Matt24@optonline.net -Thanks

10:26 pm

Wed 24 Dec

scheidell wrote...

running on verizon and an omnia. don\'t see the cell phone bars (thinks \'no service\'). other than that, pretty cool

12:49 pm

Thu 25 Dec

Mark Morton wrote...

I like the app, but it closes for no apparent reason on my Sprint 6700 PPC. I have to restart it like 3 times a day, which is a major pain for an app that is little more than a pretty app launcher. Please fix this.

12:24 am

Fri 26 Dec

Casey wrote...

Using an 8525 running WM6 and when I try to add a new program from the storage card it just locks up. :(

5:57 pm

Sun 28 Dec

Pablo Guzman wrote...

please help me when i try to install the soft wear on my HP iPAQ 216 with windows 5.2 it tell me "this application requires a newer version of the microsoftR .NET campact framework than the version installed on this device" i dont know what to do now....

5:47 pm

Mon 29 Dec

MONICA wrote...

ok so i downloaded ifonz for my new htc tilt (8925) but its a zip and it says The central directory was not found in the archive (or you were tryimg to open a disk other then the last disk of a multi-disk archive). what am i supposed to do? And its also says that "this application requires a newer version of the microsoftR .NET campact framework than the version installed on this device" i dont know what to do now...PLEASE HELP!!

2:11 pm

Mon 29 Dec

rodnockers wrote...

i get the same thing on my hera 110 pocket pc says i need a newer version of microsoft net compact framwork prosser omap850

3:51 pm

Tue 30 Dec

larry wrote...

Is there anyone who can KISS keep it simple stupid about how to install it on a phone and then.explane how to program it once it is on the phone. how about it people. thanks by the way i have it installed now and it is great,

2:44 pm

Thu 1 Jan

Sara wrote...

I really need help installing this. I have an Att Tilt. I've been trying all morning, and it's not helping my New year! Someone please help me :-( Everytime I do it, it says, "An unexpected error has occured in iFonz.exe Select quit and then restart this program." It does the same thing over and over again. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:05 pm

Fri 2 Jan

Diabell wrote...

Here is the link to the Net Framework 3.5: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyou.aspx?familyId=e3821449-3c6b-42f1-9fd9-0041345b3385&displayLang=en

7:04 am

Fri 2 Jan

rickcougar wrote...

Try to install on HTC Touch Pro (Verizon). I am also getting the message...\"An unexpected error has occured in iFonz.exe Select quit and then restart this program.\" Anyone? Anyone?

11:42 am

Sat 3 Jan

Bharat wrote...

i have asus p320 i want to install .net framework on my phone os i can install ifone how do i do it. pls tell me or email on my mail. i have .net framework software on my computer and phone.

7:27 am

Sat 3 Jan

taz wrote...

Here is the link for the .Net download. You need 3.5 at least. I put ifonz on my tilt and it took control, and I had to go to task manager to shut it down seems like a good program just needs some bugs worked out. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=ab99342f-5d1a-413d-8319-81da479ab0d7&displaylang=en with this link make sure your phone is plugged in, start the download, run the download and it will auto detect and download to your phone. Hope this helps.

9:29 am

Sat 3 Jan

chelsea wrote...

i also got a message saying something about the .net thingy. i followed all the links you guys posted and i downloaded two of them and each one say they are not valid pocketpc applications. i have the ppc6800 mogul by sprint. can somebody help me ot here? geesh! is it this hard bc its free? lol

4:52 pm

Sat 3 Jan

sam wrote...

Trying to install on HTC Touch. I am also getting the message...\"An unexpected error has occured in iFonz.exe Select quit and then restart this program.\" Pl. fix this. my phone has 3.5 ver of .net framework

10:47 pm

Sun 4 Jan

brian wrote...

Problems here too with the .net download installing. My Omnia says that it is not a run-able program and that I should run a program capable of opening it and use it to open the .net download. Looks like some of you are having same issue. HELP! CAN ANYONE HELP!? iFonz looks pretty cool, it\'s too bad it seems so difficult to start up. Would QVGA vs VGA download be the problem if i downloaded the wrong one?

12:51 am

Mon 5 Jan

JC Lavander wrote...

I had the same error when running iFonz: I was using previous 0.99 version; after Uninstall and reboot, I copy all the files in dir My Configuration: HTC-P3600 with WM5.0 (French) and .NET Compact Framework 3.5 ERROR: TypeLoadException when run iFonz.exe System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnLoad(EventArgs e) System.Windows.Forms.Form._SetVisibleNotify(Boolean fVis) System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible(BooleanValue) System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form fm) iFonz.iFonz.Main() Cordially

11:50 am

Tue 6 Jan

JC lavander wrote...

Apologize for mistake: now, I test QVGA version, and all is OK ! ... My Configuration: HTC-P3600 with WM5.0 (French) and .NET Compact Framework 3.5 - Very good software Regards - JC

10:28 am

Fri 9 Jan

LMV CORP wrote...

I installed this on my Sprint Touch Pro and it worked good the first time. But then I tried to add more pages the application shrunk in size and didnt look right. Then you cant really unistall it properly. if you delete the files and restart your phone it will be undeleted. And then it CORRUPTED my bluetooth hardware. I just backed up my files and contacts and did a FACTORY RESET.

12:58 am

Mon 12 Jan

Hunter wrote...

works everything perfect..except the calculator...installed on O2 Atom exec..how to fix the calculator button?any advice?

8:04 pm

Wed 14 Jan

Dion wrote...

I use OMNIA with 6.1. Has anyone used Ifonz succesfully on this platform? Another stupid question, Can anyone tell me how to see the .net version on my Phone and how to unistall if it is the old version?

12:37 am

Fri 16 Jan

Julio wrote...

if any1 has problems with the >net COmpact Framework that he suggests downloadin you can try this 1... http://rapidshare.com/files/74341832/NETCF_3.5_ppc_ce5.rar it worked 4 me with no problems

5:38 pm

Sun 18 Jan

rodney wrote...

somebody plz help me. no matter what i do, when i try to open ifonz.exe it acts like it is going to load and then i get an error message. \"an unexpected error has occurred. i have uninstalled and reinstalled ifonz and .net 3.5. i have downloaded ifonz from other sources and nothing works its a samsung i760 with WM6. if you can help plz email me at disceptre@yahoo.com

3:00 am

Thu 22 Jan

ancestor wrote...

hi..can anyone tell me how install ifon at my XDA II..

8:18 pm

Thu 22 Jan

Rocketman wrote...

did not install.did not work.and noe can not uninstall it...now I am having problems with phone,same with wife's phone also...do NOT install this file,major JUNK!!!

9:54 pm

Sat 24 Jan

jdw wrote...

have used the program in the past but now that it takes you to savefile does not download from phone or pc good program other wise this sucks

4:25 pm

Sun 25 Jan

Lunar wrote...

Been using iFonz in my Omnia for months. It works great. It was working fine in my TyTNII (Tilt) as well. You need to have Microsoft .NET CF 3.5. To answer some questions above: 1. Use the QVGA version instead of the VGA. 2. To see whatNET CF version you have, go to the Setting - Remove Program, you\'ll see Microsoft .NET CF X.X (version number). 3. This is by far the easiest installation I think (iFonz ver 1.12). All you need to do just copy the iFonz folder to My Storage (in Omnia) and you done with it.

12:47 pm

Sun 25 Jan

ETPH wrote...

