SRS WOW HD sound driver for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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Summary: SRS WOW HD effects control software for Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6

Price: Freeware

Arrived: May 30, 2010aa
Found under: Multimedia, sound, SRS, WOW, HD, driver,

Made by: SRSlabs

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pocket pc SRS WOW HD sound driver freeware
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Rating: 3.6/5
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» SRS WOW HD sound driver Description

SRS WOW HD sound driver Pocket PC software

SRS WOW HD effects control software for Windows Mobile 6. Adds 3DEffect, Boosts Sound, Bass, Treble, Presets. Copy the .cab file on your device and after install you can access this utility from setting > system > WOW HD settings.

SOFT RESET AFTER INSTALL if you can find the WOW HD icon !


the SRS WOW HD sound driver for Pocket PC free

Price: Freeware

» Comments on SRS WOW HD sound driver

Thu 3 Jan

joshua wrote...

did not work on the htc p4000(tytn)with wm6. said it was missing the srs driver.then program shut down.

10:42 pm

Fri 4 Jan

jitu wrote...

For me too.........:-(

3:32 am

Fri 4 Jan

Rosko wrote...

You need to restart the device, should work then (I'm also on WM6)

3:51 am

Fri 4 Jan

fayse wrote...

i wonder why the settings can never remain after soft reset...?

8:59 am

Fri 4 Jan

Rene wrote...

It didn't work for me either when I tried it on my AT&T Tilt (HTC 8925, TyTN, Kaiser) No driver just like Joshua stated.

7:10 pm

Sat 5 Jan

Mr.X wrote...

Works perfectly on Eten X500+ :-)

2:14 am

Sat 5 Jan

kasmi wrote...

10/10 for my TyTn

6:29 am

Sat 5 Jan

Shawn wrote...

Works perfectly on Tmobile Wing.

3:51 pm

Sun 6 Jan

Benjamin wrote...

works great on HX4700, after softreset of coz, before softreset it would say no driver like mentioned. and the settings remain same after softreset also, on WM6.

3:31 am

Sun 6 Jan

fayse wrote...

yea, benjamin....but no matter what profile u set (ie WOWTreble), after soft reset, it will go back to CUSTOM and the "enabled" box ticked...and that's all... and if u choose HEADPHONES...the volume output is better...but once a while, it will automatically switch back to INTERNAL SPEAKER (STEREO), which emits low volume on my HTC TyTn

6:24 pm

Wed 9 Jan

D. B. Cooper wrote...

Works perfectly on Kaiser

8:15 am

Wed 9 Jan

Heather wrote...

Doesn't register AT ALL with HTC Mogul 6800. After 2 resets and 3 installs, I give up. Can't even get it to show up in the "PROGRAMS" folder.....a ghost?

8:18 am

Wed 9 Jan

ruben wrote...

it didn't show up on my htc shadow anywhere

7:27 pm

Thu 10 Jan

allenxcorcist wrote...

dont work on hp ipaq 512

2:34 am

Thu 10 Jan

panos wrote...

dont work on mio 550 too

3:22 pm

Sat 12 Jan

Gendy wrote...

It didn't work on ultimate 8150 though I have wm6. I made reset but it disabled the touch screen and all the audio! Exactly how many reset times should be done to activate it?!!

5:01 pm

Sun 13 Jan

Nuno wrote...

Awesome. I have none of the described issues with the HTC Artemis. Installed, reboot, icon was there, driver was working - excellent!

8:12 am

Mon 14 Jan

lukas wrote...

It didn't work for me either when I tried it on my Asus P535. No driver just like Joshua stated.

4:38 am

Sat 19 Jan

mcarlos wrote...

I love this program works like champ. on my mogul6800

1:22 pm

Sat 26 Jan

mcarlos334 wrote...

To: Heather. to install it in your in your memory card. the in your device. soft rest. there go to setting. system you should see it there heather :)

6:31 am

Sun 10 Feb

SBGGrace wrote...

