Notepad (Text Editor) for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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Notepad (Text Editor)

Summary: This is a simple text editor for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (and other text based) files.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

Price: Freeware

Arrived: Jan 6, 2009aa
Found under: text, editor, notepad,

Made by: Shamasis Bhattacharya

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pocket pc Notepad (Text Editor) freeware
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Rating: 3.8/5
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Notepad (Text Editor) Description

Notepad (Text Editor) Pocket PC software

Notepad is a simple text editor for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (and other text based) files.

Update 1.5: (03/01/2009)
* Added ZoomOut feature
* Reduced executable size.

* Open/Create/Save text files.
* Supports cut/copy/paste by right click
Text input area resize as-per SIP (virtual keyboard) space.
* It is a standalone executable (no installation required)
* Extremely light-weight and with minimum memory consumption.

How to install Extract and copy Notepad.exe on your device and run it from there !

You may check out the developer web site at

the Notepad (Text Editor) for Pocket PC free

Price: Freeware

Comments on Notepad (Text Editor)

Sat 25 Oct

Russian wrote...

It beats Word Mobile is speed and weight. Tho in functions its a 1000 years back, But you can\'t have it all, right?

12:37 pm

Sat 25 Oct

MeeMo wrote...

Yea. Great piece of software! Helps me open simple text files a lot easily. Few things I would have loved to have: 1) Automatically associate with .txt file, so that I can open text files directly from explorer. 2) Adjusting font-size/Zoom feature (imp. for mobile devices).

1:39 pm

Sat 25 Oct

juan wrote...

nice software. anybody knows where can i find that keyboard shown on the pic?

2:17 pm

Sat 25 Oct

Jessey wrote...

The keyboard skin can be downloaded here:

4:25 pm

Sat 25 Oct

juan wrote...

thanks Jessey for the info.

11:59 pm

Sun 26 Oct

Joseph wrote...

This is great. You can save files in all the file extensions, Not just text files

3:42 am

Sun 26 Oct

Vlokotm wrote...

amazing soft ! opens in less than a second on my touch pro! I wonder why microsoft does not have a built-in thing thing like this.

4:05 am

Sun 26 Oct

Vlokotm wrote...

hey... why can\'t I vote? it says \"divided by zero\"!

4:09 am

Sun 26 Oct

ben_as wrote...

does anybody knows the name of the keyboard on this picture? it looks to cool

1:41 pm

Mon 27 Oct

Martoniki wrote...

@ ben_as.. It\'s HTC Diamond Keyboard :)

5:23 am

Tue 28 Oct

Jessey wrote...

Martoniki! The keyboard skin can be downloaded here:

8:56 am

Wed 5 Nov

naga.snr wrote...

Basic functionality, yet a good & neat app. Just a note - I installed it on the internal storage of HTC diamond & I could not get to access file on the the main memory. The open dialog only showed the directories under the internal storage. Then I tried associating the file extension to this 'notepad' using Total Commander, but the app wont the file as a parameter & so opens up with the default blank 'untitled' page.

2:39 pm

Wed 5 Nov

naga.snr wrote...

Sorry. I may be wrong about the part where I could not see files from main memory. I was trying to locate an .ini file under 'Application Data' directory using the "All Files" option & was still not seeing it - so I assumed it was checking just the "Application Data" directory in the main memory. Seems like it can open only txt, html, xml & log files.

2:59 pm

Thu 6 Nov

TunrKey S wrote...

Nice yeah! tnx 4 d new version, nw i cn open any file from Total Commander and GSFinder+!!! @naga.snr: This app seems to open all text files. Not just txt,log, xml. Just select \"all files\" from the dropdown list. also: \"Application Data\" and other system folders are not accessible from most ppc apps. Use the open-with thingy. The release 1.3 supports it. Get it from the Developer\'s website!

3:18 am

Fri 7 Nov

Russian wrote...

Great small but useful app. I associated it with all text files. Works much faster then

1:21 am

Fri 7 Nov

hey you wrote...

I can not get this app to work. It always says it\'s encountered an error and can not continue.

9:39 am

Sun 9 Nov

Shamasis Bhattacharya wrote...

Most probably you lack the valid DOTNET Framework. It works on DOTNET 2.0 or 3.5. Otherwise, if you can mail me at [] the error \"Details\", I may check out whats the issue.

2:49 am

Sat 10 Jan

dougals castro wrote...


1:33 am

Thu 5 Feb

OmniaGuy wrote...

Nebopad is the way to go.

5:11 am

Sat 7 Feb

HTCGuy wrote...

Notepad is the way to go... 1) It is light... unlike HEAVY NeboPad.. So light that the entire EXE is less than 50 kb. 2) Consumes 10% of RAM that NeboPad consumes uses less battery and processing power. 3) Resembles as close to Windows Desktop Notepad as possible. 4) NO hancy and Useless features like NeboPad 5) Runs as a standalone application, no installation. 6) Integrates with ALL major File Browsers like Total Commander, etc with \"Open With\" and \"Send To\" functions. 7) Easy ZOOM capability. 8) Way Way Way FASTER than NeboPaddy!!! and lastly: 9, 10) IT DOES NOT CRASH as often as NeboPad does (I have personally suferred and lost data using NeboPad... and that is why I am taling pais to let others know of it). Wishlist for author (if it doesn\'t slow the app): 1) We need Unicode Saving support... I can open and view Unicode file, but if I save it, it changes to ANSI. 2) Tabbed documents... please please!!!

12:28 pm

Wed 29 Jul

Gerry wrote...

This is an excellent choice for a default text editor, and finally one that doesn't require quotes around the parameter in the command line. I'm using it as the view-source editor in my browser. There is one thing I don't understand: Perhaps someone can explain why all the .NET CF based text editors I've tried, including this one, NeboPad and MobilePad, encode files in UTF-8 whenever they contain extended characters, such as French accents and German umlauts. Is it the developer's choice, or a restriction imposed by the .NET CF environment? All the editors I've tried that *don't* use .NET CF save their files in ANSI, which is the default on my device, and ANSI supports the extended characters, anyway.

10:53 pm

Thu 27 Aug

Shamasis Bhattacharya wrote...

Latest version of this app is in:

11:05 am

Mon 8 Feb

googey wrote...

i like it, simple but nice to edit text, i use for editing mortscript n wonderful it work

2:37 pm

Tue 2 Mar

krissy wrote...

i love to write...and this notepad gives me just what i need

8:30 pm

Mon 5 Apr

len wrote...

Nice! Does it work with HTC HD2 or could you update to work? Using W6.5. Thanks!

8:47 am

Tue 8 Feb

Lulu737 wrote...

I don\'t know why I check the system and find that the size of the .EXE file is shown to be 50.5k, MORE than 50kb. Perhaps there is something wrong or outdated about the download link or description of this app because I\'ve found that the supposed EXE ver.1.5 downloaded from the given link on this page is shown to be ver.1.6. It does not run as fast or smoothly as I have expected after viewing comments from previous users. B.t.w., the layout is not as shown in the pictures. \"HTCGuy @ February 7th 2009 12:28 pm \'...that the entire EXE is less than 50 kb. ...\' \"

7:50 am



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