I downloaded the latest version of this. Thinking that it installed from my PC using ActiveSync, I fired up the iFonz.exe file. I was surpised to see ZoneAlarm alerting me that the program was trying to use the internet, so I blocked it. Makes me wonder what it does while on a device. So then I copied the files to my i910 Omnia and ran the program. It had one screen and one screen only, I couldn\'t figure out how to \"swish\" to another screen like in some of the youtube videos. Then I wondered if I just needed to add enough symbols to create multiple screens. I kept clicking the add button to add new icons, thinking another screen would appear, but it just kept making icons lower and lower until they were below my screen\'s visibility. The last row showed \"half icons\". At that point, I threw my hands up in the air and deleted it from my device. Has anyone had better luck in installing it on the i910 Omnia or with usage? Does anyone know the cure for the added icons not scrolling endlessly downward?

6:45 pm

Mon 26 Jan

soufyan wrote...


11:12 pm

Fri 30 Jan

Jimmy wrote...

I was pulling my hair out for 2 days trying to get this to work when it finally dawned on me. You need to copy ctrlC the folder (I agree QVGA) and then paste ctrlV the folder into my storage using activesync. Active sync converts all the neccessay files to the way the phone wants it then voila use the phone to now open up the ifonz.exe file. Hope this clears up the mess, I couldn't find anyone saying it as it is. Have fun.

6:55 am

Mon 2 Feb

Ramesh Nagda wrote...

This works wonderfully on my I-mate JAMA. The only problem is that sometimes it vanishes after the call end button is pressed. Three cheers to the developer.

10:33 pm

Tue 3 Feb

Stephen McKinniss wrote...

How do you download this to the samsung omnia? I\'ve tried a few times in for some reason it won\'t install.

2:16 pm

Tue 3 Feb

Stephen McKinniss wrote...

email at sm175408@ohio.edu if you have any answers.

2:47 pm

Thu 5 Feb

joanne wrote...

i downloaded e .net compact 3.5 but i cant seem to install in my phone. when i click on it which is a .msi file, it show \"there is no application associated with \"NETCFSetupv35\". Run the application first, then open this file from within the application\" What am i suppose to do? Plz Help!! Email solutions to joanneng87@gmail.com. thks..

1:32 am

Fri 6 Feb

Milan Shrestha wrote...

Somebody please tell me where I can find .cab file of .NET 3.5 please help me somebody.

11:48 pm

Sun 8 Feb

Steph wrote...

When you add a new icon, how do you get it to work? I added a new icon, but it doesn\'t do anything when I tap on it. Please help.

1:38 am

Mon 9 Feb

irish wrote...

i installed it in my omnia and it works really great with s2u2 lock, but im looking for vga version in .cab file for my htc innovation, the download link here doesnt work.

5:42 am

Mon 9 Feb

Kelvin wrote...

can someone plz tell me how to install it on ur fone because this is the first time i am trying this or send me a video that would be great my email is cool_man_kel@hotmail.com

9:16 pm

Wed 11 Feb

janios wrote...


6:31 pm

Wed 11 Feb

tony wrote...

how do i use this app once it has been download onto my phone? the file i have is a zip file and i cant not use it, ive been trying alot of different ways and cant not still use. ive tried to extract the file and all still no luck... plz email me if u kno anything ballerslyfe8807@yahoo.com

10:21 pm

Thu 12 Feb

manish sakhuja wrote...

can somebody tell me that how it is installed on htc touch............i m unable to install it

5:26 am

Sat 14 Feb

paulie branham wrote...


4:27 am

Sun 15 Feb

Ciara wrote...

Dosn\'t work. Please fix.

12:51 pm

Mon 16 Feb

$BdUBB$ wrote...

Even after i updated to the 3.5 net Compact Framework, when i run iFonz.exe it says an error has occured!!! Please help me out!!!

1:22 pm

Mon 16 Feb

Kamal wrote...

I had the same problem of .net framework compatibility on my LG INCITE. I downloaded NETCFv35.wm.armv4i.cab from this link and it works now - http://www.modaco.com/content/windows-mobile-news/265615/how-to-install-and-use-net-compact-framework-3-5-without-upgrading-your-rom/

3:59 pm

Wed 18 Feb

colllins wrote...

plz how can i change my htcp3400 from spannish to english.plz mail me

1:51 pm

Wed 18 Feb

fari wrote...

hi i have it on my omnia in a zip file but i cannot get the icons to work i also have spb shell do i need to un istall that pls help

6:55 pm

Wed 18 Feb

Randal Simons wrote...

Muu bueno todo.

8:23 pm

Thu 19 Feb

ivan wrote...

can somebode send me a video

6:35 pm

Thu 19 Feb

encus wrote...

susah banget..... difficult for me. can work in my dopod d810?

7:22 pm

Thu 19 Feb

Poly wrote...

It is a beta version. Not all settings are full operational. Advise to wait for final version

8:44 pm

Thu 19 Feb

DJyosnow wrote...

Sweet Symphony for me ;( I installed all the files to my interal windows section with not such luck...foiled again: something about a new frame work is need and such...guess my Samsung Omnia was not meant to run this program...?

8:47 pm

Thu 19 Feb

TeO wrote...

I had Ifonz app..since the very first one and it has been so good to me into now, i installed and it look too big for my screem.. i don\'t know if i have to change resolution on the screen or do something...i have a cingular 8125 HTC and if somebody can help me out.......... please.....

10:30 pm

Thu 19 Feb

Dave wrote...

Looks great from what I can see, It does not display on the 240 Square screen.

11:13 pm

Fri 20 Feb

razorbone wrote...

tried it on my qvga fone.. not compatible yet. the icons are too big, some of them i can\'t see coz its way to far to right side of the screen, that only the borders of the icons are visible.. this plugin is not so promising. neet to have .Net framework to work! Better use POINTUI HOME2. its faster and doesn\'t need the extra .Net upgrade...

1:31 am

Fri 20 Feb

MasterGadgets wrote...

How about a QVGA version?

11:20 am

Fri 20 Feb

Mort wrote...

OK, works on Touch HD. But icons a little pixi. All over its very beta because not much functions... e.g. settings does not work etc. I tried point UI home2 and this is much much (...!!!) better. But no german cities for wether etc... Seems that all additional desktops like Fonz and Point UI are not THAT useable like TF3D. There is every time one or two things that are not good or missing. I stay on TF3D Mort

11:35 am

Fri 20 Feb

touchhtc wrote...

does not work on my htc touch 69000

11:58 am

Fri 20 Feb

Rob wrote...

Are one supposed to copy the exe file in the PPC directly and then run it from there?

12:17 pm

Fri 20 Feb

Casey wrote...

Doesn\'t work on my 8525, it\'s just a jumble on the screen. Had to remove it.

12:33 pm

Fri 20 Feb

The Testing Guy wrote...

Okay, for you guys with QVGA, delete the 'gfxVGA' folder and rename the 'gfxQVGA' folder to 'gfxVGA' and it should now work. Also, add this line to the bottom of the Settings.dat file: '' and enjoy!

3:04 pm

Fri 20 Feb

osv wrote...

Dosn\'t work on my htc touch

5:20 pm

Fri 20 Feb

wisnu wrote...

doesn't work on my ipaq business navigator

6:59 pm

Fri 20 Feb

xhafa wrote...

i\'ve got the problem that it displays tooooo big on the screen. you can just see the clock. what can i do???

8:22 pm

Fri 20 Feb

borath wrote...

i use xdaO2Neo is windows mobile5.0 if i wanna upgrade to windows mobile 6.1 which softwares to install?