No Go on Samsung i760. I keep getting an error saying the driver is not loaded even after restart. Also have problems getting voice command app to start with this installed.

5:35 pm

Thu 14 Feb

kelso3132 wrote...

Why WM6 only? I tried it on a treo 750 with WM5 and it seems to be working fine so far.

6:47 pm

Mon 18 Feb

chris82o wrote...

i just want to know does this improve sound quality on music and videos because i can barley hear the music from my wing

3:50 pm

Tue 26 Feb

arun wrote...

i do not see it on my htc cruise system settings

10:41 am

Wed 27 Feb

Junkai wrote...

does not work with P525 with WM6.1! Will prompt driver missing and ur sound will not work aanymore!! Have to reflash my filmware

10:40 am

Sun 9 Mar

IGoneAnd wrote...

Works well on HTC Touch

10:40 pm

Tue 25 Mar

armando wrote...

work great

8:10 pm

Tue 25 Mar

armando wrote...

work great

8:19 pm

Tue 25 Mar

armando wrote...

work great

8:24 pm

Tue 25 Mar

armando wrote...

work great

8:27 pm

Tue 1 Apr

phumidon wrote...


10:33 pm

Wed 2 Apr

RUSH wrote...

if someone, cannot works well (as missing the srs driver) recommanded that using regstry editing tool, HKLM>Drivers>BuiltIN>WavdDev change "data" of "OldDriver" as "Wavedev2.dll" (default is Wavedev.dll, the Wavedev2.dll is at \Windows ) save and reset. now you can see it on the controlpannel. Works Fine with my iPAQ212(210's AsiaPacific Version)

4:14 am

Wed 2 Apr

RUSH wrote...

I find it on the Korean Comm yesterday, they recommand WM6 device as I wrote.

4:16 am

Sat 12 Apr

WilliamJr wrote...

Works Great on my Mogul(6800)WM6.1...Thanks

1:22 am

Sun 20 Apr

Noirenex wrote...

It's all good on my HTC TyTN 2 with WM6, 10/10

3:25 pm

Mon 28 Apr

Some Guy wrote...

Works wit the US Cellular HTC PPC6800 which is a CDMA phone.

10:36 pm

Thu 1 May

phuc wrote...

Like swim

11:12 pm

Thu 8 May

dvpswe wrote...

Rush's suggested registry modification worked for my iPAQ 210. Thanks for the fix.

7:35 pm

Tue 3 Jun

rahul wrote...


3:27 pm

Sun 15 Jun

chanbri wrote...

its saying no driver found on my htc Diamond

2:07 am

Sun 22 Jun

riho wrote...


3:52 am

Sun 22 Jun

mack wrote...

doesnt work on my htc p 3400 says it doesnt ve driver

6:59 am

Tue 1 Jul

PJD3 wrote...

Doesn't work on the HTC Diamond, even after the registry tweak above. In fact - no sound at all until I uninstalled this.

6:46 am

Tue 1 Jul

tazz wrote...

Works like a dream! (htc touch) Amazing sound quality! The device was worthless without this driver!

6:59 pm

Fri 4 Jul

michael wrote...

works best on jazz musics and elevated sound volume almost 150% great software though.... :-) im on Dopod D810

6:57 am

Sat 5 Jul

brandon wrote...

i installed this on my 8925/tilt and it does make the sound louder but then it gets quiter. it just goes back and forth. loud-quiet-loud-quiet-etc...... any ideas?

11:10 pm

Tue 22 Jul

abanglek wrote...

great on my lg ks20! (due to no hardware setting support)

1:55 am

Fri 25 Jul

manoj wrote...


9:14 am

Mon 28 Jul

jayC wrote...

DO NOT INSTALL on mogul/ppc6800 running wm6.1 upgrade. will terminally disable sound. hard reset only option. works great on wm6 though

10:39 am

Tue 29 Jul

Hammad wrote...

Didn't work on my HTC Diamond either, installed once and restarted the phone as well. It gave "Missing WOW HD Driver" msg. Can anyone crack the issue on HTC Diamond?

