MWC Marshall Wait Cursor for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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• Summary: MWC (Marshall WaitCursor) is an application that lets you replace the default Windows Mobile WaitCursor.

• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5/6

• Price: Freeware

• Arrived: Dec 31, 2007aa
• Found under: cursor, wait, pack, multimedia,

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pocket pc MWC Marshall Wait Cursor freeware
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» MWC Marshall Wait Cursor Description

MWC Marshall Wait Cursor Pocket PC software

MWC (Marshall WaitCursor) is an application that lets you replace the default Windows Mobile WaitCursor.

It is not a way to skin the existing one, but it offers a new concept of wait cursors.

The main features are:
  • Transparent WaitCursor
  • Change the cursor on the fly
  • Create your own wait cursor
  • Define your favourite cursor parameters
    - Interval between frames
    - Delay before starting the animation
    - Position on the screen

Youtube video (by Nadavi)

Here are some screenshots...

MWCCursorsPack1 (Hammer, Love, Penguin, Reindeer, Santa, Bubbles)


   - Place the cab into any folder of your device

   - Execute it

   - Choose the installation folder

   - Launch the application from Start\Programs\MWC\MWC


   - IMPORTANT: Disable the cursor using MWCUnload

   - Remove the program from "Remove Programs" in the Sytstem Settings


   - Tux\                         [ Tux cursor folder ]

   - Crystal\                     [ Crystal cursor folder ]

   - BlueGlass\                   [ BlueGlass cursor folder ]

   - Butterfly\                   [ Butterfly cursor folder ]

   - MarshallWaitCursor.exe       [ Main program that loads the WaitCursor ]

   - MWCUnload.exe                [ WaitCursor Unloader ]

   - MWCReload.exe                [ WaitCursor Reloader ]

   - MarshallWaitCursor4b.dll     [ Main program library ]

Plus the MWCCursorsPack1 ( Extract the additional cursor folders 
in the main MWC folder in Program Files) 4. HOW TO CHANGE THE CURSOR - Point your registry editor to HKLM\Software\Marshall\MarshallWaitCursor and edit
the CurrentSkin value Set it to the name of the folder of the WaitCursor you want to use - Launch MWCReload

More cursors to install here

the MWC Marshall Wait Cursor for Pocket PC free

• Price: Freeware

» Comments on MWC Marshall Wait Cursor

Mon 31 Dec

TheEGo wrote...

Wow! Where can I find the beautiful theme I see in the picture above?

7:51 am

Wed 2 Jan

Sami wrote...

Great work can I have the beautiful theme that you have in your mobile please ( when it is possible the wisbar desktop theme , thx )

2:16 am

Wed 2 Jan

anna wrote...

I love the theme you have! where did ya get it?

5:26 pm

Fri 4 Jan

balaji kotta wrote...

not easy

7:57 am

Sun 27 Jan

mjibe wrote...

I can't instal the theme anybody teatch me how to instal? it's too hard because this doesn't work «- Point your registry editor to HKLM\Software\Marshall\MarshallWaitCursor and edit the CurrentSkin value Set it to the name of the folder of the WaitCursor you want to use - Launch MWCReload»

2:58 pm

Fri 1 Feb

savi wrote...

how to use it plz help me out

10:52 pm

Sat 9 Feb

Manish wrote...

Super theme dear. Cud u pls tell me how to setup that theme on windows mobile 5.0

11:57 am

Sun 17 Feb

Ray1 wrote...

i cant seem to find Marshall under software in HKLM plzz help!

10:12 am

Sat 8 Mar

Victor wrote...

It says Error locating process and cudnt run the program.. why is it... any help

4:39 am

Wed 12 Mar

barbara wrote...

no funciona deriva auna pagina q no tiene el cab

6:14 pm

Thu 13 Mar

Kedavix wrote...

On the contrary to the instructions given, I managed to find the key under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Marshall\MarshallWaitCursor" Hope this helps everyone :)

8:11 pm

Thu 13 Mar

Kedavix wrote...

I meant to add that I used CERegistryEditor to modify my device's registry. You can download it here:

8:13 pm

Thu 13 Mar

Kedavix wrote...

Guys, you can find skins to install directly onto your device here: They are in downloadable in CAB format, just copy to your device and open in File Explorer.

8:23 pm

Sun 6 Jul

Russian wrote...

I NEED TO KNOW. Where can I get that Vista-menu bar at the top like on the picture

6:13 am

Tue 8 Jul

Russian wrote...

Ok, sorry to keep you guys waiting. The Vista menubar and skin is made by WisBar advance desktop and WisBar advance 2 (WAD and WA2). The skin that his using is called Vista Communicator (download for free: However, U need to have WAD to use this skin. Also, Some parts of that Vista theme, He made by him self. The Start menu button and the picture-frame

2:58 am

Tue 5 Aug

mukky wrote...


7:32 am

Sat 22 Nov

skythunder83 wrote...

From loooooong time

3:34 pm

Sun 21 Dec

mitch wrote...

Hi Kedavix, Thanks for the advise. I was able to follow your instructions. It\'s nice. MItch

9:20 am

Sun 25 Jan

DJyosnow wrote...

I love the concept and did try the software with not luck. Not sure what was supposed top happen when I did try and use the program. I\'m using a samsung omnia and am aware that I thought this program is OLD so not suprised I did not get it to work?

8:57 am

Sun 8 Feb

bob g wrote...

how do you get it to look like vista

3:15 pm

Thu 19 Feb

fabian wrote...

how do you get that big windows live icon

9:53 am

Sat 30 May

Robbie wrote...

Tried to download the program but I keep getting an error message. It takes me to yahoo search.

9:45 am

Wed 29 Jul

daniel mihai wrote...

how do you get the big windows icon? help and thanks

2:06 pm



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