8:54 pm

Fri 20 Feb

jiin wrote...

the \"Option.txt\" read the folder \"gfxVGA\". the default setting is for VGA only. for PPC with QVGA, RENAME the folder \"gfxVGA\" to \"~gfxVGA\" to temporarily hide the folder from being read. AND RENAME the folder \"gfxQVGA\" to \"gfxVGA\". then try running the \"iFonz2.exe\" i hav an HP ipaq 6800series,WM5.0 but it doesn\'t run smoothly, even i already installed NETCFv3.5. i think PPC with WM6.0up can run this application better. anyways, its just a BETA. still good software. hope it become better next time. =)

10:12 pm

Fri 20 Feb

ed809 wrote...

okay i have an htc touch but it diaplays too big u can only see the clock?? does it work for htc touch ot not someone please help me tnx.

10:19 pm

Sat 21 Feb

sameer wrote...

am having a problem with my htc touch mobile. the operating system for this mobile is WM 6.0 but whenever i tried to instal any software or games this notification showout \" THE APPLICATION REQUIRED A NEWER VERSION OF THE MICROSOFT R .NET \" and the instulation process stopped, could anyone help me please.

12:49 am

Sat 21 Feb

Hisham wrote...

Hi sameer you should install NETCFv3.5.exe 1st then you will be able to install any new program. just search for NETCFv3.5 in google

1:44 am

Sat 21 Feb

Milan Thakkar wrote...

Does not work on my HTC 3300 Handset.Waste of time.Should specify exactly which handsets will not work.

1:47 am

Sat 21 Feb

chitrang wrote...

am having a problem with my i-mate jamin mobile. the operating system for this mobile is WM 5.0 but whenever i tried to instal any software or games this notification showout \" THE APPLICATION REQUIRED A NEWER VERSION OF THE MICROSOFT R .NET \" and the instulation process stopped, could anyone help me please.

4:52 am

Sat 21 Feb

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

I worked with this software for 10 minutes & it is running smoothly, muhhhhhhhh. Cool software... any one can contact me for any help...

5:39 am

Sat 21 Feb

sean wrote...

was having probs with display on htc mogul ppc 6800 read jiin post works great now thanks jiin!!

10:22 am

Sat 21 Feb

sean wrote...

program icons are showing up too big under program tab there are 4 per page.anyone know how to fix?

10:43 am

Sat 21 Feb

Billy Da Kid wrote...

I need some help getting the latest framework can anybody help por favor. pleaseeeee

1:11 pm

Sat 21 Feb

jezusrvd wrote...

wvga? i dont want a big extra space on my x1

4:05 pm

Sat 21 Feb

jezusrvd wrote...

ok well it works only there are big white letters on the main screen (\"aturdn\" or something). and its a bit glitchy. my xperia is crazy fast so i dont think ill be using it too much.

4:20 pm

Sun 22 Feb

dhruv wrote...

I downloaded this software on my htc tytn2 but when I am trying unzip the files then its not getting installed.

12:41 am

Sun 22 Feb

Kip wrote...

Nice start, but truly a BETA. Nowhere near ready for primetime IMO.

9:36 am

Sun 22 Feb

jiin wrote...

PROGRAM ICONS SHOWING UP TOO BIG?? here\'s how to do it: -->extract the files \"iFonz2-0.0.1Beta.zip\" to a specified filefolder. inside the folder, the \"Option.txt\" read the folder \"gfxVGA\". the default setting is for VGA only. for PPC with QVGA, RENAME the folder \"gfxVGA\" to \"~gfxVGA\" to temporarily hide the folder from being read. AND RENAME the folder \"gfxQVGA\" to \"gfxVGA\". then try running the \"iFonz2.exe\" i hav an HP ipaq 6800series,WM5.0 but it doesn\'t run smoothly, even i already installed NETCFv3.5. i think PPC with WM6.0up can run this application better. anyways, its just a BETA. still good software. hope it become better next time. =) hope this will help u guys.

7:04 pm

Sun 22 Feb

farid wrote...

hey guys... im having problem installing it, there\'s an error msg \"could not find the file \'\\ApplicationDate\\Volatile\\zipview\\74015\\gfxVGA\\back.png\"... can someone please help me... thank you in advance...

8:36 pm

Sun 22 Feb

farid wrote...

sorry guys... i juz realise dat i didnt extract the files... my bad

8:47 pm

Mon 23 Feb

f2shahzad wrote...

aNice very very Nice

12:11 am

Mon 23 Feb

Whiteyoo wrote...

.... wow this is shitty ... does any1 have ifonz 0.9.9 anymore i cant donwload ??

5:22 pm

Mon 23 Feb

bigchalupa wrote...

error "needs newer version of .net compact framework." how do I fix this?

7:07 pm

Mon 23 Feb

BOSS wrote...

I have successfully downloaded the iFonz2 but it does not fit into my screen. It\'s too big...how do I fix this?

11:24 pm

Tue 24 Feb

JohnnyHopkins wrote...

this program is awful, it didn\'t fit on my screen at first so i had to adjust it in options but then all the icons looked squished. I am sticking with the oiginal ifonz and wait till ifonz2 is out of it\'s beta

12:09 am

Tue 24 Feb

Nikhilesh Ranka wrote...

Problem in installation show error-File or assembly name\'System.Windows.Forms,version=,culture=neutral,public key token=969DB8053D3322AC\',or one of dependencies,was not found. Please solve the problem so,I install tha same.

12:59 am

Tue 24 Feb

ninja1972 wrote...

for those who are having the .net problem heres a bit of info , go to microsoft and get the v3.5 cab or go here its a very useful site also http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=3366234#post3366234 hope this helps :)

2:26 am

Tue 24 Feb

yatin wrote...

I can't find .net compact framework 3.5 can anybody's have this cab file plz send me

4:07 am

Tue 24 Feb

Quentin Moss wrote...

Question? How do you get rid of the big white lettering across the home screen, mine is the day of the week but is too big and looks awful? Plus it seems to take forever to customize it, find images etc, think im gonna bin it and stick with what the phone came with. HTC Touch HD

5:41 am

Tue 24 Feb

wes wrote...

works great on Samsung I760, just go to Microsofts website and download .net 3.5 compact framework

5:26 pm

Tue 24 Feb

bigchalupa wrote...

it doesn't fit my screen. how do I fix?

8:27 pm

Tue 24 Feb

TopsyCrets wrote...

i downloaded on htc touch...fits screen but no real way to personalize it...sticking with the ifonz 0.9v...not to mention you have to directly connect to your pc to redownload it...thx alot!

10:49 pm

Wed 25 Feb

aidin wrote...

can\'t install.it says net compact framework needed ! why can i do ?

7:04 am

Wed 25 Feb

curious wrote...

I tried all the steps mentioned above and still have the problem of the icons being too big. I can\'t even see any option buttons to make changes. Never had the program before... so for me its not great. I have the htc mogul

2:26 pm

Wed 25 Feb

bigchalupa wrote...

does anyone know how 2 get this 2 fit screen on the tilt?

7:14 pm

Wed 25 Feb

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Hi Guys, Here is the solution of all of your problems. For .Net Compact Framework visit this link. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/default.aspx File Name is : dotnetfx35setup.exe File Size is : 2.82 MB For fitting icons on the screen follow the below mentioned process. Go to your \\Program Files\\iFonz Installed folder\\ here you will find two folders named gfxQVGA & gfxVGA , now what you have to do is rename the folders to one opposite one as follows Original Folder Name New Folder Name Change gfxQVGA to gfxVGA Change gfxVGA to gfxQVGA It is because the default settings for iFonz 2 Beta is for gfxVGA folder, when you do the above process you will get the settings of gfxWVGA, now you have to restart the programme & it will work. Icons will fit smoothly to your QVGA (320 x 240) resolution phone. For any other help contact me via this post. Bye for now

10:54 pm

Wed 25 Feb

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Nikhilesh & Yatin I go to this link & download the .Net Compact Framework http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/default.aspx Bye for now.