11:39 pm

Sat 2 Aug

Opel wrote...

Did not work on imate JAMA. I have windows 6. Says "no WOW HD driver loaded". in case the registry needs to be edited.. how do i go about? where to download registry editor tool???

2:05 pm

Mon 4 Aug

biozaxx wrote...

I CONFIRM (I red jayC post too late :( ) DO NOT INSTALL on wm6.1 (HTC diamond) : no sound at all anymore :((

10:40 am

Fri 8 Aug

Best Of The Best wrote...

For all of you idiots out there this will work on almost all HTC devices and almost all PPC's, NOTE: This version will not work on WM6.1 If you do unistall and soft reset, sound will be back to normal. If not sorry, hard reset required!

6:05 pm

Fri 8 Aug

Opel wrote...

Thanks Best Of The Best! You are the best, thanks a lot!

6:06 pm

Fri 8 Aug

biozaxx wrote...

Yes, Best Of The Best is the best I am a total dork, a real dumb ass!

6:07 pm

Fri 8 Aug

Hello wrote...

Does anyone know where I can get a life?

6:09 pm

Tue 12 Aug

Jammin wrote...

Works fantastic on my HTC Mogul with the most recent Qwest/Verizon ROM on WM6 (not 6.1). A huge improvemet in sound quality.

1:15 pm

Fri 15 Aug

johnny wrote...

Great works on HTC touch big diff in sound!

11:38 am

Thu 21 Aug

chikoo wrote...

great work thanks man working fine on O2 XDA STealth

11:42 am

Sat 23 Aug

cherokeefella wrote...

I have the imate jasjar, which when answering the phone without the bluetooth, the volume is extremely low even tho the volume tabs are at its fullest. Will this software boost the volume of the phone as well

2:54 pm

Thu 28 Aug

Alan wrote...

Can anyone tell me where can I find this software version for WM 2003... please

8:30 am

Tue 2 Sep

HTC Diamond User wrote...

I installed it on my HTC Diamond and it worked (found the correct driver on XDA forums) BUT I can't change the volume.. too bad.. anyone knows how to fix that?

6:26 am

Tue 2 Sep

Steve wrote...

Installed successfully on ATT 8925, can use the interface, but sound doesn't change with the settings

1:04 pm

Sun 7 Sep

Marty S. wrote...

This worked fine when I had Windows Mobile 6. I now have Windows Mobile 6.1 and it does not work at all. I get an error message that says no drivers are installed..

6:46 pm

Wed 10 Sep

zamosha wrote...

asus p535 can't work

2:16 am

Tue 16 Sep

Hammad wrote...

Dear HTC Diamond User, can you send me the link from where you got SRS WOW which works on HTC Diamond?

12:16 am

Fri 19 Sep

paul wrote...

i just tryed installing on my P4000 and said was missing drivers.. doing a reboot will repost in a sec what happenes.

12:24 pm

Sun 21 Sep

Destiny wrote...

not showinf up on a treo 750 running wm 6 :-(

11:46 pm

Tue 23 Sep

Anuj Prateek wrote...

Works on HTC Touch Elfin ..... had tried HTC audio boost and equalizer but to no use .... this app is good ... works well..

4:15 am

Fri 3 Oct

Love I-Mate wrote...

I allmost installed it on my I-mate JAMA running WM6.1 (Professional) :-O

5:36 pm

Sat 4 Oct

TommyB wrote...

Simply amazing!! People, its NOT in programs, its in SETTINGS!!

12:45 pm

Mon 6 Oct

Erik wrote...


1:48 am

Mon 6 Oct

Erik wrote...

Verry frustrating, when you download a program, and it should work just like stated..and it fails,on my HTC touch, cant get it to work. I\'ve tried everything........I also now give up. Junk.....Junk.....f\'in junk

2:05 am

Thu 9 Oct

John wrote...

installed on my new samsung sgh-i780; it crashed and after the os restarted by itselft, neither speaker nor touchscreen work. dang! now i have to fix it at windows mobile center.