10:59 pm

Wed 25 Feb

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Hi Aidin, You have to install the .Net Compact Frame Work 3.5 to get it running on your device, \'coz this programme is written on .Net & uses Latest version to work on & this New version of .Net will increase the speed of your Mobile too. Bye for Now

11:02 pm

Thu 26 Feb

Pawarotorn wrote...

Thank you so much for Pradeep Sharma to the solution of all problem.

2:47 am

Thu 26 Feb

dumbo wrote...

hi I need help....when I download the .net compact framework it says "this is not a valid pocket pc application ...im lost what should I do..? thanks

6:58 pm

Fri 27 Feb

audiobastard wrote...

this one is junk; don\'t waste your time. He should call it a Beta not ifonz2. It\'s not function, not customizable, and doesn\'t even fit the screens. I\'m not a newb and none of the fixes above work on a tilt. Obviously, you can tell from all the comments complaining that you should just pass on this version.

3:46 am

Sun 1 Mar

atxchris wrote...

hey i kinda like it. had to do a little config. for my tilt but seems to be doing ok

11:28 pm

Mon 2 Mar

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Hey Dumbo, goto http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/default.aspx for the mobile compatible .Net Compact Framework.

1:15 am

Mon 2 Mar

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Hey Audiobastard & Thissucks, Just goto my first post of 25th Feb\'09, may be all of your problems solve out..... Settings are now in under construction, but u can setup some settings manually. Contact me for any help. Bye For Now.

1:20 am

Mon 2 Mar

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Thanks Pawarotorn for your post.

1:22 am

Mon 2 Mar

anoop wrote...

hi i have tried installing this application,but it says \"this is not a valid pocket pc application\"...wahat to do next..???piz help....

2:18 am

Mon 2 Mar

connor wrote...

HELP PLS. i have treowx from sprint and i got it to work but it doesnt hit my screan its to big pls help. thank you

2:20 am

Tue 3 Mar

michsix wrote...

hi if i install this, can i still use my old one in the future ? thanks!

4:46 am

Wed 4 Mar

MasterGadgets wrote...

Does not work for QVGA devices. Locks up. Very buggy!

8:10 am

Wed 4 Mar

jaymac410 wrote...

i have the wing when i installed ifonz2 at the home screnn the day is very large at the bottom of the screen and the icon are hugh on the home screen 4 to a screen can anyone help?

3:05 pm

Fri 6 Mar

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Hi, jaymac410 & MasterGadgets, go for my Post on 25th Feb\'09, it will help you definitely & if you still have problems then contact me through this post.

6:48 am

Fri 6 Mar

Taylor wrote...

i am trying to do all of this on my phone without the cord .. any way you can help with the net framework

9:32 am

Sat 7 Mar

dumbo wrote...

why does it say the .net compact framework is not a valid pocket pc aplication?

5:27 pm

Sat 7 Mar

James wrote...

going to give it a try on treo700wx

9:35 pm

Tue 10 Mar

DC555 wrote...

my phone gives me the \"error: 502\" when I try and download the .net compact frame network (as per Pradeep Sharma\'s instructions in Feb 25 post) any ideas as to why??? thanks for any help!

12:32 pm

Wed 11 Mar

seshadri wrote...

hi, is there any problem in using n 3400i / how 2 install if any problem

11:08 pm

Thu 12 Mar

Kurt wrote...

Would this would on a Samsung SCH-i730 or would it take up too much memory?

1:48 am

Thu 12 Mar

kevind wrote...

good concept but lots o bugs running on my tilt. i'll be back when your done making it

1:28 pm

Fri 13 Mar

vaskar wrote...

I download it. Unzip it. then try to open iFonz.exe file. But it did not open and show a error report. What should I do?

1:29 am

Fri 13 Mar

Rhemus wrote...

Anyone have a link for the .NET framework I am supposed to download and install to make this work on a Treo 800 w/ WM 6.1? Thanks!

3:07 am

Fri 13 Mar

taskie wrote...

same problem with vaskar please do help me because i want it badly... my fone is samsung i780 please help me... thanks in advance

9:56 am

Sun 15 Mar

georgovich wrote...

I've had this problem several times and still cannot find the answer. I need to update my .net compact framework to 3.5. if anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it

6:42 pm

Mon 16 Mar

willa wrote...

where should i save the .net compact framework file on my phone?

11:33 pm

Tue 17 Mar

willa wrote...

ok i guess i am slow i have been trying to get this to work for a week. I try to run iFonz and it says i need a new .net framework. When i click on the framework 3.5 it says it is not a valid pocket pc application. Where should i have saved my ifonz and dontnetfxsetup files?

12:40 am

Tue 17 Mar

farid wrote...

i dun think this works with samsung i780... i already installed on my i780, when i run the program, it doesn\'t run in fullscreen...

8:56 am

Tue 17 Mar

bobh wrote...

Got it to partially work on my Omnia. Had to use .NET Compact Framework 3.5, unzipped iFonz2 in my storage, changed the calibri font file, then did a soft reset. Program launches but menu link doesn't show...I can get into it but cant change any settings.

1:33 pm

Wed 18 Mar

willa wrote...

I have to go to my documents to execute ifonz. It is not with the other programs on my phone. a friend told me that the ifonz and 3.5 should be saved on my memory card and not the phone.Is this true

12:41 am

Wed 18 Mar

tim S wrote...

I can only see 1/2 screen, clock and part of welcome & menu on HTC mogul. any suggestions?

9:27 pm

Thu 19 Mar

Pradeep wrote...

Hi Guys, Go for my Post on 25th Feb\'09, it will help you definitely for all problems regarding iFonz 2.0 & if you still have problems then contact me through this post.

3:49 am

Fri 20 Mar

Mel wrote...

The main page is sized correctly on my HTC Touch but there is a big word \"Friday\" in white letter across the main page and the icons are too big on the other pages as well.

10:28 am

Fri 20 Mar

tim s wrote...

Pradeep how do i get to this post you talked about?

4:28 pm

Sun 22 Mar

willa wrote...

i am trying to follow your instruction but when i click the dotnetfx35setup.exe file i get a message say that it is not a valid pocket pc application. what have i done wrong?

11:14 pm

Tue 24 Mar

tim s. wrote...

Hi Pradeep, could you e-mail how to fix the problem for iphonz, i have a htc mogul and the .net but i can"t see menus or programs. i would like any help u could sent my way thanx

2:06 pm

Wed 25 Mar

WILLA wrote...

hi People I gave up and tried ifonz 0.8.9, Icontact, and s2u2. loaded them on my card and with in 10min. all 3 are loaded and running fine. no extra file to find and replace. I have a sprint mogul 6800

12:10 am

Wed 25 Mar

HTCTouchguy wrote...

Need help, using HTC Touch WM 6.1 and .net V 3.5 I am geeting unexpected error message with IFONZ2.exe

11:54 am

Thu 26 Mar

bimal wrote...

foes this work on 02 xda zinc wm5.0..however i tried to install but it shows error reporting..what should i do..?IS anyone there to help me out..?

5:59 am

Sat 28 Mar

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Hi Tim S, scroll down to that page, where posts are ending, click on OLDER then repeat if needed, look for the dates of posting, then go for my post of 25 Feb. Thanx Contact me via this post for any other help.