1:26 pm

Sat 11 Oct

Tariq wrote...

I had it working on WM6 but after upgrading to WM6.1 and reinstalling it does work any more - it gives the error that it cannot find the driver. Further to this there is no wavdev2.dll in the windows folder as Rush mentioned above.

10:13 am

Sun 12 Oct

Jon_UK wrote...

I managed to get this install On my Touch Diamond, No errors or driver issues, all works fine then the sound stops...soft reset and its fine and so on??!! wierd?

1:08 pm

Sun 19 Oct

BT??? wrote...

I have this working on my HTC Touch, but only with wired headphones. Does any one know a registry change to make it work with stereo bluetooth headphones???

1:48 am

Fri 24 Oct

Hammad wrote...

John_uk, can you tell us the link from where you got the driver which did work (ok with certain issues)on HTC Touch Diamond?

5:41 am

Sun 26 Oct

Blackbear wrote...

Works perfect on iPAQ hx2790b WM5. VERY GOOD sound quality!

8:52 pm

Sun 26 Oct

HTC TOUCH wrote...

hey dis wrks fantastic on htc TOUCH thnkz so muchh! :)

10:41 pm

Tue 28 Oct

paul wrote...

yeah i just updated my HTC p4000 too 6.1 and now WOW SRS wont work, worked on 6.0 just fine a few good minutes ago ?? is there a SRS WoW for the p4000, i also know Skype is dead on the p4000 (FRING :))

9:27 pm

Sun 23 Nov

trouble wrote...

A lot of people including me over looked the instructions it is located NOT in \"PROGRAMS\" it is actually in \"setting\" > system > WOW HD settings I personally cant hear the sound difference?

1:12 am

Tue 25 Nov

andersson wrote...

Hello, my name is Andersson and I know a lot of urgency if some of you could tell me the name of any program to increase the volume on my htc Mogul ppc6800 with version 6.1 of Windows Mobile, and to install WOW HD and gives me an error. I would like to know a k program could help me with the volume control on my Mogul 6800 ... thanks!

9:53 pm

Wed 3 Dec

paul wrote...

there is a SRS Wow that works for the HTC P4000 i had one working perfect on my phone but i hard reset my phone.. and deleted all my cabs by mistake, but im just writing this to tell people there is a verson of SRS out there that works PERFECT on the P4000, i wish i remembered where i got it, if anyone finds it POST HERE. Thanks in advance.

6:16 am

Sat 13 Dec

lkw wrote...

i\'m using Sony Ericsson X1..and i wanted to make the ringtone to be more loudly.. so i tried to install \"srs wow\"...but it didn\'t work.. After i installed it, i can\'t open my song.. also i can\'t open SRS WOW, it showed that\" there is no WOW HD driver loaded\"... Can you please help me?? thank you very much!

5:09 am

Tue 16 Dec

doug wrote...

Cr*p piece of software. Uninstalled after a month. Not good for bluetooth as you have to keep changing the setting back to headphones every time you want to listen to music.

4:17 pm

Fri 19 Dec

Vilification wrote...

I installed it on my AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser) and my sound stopped working. I tried opening the shortcut in the "system folder" and the program would not launch stating that no drivers were loaded. I uninstalled it and my sound is working again. Too bad really.

8:55 am

Tue 23 Dec

Gubbi wrote...

What a piece of crap. I installed it on my HTC touch and my sound stopped working. All sound that comes out of the speaker was gone - including call voice, ring tone, everything. Broke my head over this for an entire day, then tried uninstalling it now just before going in for a hard reset - and sound came back on. Dont even touch this with a barge pole!

1:37 pm

Wed 24 Dec

Bstage wrote...

Fuze/TP owners.. use the following steps.. Works in S2P player. Install cab to the phone. extract/Install the second attachment (post 163)to /windows Please try changeing [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Drivers\\BuiltIn\\WaveDev] this \"Flags\"=dword:00010000 to \"Flags\"=dword:00010002, useing some registry editing tool. this is in the drivers -> builtin -> WaveDev registry

5:41 pm

Wed 24 Dec

paul wrote...

this is for gubbi find the working wow for ur Phone! theres many versons of wow u gotta install test an uninstall an try a next one till u get a working on not all phones work! also sound always comes back with an uninstall and soft reset!