7:55 am

Sun 29 Mar

tim s wrote...

Pradeep Sharma,there is no older at the bottom of these pages, or i am really missing it could you just either e-mail the instructions or tell me where the post can be found! thanx in advance

2:54 pm

Sun 29 Mar

Bartek wrote...

Hi, Problem with my screen - 240x320. Is it possible to ran iFonz on this screen?

7:59 pm

Mon 30 Mar

BERT wrote...

:-( i cant install it. it says..Could not find a part of the path\Application Data\zipview\237114\gfxVGA\BottomBar.png pls help me

4:58 am

Mon 30 Mar

wttramses wrote...

works fine on mio a501. but its a little bit tricky to start a program. the ifonz is very sensitive to the page slide. so most time nothing happens when you press a button/program (only the button moves very fast). so i need the setup command to set the sensitivity. please put all commands on this site or on homeifonz.com.

1:50 pm

Mon 30 Mar

zul wrote...

plzz help to install it in my lg ks20. hope everybody can help

11:06 pm

Tue 31 Mar

simon wrote...

it keeps telling me my version of CF is too old even though I have WM6.1 installed. Any idea what the issue could be?

5:59 am

Tue 31 Mar

ghostleader456 wrote...

I can\'t see the whole screen? can somebody help me?

10:04 am

Tue 31 Mar

ghostleader456 wrote...

Simon: Your .net compact framework is only 2.0 you need the 3.5. Go here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=E3821449-3C6B-42F1-9FD9-0041345B3385&displaylang=en This is the 3.5, you must install it on your pc and when you preform a sync activesync will install it. there is no cab file.

10:14 am

Tue 31 Mar

tims wrote...

Pradeep Sharma, i was a different site, but found your post on the 25th and did the swiching of renaming the folders but i still huge icons and 1/2 of 1st screen. none of the icons work either, so could you shed some more lite on this please. thanx again for your help tim s

2:16 pm

Tue 31 Mar

Tims wrote...

Pradeep Sharma:i do have .net35 and i also changed the size from 96x96 to46x46 in options as per advice from other posts on this site, but nothing seem to work. thinking of blixing the whole thing i welcome any advice from you and any and all thanx again

2:25 pm

Tue 31 Mar

Tim S wrote...

Pardeep Sharma, I was able to get to work, then as I was loading all icons boom, lost it all and now all I get is error with quit or details and that all that shows when I try to restart again. HELP please, thanx again

6:11 pm

Thu 2 Apr

Laveda wrote...

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6:35 am

Thu 2 Apr

sridharani wrote...

download pocket pc ifonz

9:30 am

Thu 2 Apr

Thurston wrote...

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3:07 pm

Tue 7 Apr

Pradeep Sharma wrote...

Tim S what is your email id? mine is pradeep2sharma@gmail.com thanks

3:21 am

Wed 8 Apr

Mikey wrote...

it keeps telling me my version of CF is too old even though I have WM6.1 installed. Any idea what the issue could be?

8:22 am

Wed 8 Apr

Nelson Q wrote...

i think that ifonz is the best interface.

8:40 pm

Thu 9 Apr

htctouchproer wrote...

I think that this program is better than the iphone. I need to get it to run on htc ppc6850. my husband has the iphone and he swears by it.

10:05 pm

Sat 11 Apr

love holly wrote...

can't download it, it says can't find the url, can sum1 plz help, I got htc herald (tmo wing)

1:24 am

Sat 11 Apr

Brad wrote...

I got it to work on my HTC Touch but it has the letters aturda accorss the bottom the screen above the progams and menu buttons. Can I get rid of it?

4:35 pm

Sun 12 Apr

matt2339 wrote...

I dont understand why anyone would want to make their windows mobile look like an iphone. With a little HTC home customizer windows mobile looks a lot nicer than the iphone which to me looks boring and outdated.

10:52 am

Tue 14 Apr

connor wrote...

does it work on square screen? i have a treo 700wx?

7:33 pm

Tue 14 Apr

connor wrote...

now all i see is the clock its way to big wats wrong?

7:38 pm

Wed 15 Apr

Ammy wrote...

I like the ifonz interface. I thank simosoft for the freeware. Unfortunately i am too poor to donate... God bless u.

1:00 am

Wed 15 Apr

omnianthony wrote...

it says not found anyone know why? is it noy downloadanble with a mobile device? do i need to download it on the computer first? i have a omnia btw. and is this file deletable if i dnt like it

9:37 pm

Fri 17 Apr

Greg Nolan wrote...

I downloaded windows 6.1 which gave me an updated CF. This program wants the latest version of CF. Unfortunately it must need an older version. Off it comes.

7:22 pm

Sun 19 Apr

loo jimmy wrote...

Please help! I downloaded Ifonz application on to my O2 AtomLife mobile phone few times but all the time it ended up a disappointment for me. I also have downloaded and ran the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 application on my mobile phone . Later on I downloaded the IFonz cab file, too - seems this application is not compatibale with the O2Atom Life mobile phone :(.

5:27 am

Tue 21 Apr

kapil wrote...

using htc touch. unable to used .NET supported software or application. if possible help me with .NET software n more information about it. help me please.

2:52 am

Tue 21 Apr

ryan wrote...

has anyone figured out the home screen icon issues? i have an xv6800 and the programs icons are great, i am just trying to figure out the hime screen issues. how do i change the icon size for the home screen?

4:00 am

Tue 21 Apr

April Sadowski wrote...

I have the Omnia and it was all huge graphics. I couldn\'t use it.

10:35 am

Tue 21 Apr

tiff666 wrote...

i have a htc tilt 8925 and i dnt knon how to put it on my phone when i go to down load directly to my phone it goes to my computer and i dnt know what to do from there... HELP ME!!!!!

5:28 pm

Mon 27 Apr

rachel brown wrote...

I have been trying to download the Ifonz 2 app, and my phone(att tilt 8295) will download it but I get a message that says....central directory was not found in the archive. What dies this mean, do I need to remove the HTC diamond app before this one will work? NEED HELP! Thanks

2:24 pm

Tue 28 Apr

Jobe wrote...

hey it takes me to a different site when I click on download...plz help. I have a HTC 8525

5:26 pm

Tue 28 Apr

joepedraza83 wrote...

I have the same issue on my Omnia i910 the graphics are all huge and i can\'t see to fix it. Is this app not for the Omnia

6:50 pm

Thu 30 Apr

sanjay kumar wrote...

very good

2:49 am

Thu 30 Apr

alex wrote...

why is the link in spanish it a scam I have a t mobile wing help

6:00 pm

Sat 2 May

Jorge Clrigo wrote...

I think this is a great aplication, but i have a Samsung I780, with 320x320 resolution (square), and does not fit in the screen. Can anyone help me. Is there any .cab to fix the Ifonz to squre screens?

5:10 am

Sat 2 May

treo pro wrote...

hey i did everything you wrote in your 25feb 09 comment, and my screen is 320x240 now. my problem is that my treo pro is 320x320 so how can i fix this now?. btw the other icons like the exit and donate, setting are still big.

11:46 am

Sun 3 May

alex wrote...

I have a tmobile wing windows mobile 6 pro it says i need a .net upgrade

6:09 pm

Mon 4 May

John wrote...

it seemed that a lot of users are having problem with installing this application...and .net issues. Someone post a link here for .net 3.5 which is 33 MB which is too big to run a on a phone with WM. I think the link is http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=e3821449-3c6b-42f1-9fd9-0041345b3385&displaylang=en I am one of the users that is having the problem with the ifonz 2 version. I downloaded .net 3.5 and installed but when I launch ifonz.exe I keep getting the .net CF initilization error. I installed .net to device, my storage, storage card and ran ifonz from my device, my storage, and storage card with no help. I wish if this developer will create a forum where users can post info instead of having the posts all over the internet. Thanks B

4:28 pm

Thu 7 May

IIAegisII wrote...