10:49 pm

Sun 28 Dec

w.willie wrote...

DO NOT INSTALL on a MotoQ9h. It will not boor afterwards, but keeps starting up. It made a hard reset necessary, loosing al my personal data and settings. THIS IS REAL CRAP.

7:28 am

Mon 29 Dec

nemo wrote...


2:35 pm

Tue 30 Dec

naidu wrote...

Extraordinary program using in htctouch

7:43 am

Sat 3 Jan

Guitaristachino wrote...

After copying the file to my Windows Mobile phone, the file is not visible on the phone. I have tried copying several times. I would appreciate some help. Thanks.

11:46 pm

Sun 4 Jan

1337c4mp3r wrote...

does this work on samsung omnia? please email me at cheers

9:00 pm

Tue 6 Jan

Roy wrote...

This is a good program. I used it on my Sprint Touch but had to remove. Whenever I have it installed my phone won\'t come out of stand-by. Other people with this phone had the same problem.

4:24 pm

Fri 9 Jan

Locutus wrote...

I have the same problem on my iPAQ 214 as Roy: device won't come out of standby when SRS WOW is installed.

10:46 am

Fri 16 Jan

pZow wrote...

Not find the location? check in setting - system After install need to restart, if not, it will show no driver install. this software only good to those who has stereo speaker and those who listening alot using earphone. this sogftware also only for WM6, u are lucky if its work with ur wm5

8:32 pm

Wed 4 Feb

vishus wrote...

program downloads but won't work for omnia... ANY SUGGESTIONS?

11:56 am

Wed 4 Feb

vishus wrote...

program downloads but won't work for omnia... ANY SUGGESTIONS?

11:56 am

Thu 5 Feb

Paul wrote...

Has anyone tried this on the HTC P4000 from Canada on windows mobile 6.1 ??

4:54 pm

Thu 5 Feb

jay wrote...

i have install on OMNIA But dons\'t work any body have idea how to install on that mobile it has window mobile 6.1

7:32 pm

Thu 12 Feb

david wrote...

Had problems with this download on my i780 with WMS 6.1. No icon appears on the programs list, and sound on TCMP is gone. There was a momentary prompt about conflict with wav driver. Fortunately could uninstall using \"remove programs\" in settings. My i600 wiht WMS 6.0 had no problems with the smartphone version.

6:27 pm

Thu 19 Feb

Ian Tiffenberg wrote...

Says can\'t find drivers, then shutsdown. Whilst installed, it messed up my sound, infact, it removed my sound! Thankfully a removal and reboot sorted that.

4:46 am

Sat 21 Feb

Tom wrote...

looks like it works only with win mobile 6.0 and lower. It needs to be fixed.

2:51 am

Mon 23 Feb

mohed saeed wrote...

thank you for your lovely software

1:13 pm

Wed 25 Feb

soms wrote...

Doesn\'t work with windows mobile 6,1 to bad!

6:07 am

Sat 28 Mar

jONEz wrote...

Everyone saying it doesnt work obviously didnt read the readme. AFTER you install, do a soft-reset, otherwise you will not have sound or an icon in settings. This does not work with WM6.1, but if you google the app name and 6.1 youll find a working version.

12:24 pm

Thu 16 Apr

Chris Barnette wrote...

Ok, it\'s a dumb question, I know. When it comes to modding a MotoRazr V3re, ask me, I have the answers. But...I just got the Dash and I am like a little school boy again. Kind of new to Smartphones. I have installed this and soft rebooted as instructed. I then go to Settings and don\'t show anything concerning SRS WOW. I have a T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur/S620). BTW, I have done an application and SIM unlock on this phone so that shouldn\'t be a problem. Any suggestions on how to use this program?