Hmm looks lyk ppl are havin trouble well im not it works perfectly (((T-Mo Wing(HTC Atlas/Herald)(WM6.1 Pro)) (btw its a cooked rom from xda-developers.com)

1:07 am

Thu 7 May

IIAegisII wrote...

Aegis again well i was playing wit it but it isnt a good interface pretty old n classic looking i rather stay with the old ifonz

1:24 am

Thu 7 May

Sarge wrote...

@ John, The link for the .net3.5 is downloaded and installed into your PC! not your phone, after installation into you pc,when you connect your phone it will automatically update it with the appropriate files for the phone version. Hope it helps SARGE

7:55 am

Thu 7 May

hotlemon wrote...

Well, after read all the comments, I\'m thinking now to wait until this program bocome a little bit improved before install it. In the mean time, I will keep the old version which is nice and smooth

7:55 pm

Fri 8 May

benson wrote...

Hey, listen. This works on my O2 Xda Atom(WM5). But I think 0.9.9 runs smoother than iFonz2. Thanks anyway.

6:06 am

Fri 8 May

pat ngna wrote...

Please any on help me. I can\'t install the program. since the NET Compact Framework need to be updated. How can I update the Net Compack Framework. Thanks!

11:49 am

Fri 8 May

The Testing Guy wrote...

Guys (especially pat ngna), Google="The answer to life, the universe, and everything." Seriously, if you don't ActiveSync with a computer or if it's inconvienent, Google ".NET CF3.5 CAB" (w/o quotes). I guarantee you can find a .NET 3.5 CAB file.

12:59 pm

Sat 9 May

treo pro wrote...

hey i did everything you wrote in your 25feb 09 comment, and my screen is 320x240 now. my problem is that my treo pro is 320x320 so how can i fix this now?. btw the other icons like the exit and donate, setting are still big.

7:35 am

Sat 9 May

Volkracing wrote...

Nice UI...but lacks the appeal of an original iPhone interface..bit slow on my HTC Diamond.any idea to load it from start menu instead of FE ??

10:55 am

Sun 10 May

teach wrote...

I love Ifonz2. The answer to all the questions you ask can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=482986 It might be worth waiting to install though, a new version is just around the corner. This version has been out on the above site since 8th of April

6:22 am

Sun 10 May

ausitn1111 wrote...

i need help it says file association is not avaliable for ifonz2livrary.dll can someone plz help i have a htc tilt

11:32 am

Wed 13 May

Vince wrote...

i\'m getting a unhandled exception error even after installing the .net cf 3.5. Am i doing something wrong? need your help

8:02 am

Sun 17 May

dominique wrote...

i wanna install it to my fone but it wont let me i have a htc touch pro

2:37 pm

Mon 18 May

Aqeel Khan wrote...

For some reason the link at this website does not let you download the correct file and shows error during installation. I was able to down load by using the direct link from the author. After playing with for couple of days, I have noticed following issues on my HTC touch pro. 1-Main page shows too large of display of the day of the week obscuring icons underneath. Although you can still use those. 2-In program menu,add Icons prompt does not display all the program and you have fish \'em out one at a town from files and folders using \"exe files\" I know it is beta version but any suggestions.

5:42 pm

Tue 19 May

alejandra wrote...

doesnt work with htc touch 3g

4:53 pm

Tue 19 May

Gage wrote...

I have a question. where do u download the microsoft compact framework 3.5?

9:14 pm

Sat 23 May

Aqeel Khan wrote...

I Fonz 2 version 0.0.30 is awesome. I am using Sprint HTC Touch Pro.I have some suggestions. 1- There should be an option to drag added program to desired position/priority no matter when you add it. 2-There should be option to go between I-Fonz and the original them without having to close the I-Fonz. 3-It tends to crash and only way you can start I-Fonz by soft booting the PDA. Any suggestions. I know it is a Beta Version. I am willing to pay for the software once all the bugs are worked out. Thank you so much for I-Fonz

11:55 pm

Sun 24 May

jim f wrote...

I have a Palm Tro 800w (sprint)...I cannot figure out how 2 get this .NET 3.5 stuff 2 work! Keeps saying \"invalid pocket pc application\" when I DL & install..I wana try iFonz 2 but am having no luck...can some1 send detailed instructions on how 2 get iFonz working? Thanks!

1:00 pm

Mon 25 May

vaughn moore wrote...

I have HTC Fuze with fuzeberry and spb mobile shell 3.0 Anyone know if ifonz will conflict in any way.

3:27 pm

Mon 25 May

vaughn moore wrote...

I have HTC Fuze with fuzeberry and spb mobile shell 3.0 Anyone know if ifonz will conflict in any way.

3:28 pm

Wed 3 Jun

parag 99 wrote...

I don't now about skype software working

9:37 am

Thu 4 Jun

licensd2u wrote...

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! When i download this program it says need a new version of .net framework for it to work. I tried downloading this .net framework...maybe from the wrong site but it still wont freaking work!

10:50 pm

Sun 7 Jun

Kristin wrote...

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4:40 am

Sat 13 Jun

IE 6.0 Still Pro wrote...

For Net FrameWork 3.5 go to microsoft download centre at www.microsoft.com/download on your Personal Computer not mobile device and look for net framework compact 3.5 , enable activesync then plug device in then download and install. after install ur mobile device will show something follow instructions on screen.

2:41 am

Sat 13 Jun

ewout wrote...

I have put it on my omnia but it doesn't fit on the screen. something is wrong with the demensions of the buttons. does anyone has a solution?

10:57 am

Sat 13 Jun

Chris Huber wrote...

Did not work on my HTC 6800

1:00 pm

Mon 15 Jun

asad wrote...

true it does not fit ..please go back to fonz folder and click setting...there u have to change VGA TO QVGA now things will work ...cheers

7:40 pm

Wed 17 Jun

indiesce wrote...

work for me. not bad

12:32 am

Wed 17 Jun

clos1 wrote...

can some one please tell me a good site. or some way to get some stuff for my phone I have the moto q9c and everytime I download something it doesn't let me. or it will download and not work right on my phone...

4:02 pm

Sat 20 Jun

scott wrote...

I am unable to delete the zip file from my omnia it is giving me an error, how do i delete it?

1:23 pm

Sat 27 Jun

Phil from Belgium, NOT the Prince. wrote...

@ Kristin : do NOT fool with people from Belgium. btw, respect for THE FONZ :-) Thanks man for this program/theme.

5:41 pm

Sun 28 Jun

bala wrote...

System needs username&Password to unzip. I gave my login ID but didn\'t work, Pleae help me to download this... Thanks

6:41 pm

Mon 29 Jun

Strausy wrote...

That video demo is one of the worst I\'ve seen and actually made me NOT want to download it. The application crashes, there are long pauses and the music (which is unnecessary) stops half way through.

10:16 am

Mon 29 Jun

javier wrote...

need help getting the program to work on htc diamond touch

5:39 pm

Mon 29 Jun

rjf wrote...

apps like this need to be tested and ran flawlessly on the emulators microsoft supply first off, this will greatly reduce problems on general device use ? programmer is pretty smart but is lacking in testing

7:20 pm

Sun 19 Jul

angel wrote...

a new phone setting it coll to have everyone need to get it.