5:17 pm

Sun 19 Apr

dave wrote...

works great for my plug in ear-buds, but has no effect on my bluetooth stereo headphones. Any suggestions???

9:24 am

Sun 17 May

p_nair wrote...

can the developer update this software version? it\'s not compatible for phones with windows 6.1

11:38 pm

Sat 13 Jun

zahid mahmud wrote...

very good.

9:46 pm

Fri 19 Jun

mauhv wrote...

Thank a lot, this soft is very good

10:28 pm

Tue 7 Jul

Yulian wrote...

Is there one for 6.1 version? If so e-mail the linke please at

9:28 am

Tue 7 Jul

yulian wrote...

Keep getting the error: \"There is no WOW HD driver loaded. The control panel will now exit\" Even when I install, soft reset. Tried uninstall, soft reset, instal soft reset, but still does not work. [program itself] SOund does come back when soft reset is done. Same message appears: \"There is no WOW HD driver loaded. The control panel will now exit\"

12:54 pm

Sun 26 Jul

Harshad wrote...

its good and coool

11:09 am

Mon 10 Aug

Ella wrote...

works great with HTCP3450 :D

1:17 am

Tue 8 Sep

will wrote...

doesnt work on my HTC touch diamond2, too bad........

3:29 pm

Fri 18 Sep

Darren wrote...

solution, try this it works for my htc tytn 11

10:16 pm

Sun 18 Oct

pop wrote...

its not works wit 710i...

12:19 am

Sat 31 Oct

davide wrote...

Unfortunately it doesn't work, is there a version for Windows Mobile 6.1? Thanks to all

9:27 am

Wed 4 Nov

washeel wrote...

great site!!!

7:52 am

Sat 7 Nov

xmail wrote...

i tried this on my omnia 2. runing on win mobile 6.5 it doesn\'t work at all. kilsl all sound in teh system.I had to Hard reset my phone to get my sound back. I\'ll definatly not try it again. unless a new working version is available

4:29 pm

Sun 22 Nov

Pedro wrote...

best hd driver

9:21 am

Tue 8 Dec

Frank67 wrote...

WM6.5 HTC Diamond 2 NOT working !! It doesn´t install the drivers. The SRS WOW application will quit imediatly because of the missing drivers... I uninstalled it and everything is working like before...

2:24 pm

Wed 9 Dec

barry mixon wrote...

oh no i need to read more b4 i dowload crap again i lost all sound on my htctouch pro . how do i get it back someone please help me

2:12 am

Sat 12 Dec

doczluv wrote...

SAMSUNG i780 :) SRS WOW HD ... dosent work on this version of mobile and WM6 :( it locked sound and touch screen as well when i installed it ... :( UNINSTALLING solves both the problem on my mobile :) THANK GOD !!!!

6:50 am

Sun 20 Dec

Debashis wrote...

Working great on my Gigabyte G Smart i120.Thanks a lot

11:23 am

Tue 29 Dec

iNeedAbeer wrote...

HTC imagio error \"There is no WOW HD driver loaded. The control panel will now exit\". Please fix.

1:41 am

Mon 4 Jan

Jason wrote...

Will not function on HTC Tilt 2 with WM 6.5. Drivers will not install and it disables the voice command features on the device. System seems to be normal after removing the program.

1:40 pm

Tue 5 Jan

geoneil wrote...

Tried this on the Vodafone v1520 (aka Asus P550/Solaris) installing mutes all sound on the device and trying to access the SRS WOW settings brings up the \"No WOW driver loaded control panel will exit\" message, had to uninstall and reset the phone to get sound back. Almost took my phone back to the shop.

6:44 am

Fri 15 Jan

tombkk wrote...

did'nt work on my nuvifone m20 (wm6.5). luckily sound still intacted after unstalling the software.

6:51 pm

Thu 28 Jan

Donni wrote...

doesn'T work on my b7619 omnia pro (win mob 6.5)

7:16 pm

Fri 29 Jan

Electzik wrote...

marche niquel sur mon HD2

3:14 pm

Thu 4 Feb

Equinoxe5 wrote...

Ne marche pas sur mon HD2. Drivers not found. Et obligé de le désinstaller car plus aucun son ne fonctionne jusqu\'au bip des touches

1:36 am

Wed 10 Feb

LAN wrote...

sony ericsson x1a fonctione pas !! sony ericsson x1a doesn\'t work

12:45 pm

Sun 14 Feb

Dragon God wrote...

god you people are not to bright, read the directions noobs!! after you install it you are supposed to reset your phone. for those of you that don't have a reset button try turning off your phone then turn it right back on. if that doesn't work (for the phones with no reset button) then I guess you can't use it. I installed it on my phone and did a soft reset after installing it and it works great on my phone

10:58 am

Sun 21 Feb

junior gustave wrote...

not sure if it works on my mda compact

10:53 am

Thu 18 Mar

psychogenesis wrote...

Like the warning stated, it didn't work with my HTC Touch Pro 2 with WM-6.1.

10:00 am

Sun 4 Apr

Pit wrote...

best hd driver

12:11 pm

Mon 12 Apr

johne wrote...

Just installed it on my htc hd2 and did the reset and it didnt function.

9:06 pm

Sat 1 May

lorre851 wrote...

Doesn't work on my hx2490 Ipaq with wm6.5. When going to standby, it doesn't boot anymore, so I always need to do a soft reset...

3:08 pm

Thu 6 May

chetan wrote...

doesnt work on xperia x1i toooo.....

1:04 am

Wed 12 May

Samboy wrote...

Works like a charm!!! on my Samsung Omnia II winmo6.1 Using SRS wow HD along with S2P and combination running S2u2. Been running past 6 weeks.

11:56 am

Sun 30 May

Alexander wrote...

Doesnt work on hTC Pure winmo 6.5 , after soft reset it doesnt make a sound.

2:16 pm

Sun 30 May

Rhodopsin Photography wrote...

Does appear to work on my htc hd2.

2:26 pm

Sun 30 May

weezy wrote...

doesnt work! has some issue there!

4:10 pm

Sun 30 May

tranquillo wrote...

works perfect on hd2

5:12 pm

Sun 30 May

scott wrote...

I have touch pro 2 6.5 with cookie mod since titanium yada yada this driver is way better than the one that came with the phone and you don't have to use headphones and can be used while listing to slacker or pandora of the hook

7:58 pm

Sun 30 May

Whizdakid wrote...

works like a charm! everything sounds so much louder and clear. had this for more than two months. make sure you soft reset. Also im using an Omnia i910.

7:58 pm

Sun 30 May

scott wrote...

great for people having problems try putting on device not storage card some programs work better that way

8:02 pm

Sun 30 May

Siccmade209 wrote...

this sucks, its garbage. for those who rated this over2 stars needs to go buy some dre beats or a system to hear good sound.

8:21 pm

Sun 30 May

Luis Torres wrote...

Works great on LG Monico (expo) running custom rom 21901...

8:45 pm

Sun 30 May

arun baliga wrote...

works great on tp2.

10:23 pm

Mon 31 May

Brian Booth wrote...

Are most of you barmy. Just soft reset your phone after you have installed it and it works fine.

3:32 am

Mon 31 May

alex hon wrote...

I will test on my acer s200

3:46 am

Mon 31 May

Mesquire wrote...

improved sounds on touch pro2 (on factory wm6.1)

9:34 am

Mon 31 May

Min Don Gi wrote...

eargasm maker

9:38 am

Mon 31 May

habt wrote...

need rap beats

9:48 am

Mon 31 May

ivo35 wrote...

a must have for HD2!

9:48 am

Mon 31 May

Craig wrote...

This is really awesome! Completely transformed the quality of my speaker on my HD2. Haven't tried headphones yet, but looking forward to it. Just follow the instructions.

10:34 am

Mon 31 May

Jason Dooley wrote...