7:14 pm

Tue 21 Jul

luvrebate wrote...

Does iFonz 2 work for HTC Mogul? My HTC Mogul has WM 6.1. I successfully downloaded iFonz 2 to my HTC Mogul. But when I tried to install the iFonz 2 on my phone there is a message says \"This application requires a newer version of the Microsoft.NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device\". So I tried to upgrade the MS.NET framework 2.0 and 3.5 but wasn\'t successful. If anyone knows how to make iFonz working on my phone please help. Thanks so much!

1:49 pm

Wed 22 Jul

Robert wrote...

I have the same problem as the first guy I have a mogul and it won't run it says need newer version of Microsoft .NET compact frame work I tried to dl the new framework you have on this page and my pc doesn't recognize it. It needs a program to run it.

1:39 am

Wed 22 Jul

samsami wrote...

how to install .net frame work i noty get .cab file exe not install

9:35 pm

Thu 30 Jul

Mohamed wrote...

brilliant guyz

3:07 am

Mon 3 Aug

long wrote...

i have a mogul and the app is to big for my screen can somebody please advise!!!

2:38 am

Wed 5 Aug

yusuf wrote...

window phon 6.5

2:05 pm

Fri 7 Aug

Shawnie wrote...

really good product... to get net. frameyou have to connect your phone to computer than install net. frame on your computer than install from your computer it will go to your phone.

2:05 pm

Fri 7 Aug

andy wrote...

Hi, I have spb shell in my omnia n would like to try ifonz, so when i install ifonz should I uninstall spb shell first or I can have both of them in my mobile. thx

5:09 pm

Sat 8 Aug

jason harris wrote...

this is super cool

11:29 am

Sat 8 Aug

crash30 wrote...

hmmm ich kann hier folgendes nicht finden. dabei... steht doch da (Download iFonz 2 Themes here (850 KB) or its mirror here.) kann mir da jemand den link schicken?

3:13 pm

Mon 17 Aug

jogi wrote...

anyone got to work ifonz 2 0.6.0 on a samsung omnia i900? Whatever setting I choose the screen is not large enough, or the icon are out of the screen. QVGA is not an option.

6:58 am

Tue 18 Aug

alie wrote...

i tried to install and use this on my htc touch pro... i got an overflow error.. anyone can help or fix this. thanks

12:24 am

Wed 19 Aug

devin cole wrote...

cannot start app. says I need newer version of .net framework to operate. need help fast

2:48 pm

Thu 20 Aug

$@M wrote...

it dosen\'t wor so gr8 on my htc touch viva . its size dosent fit my window pls help i need it !! thanx

9:08 am

Tue 25 Aug

matte wrote...

nice software

6:45 am

Wed 26 Aug

matu wrote...

anyone knows how to get it work in lg ks20 tried to start it but said needs newer NET

9:00 am

Fri 28 Aug

codeyez wrote...

There is LINK TO .NET 3.5 on this page.

4:49 am

Fri 28 Aug

felicia wrote...

Hi..Thanks for this.. However, when i run the installed app..It says I have to upgrade my Microsoft.NET Compact Framework like user luvrebate too..and then \"unexpected error occurred in infonz2configurator.exe\'...Could not load type infonz2library.configurator ..My phone\'s Samsung i900.. Hope to get some help..Thanks.

11:06 am

Fri 28 Aug

felicia wrote...

just read codeyez\'s hint...oh gosh..how careless I am.. Thanks...

11:11 am

Tue 1 Sep

N!T!N wrote...

hay I can't download on my p3300.

1:31 pm

Thu 3 Sep

mustakim wrote...

its nice

4:08 am

Tue 8 Sep

crysta wrote...

i cant start it in my phone bc it says i need the newer version of .net framework to operate. need help fast

10:20 am

Mon 21 Sep

Brodie wrote...

hey i got a omnia and it says that it needs a newer virsion of .net compact framework to complet the installtion

3:32 am

Fri 9 Oct

Allie wrote...

Hi all users of the WM phones. Have you been to www.omniahub.com yet? Treat yourselves to some great apps. I love my omnia!!!!

8:21 am

Thu 29 Oct

John Grant wrote...

Tried to Install Ifonz on my Pocket PC and got the message, "Instalation of Ifonz2-060 cab was unsuccessful". Any suggestions?? Thanks

9:36 pm

Thu 5 Nov

matt wrote...

google .net compact framework. you need the 3.5 to run this. microsoft website has it. dload it to your pc, hook up ur device to ur pc, then run .net install package. itll do the rest. god people! if you smart enough do something this simple, do u really need to be having a smartphone? think abt it.

10:50 am

Sun 8 Nov

Bree wrote...

Looks really cool!

5:35 pm

Mon 16 Nov

Summer wrote...

would I be able to use this application in my Moto Q it\'s running WM5...or do I have to have a touch screen?

9:08 pm

Fri 20 Nov

Jerry Abson wrote...

Running iPaq 2495, WM5, and I have installed twice, and both times all I can do is the \'start\' screen where it keeps telling me to start, open this tab. Will stick with Androkidd.

10:50 am

Thu 26 Nov

Zied wrote...

Hi everyone. This is the link for the net framework 3.5.cab http://rs223.rapidshare.com/files/128881476/WinRAR_3.71.cab

7:10 am

Thu 26 Nov

Zied wrote...

I\'m sorry. This is the right link for net framework 3.5.cab: http://rapidshare.de/files/39254419/...rmv4i.cab.html

7:15 am

Sat 5 Dec

Luce Cannon wrote...

Does not work well on Omnia. Screen shot is too wide. Wouldn\'t recommend.

3:50 pm

Sun 6 Dec

przemek wrote...

repair my phone htc p3300 .windows mobile not working

4:17 am

Fri 11 Dec

Hanna Nosseir wrote...

very good

3:05 pm

Sun 13 Dec

Nannah Prince wrote...

i\'m yet to experience the whole package

2:36 pm

Fri 18 Dec

Reece wrote...

Lot of steps to get apps

10:34 pm

Mon 21 Dec

pyae wrote...

try to use the PPC easily

8:40 pm

Thu 24 Dec

yeene wrote...


2:14 am

Tue 29 Dec

Mike wrote...

does not work on hp614c something with screen... no icons?

8:07 pm

Sun 3 Jan

toma wrote...

How to get rid off the \"version out of date\" banner?

9:29 am

Mon 4 Jan

Dietmar wrote...

How to get rid off the \"version out of date\" banner?

5:14 am

Thu 7 Jan

Leon wrote...

out of date bugfix is released: http://www.simosoftprojects.com

1:28 pm

Tue 12 Jan

I41 wrote...

Hi, Can someone please tell me how to get rid of \"version out of date banner\" I\'m on htc touch pro

9:52 am

Sat 16 Jan

christos4x4 wrote...

How to get rid off the "version out of date

6:44 pm

Sun 17 Jan

Michelle wrote...

how to get rid of version out of date banner

3:57 am

Sun 17 Jan

Michelle wrote...

If you go to softpedia and download 1.1.2 Ifonz it is a free download. you don\'t have to worry about paying or no tricks. It looks like the actually iphone them. It worked on my htc fuze. Good Luck

5:15 am

Mon 18 Jan

Jan Andre Dalen wrote...

press start, then settings.. after that u press system on the tab and then u'll find remove programs. find ifonz and then uninstall/remove

4:31 pm

Mon 18 Jan

dennis adu wrote...

hope to enjoy this new theme on my phone.

6:01 pm

Tue 19 Jan

carlos wrote...

good app

7:14 pm

Mon 25 Jan

yunhema wrote...

i don't know how to use it.

8:50 am

Fri 29 Jan

Tom wrote...

DO NOT USE ON SAMSUNG OMNIA i910. The older version worked great, but this one is to large for the screen and has the \"Version out of date\" banner. I liked the older version if you can get it working for the Omnia I will reinstall it.

6:40 pm

Wed 3 Feb

raysha wrote...

dosnt work on wizard

10:24 am

Fri 5 Feb

norbee007 wrote...

This is a shit, I had to do a HR on my i900! >_

4:43 am

Sun 7 Feb

djay wrote...

comment enlever la banniere "version is out of date"?aider moi svp

3:19 pm

Sun 7 Feb

hasan wrote...

very good

10:43 pm

Sun 14 Feb

Ryan Leeton wrote...

I can\'t open this on my touch pro 2. Any ideas???

1:10 pm

Tue 16 Feb

Joseph Roosth wrote...

if u want an iphone get an iphone and stop wasting time making wmo look like it

2:25 pm

Tue 23 Feb

k.rajesh kumar wrote...

some error in downloading on my mobile please help

9:47 am

Tue 23 Feb

adam wrote...

What the fuck is wrong with just buying an iPhone instead of making win mobile look like one?

9:44 pm

Tue 23 Feb

gol wrote...

go iphone

9:46 pm

Thu 4 Mar

Quentin Guillemot wrote...

good app!

4:10 pm

Wed 10 Mar

jupiter jones wrote...

suks! doesnt work htc 4350

11:21 am

Mon 15 Mar

eva wrote...

Hi, I\'ve tried install it many times.. but it jz does not seems to work on my HTC Cruise... anyone can help?

12:00 am

Mon 15 Mar

Pascal32 wrote...

Ihave instaled on Samsung I900 but dont have good screan .. WAY ?

9:34 am

Thu 18 Mar

Eric wrote...

Its a ok app but I cannot get rid of a bar going across the center saying ''Out of date''

5:48 pm

Sat 20 Mar

Jared wrote...

for the jack-asses that complain that windows users should "just get an iphone" fuck apple... reason one. fuck at

1:12 am

Thu 25 Mar

kemoz wrote...

hope thats the better version

7:58 pm

Fri 2 Apr

lonelyh66 wrote...

for those who do have htc touch cruise insall .net custem framework 3 i have and work great as for the prog it is OUT OF DATE,fix it!

7:07 am

Mon 5 Apr

beknal wrote...


11:00 pm

Tue 6 Apr

hangar wrote...


11:45 am

Thu 8 Apr

tim overeem wrote...

why are there apple fanboys on a windows mobile app site?

6:23 am

Sat 10 Apr

kim wrote...

i cant make it work on htc snap, now i cant remove or delete it. any kind soul can add me on msn and teach me how to either make it work or delete it? jinxing@live.com.sg

7:49 pm

Wed 28 Apr

Ashley wrote...

so did not work on my omnia. had the out of date across the screen. in portrait view it was still too big for the screen. if the 1st version worked better for the omnia like some1 before had said i say bring that one back please??

4:52 pm

Tue 4 May

Bello Brown wrote...

Ugly shit on the htc hd2... uninstalled asap!

6:57 am

Mon 10 May

khedekar amol gajanan wrote...

this is v gud

1:45 pm

Sun 16 May

Eric Hayoz wrote...

Will it work on hd2?

3:31 am

Sun 16 May

naren wrote...

works on my htc p3490.it shows out of date,fix it

1:58 pm

Sat 22 May

pisti wrote...


3:57 pm

Sat 22 May

pisti wrote...


3:57 pm

Fri 28 May

Rishi wrote...


6:22 am

Fri 28 May

bunna wrote...

I would like to use ifonz .could u tell me how to download? coz right now i use window mobile (O2 atom)

9:11 pm

Fri 28 May

Fred wrote...

I tried to download the ifonz on my htc 8925,but I keep getting the error that the download was not successful. Can someone help. thanks .

11:28 pm

Fri 28 May

Fred wrote...

I attemted to download ifonz on my att htc8925, but I keep getting the error that it was not succesfull. can someone help? thaks.

11:31 pm

Thu 10 Jun

shoaib ahamd wrote...


12:55 pm

Mon 21 Jun

khadrawy7 wrote...

work on my m3100

2:47 am

Mon 21 Jun

khadrawy7 wrote...

work on my m3100

2:49 am

Mon 21 Jun

Samartjh wrote...


3:32 pm

Wed 7 Jul

pavankumar wrote...

its a nice software

9:47 am

Thu 8 Jul

poolkabouter wrote...

It\'s a little retro...but I like it. I only get a bar with the text \"Version out o date!\" Is there a new version?

12:26 am

Sat 10 Jul

DJ LNR wrote...

I\'m gonna see if this will work on my device, if it doesn\'t i will use the old iphone app for winmobile5

9:23 am

Tue 13 Jul

Dany Gozalez wrote...

too complicated :)

1:28 pm

Thu 15 Jul

ivan wrote...

this is a piece of shit i downloaded on my htc hd2 and fcked up my device had to hard reset it 4 times 07/17/2010

3:07 am

Sun 18 Jul

melody wrote...

I am far from impressed with this joke of a app! Why wont anyone pull it off the omarket?

10:09 pm

Fri 23 Jul

Jesse wrote...

this app sucks. not worth downloading

10:18 pm

Tue 31 Aug

woody wrote...

it is stupid because i have an acer F900 and it does not work stupid website

8:56 am

Sat 18 Sep

Ramprit sahani wrote...


10:07 pm

Wed 29 Sep

German Isales wrote...

Hey you guys want the program for windows mobile 5/6 here download this torrent. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5839448/SPB_Mobile_Shell_3.5.5_Latest_Version_With_Keys_Windows_Mobile_S Is fully registered get it free. I use it and love it

11:10 pm

Wed 29 Sep

German Isales wrote...

I forgot to mention this is SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 the best i,ve used

11:11 pm

Sun 3 Oct

nino bravo wrote...

German Isales can you post the product key! Does it need one?

6:07 pm

Thu 7 Oct

Tiffani wrote...

This is nice I hope it works with my HTC Pro2

9:22 pm

Thu 21 Oct

Emil Yordanov wrote...


2:24 pm

Sun 31 Oct

douglas ros wrote...

if u want a customizable shell get spb, also about this app : i think it says enough, and i quote "and is completly writed in .net." lol!

8:39 pm

Sun 21 Nov

jesmac01 wrote...

Cool little app but could not get rid of the annoying banner notifying me that this version is obsolete.

6:27 am

Fri 10 Dec

leon black wrote...

unfortunately even this prog does say to select a qvga theme to my p 3300 it doesnt take it!it is much more biger . like a vga

9:15 am

Sat 11 Dec

Phillip Lion wrote...

Out of dat, and doesn\'t work on my HTC P3451

7:25 pm

Sun 12 Dec

anthony graham wrote...

this app is trash. I should charge them for trying trash.corn knee

8:07 pm

Thu 13 Jan

dimitris wrote...

does'nt work on htc touch 2 with windows 6.5

6:45 am

Thu 21 Apr

Alexander wrote...

after install it says version out og date. LOL

7:36 am

Fri 27 Apr

greg castelli wrote...

doesn t work on qtek9100 and hd2

8:01 am

Tue 24 Jul

veri setiawan wrote...

writed .net

1:38 pm

Tue 21 Aug

Alexey wrote...

do not dowlod it

3:53 pm



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