Music sounds more crisp with WOWMetal on LG eXpo

11:56 am

Mon 31 May

edmond wrote...

not for htc3600i. Hard reset for twice. Remember to do backup before install.

12:16 pm

Mon 31 May

Jason Dooley wrote...

Helpful tip: Turn 3D Effect down if your getting alot of cluter sounds through your speakers.

12:34 pm

Mon 31 May

harry wrote...

doest get installed on my motorola q9h pls help me out ?

3:25 pm

Mon 31 May

John wrote...

it fucked up my sound, on omnia 2!!!! it doesn\'t make any noise now. And I can\'t uninstall it help!!!????

3:30 pm

Mon 31 May

peter offer wrote...

how do u copy the .cab file?

8:49 pm

Mon 31 May

Omar wrote...

it is working great for my hts hd2, just download and reset the phone.

9:06 pm

Mon 31 May

ethan hesse wrote...

what other drivers do i need for touchpro2 running winmo 6.5?

9:31 pm

Tue 1 Jun

Simon wrote...

I am trying to use this for an omnia i910 on verizon but when i installed and did a soft reset there is now no sound on restart. when i try to open the program it gives the following error. there is no wow hd driver loaded. the control panel will now exit. this happened when i downloaded it on my computer and copied the cab to the omnia. if anyone can help let me know

11:29 am

Tue 1 Jun

Shiping wrote...

I installed on my WM5 and the WOW HD didn't work (after soft reset). Uninstall it, now the sound volumn is freezed to 0 and bounch of app, like YouTube and FireFox cannot work properly. Please help me get my sound back. Hardret is too costly.

2:07 pm

Tue 1 Jun

khuzaima wrote...

total crap....

4:46 pm

Tue 1 Jun

nunya bidnez wrote...

what ever dude

6:32 pm

Tue 1 Jun

Mark Munn wrote...

great app, i have the hd2 with 6.5 pro, i use high quality headphones

8:10 pm

Tue 1 Jun

jcmj5l5 wrote...

Yep...You messed up big time with the Omnia 2 crowd. Totally shut down all sounds and froze up my WMP.

10:08 pm

Tue 1 Jun

mdc205 wrote...

My HTC Touch Pro 2 sounds better! Thanks for creating this program.

10:46 pm

Tue 1 Jun

james stockett wrote...

great app

11:48 pm

Tue 1 Jun

chowdary wrote...

how to download??

11:54 pm

Wed 2 Jun

shiping wrote...

Finaly I make it work on my i-mate pda-n wm5. So good. I don't need to do a costly hardreset! This is the tricky: change the HLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\WaveDev\OldDriver=wavedev.dll Suggesrion to the developer: In the installation, please copy the dll content in the same Reg section and assign it to the OldDrive instead of hardcode btcedrivers.dll. Good App once you make it work!

9:23 am

Wed 2 Jun

tester wrote...

dropped all headset and side volume controls on touch pro 2 instantly, remove program and no stereo bluetooth headset.. thinking the whole hide your back up file is kind of gay..

11:26 pm

Thu 3 Jun

nathan orr wrote...

Improved sound quality on my tp2 but caused my it to shut down every time I hit the sleep button. Had to remove battery to get the phone to turn back on. Removed file and phone is back to normal. Hope to reinstall in future if this problem is worked out.

8:10 pm

Fri 4 Jun

Dominic wrote...

I had same experience with TP2 when phone went t sleep it turned off. Had to remove battery to start. Uninstalled phone ok. Tried twice same result.

8:17 am

Fri 4 Jun

Adam Pacheco wrote...

works great thanks

11:39 am

Fri 4 Jun

Shawn Burroughs wrote...

Great sound but when phone went to sleep had to pull out battery. Uninstalled hopefully some kind of update will fix this I have the TP2 as well as a few others on here.

8:16 pm

Fri 4 Jun

Rodney Siems wrote...

This program does not work on my Omnia.

11:07 pm

Sat 5 Jun

maxwell wrote...

installed on touch hd now cant use my volume keys n wmp has no sound n when uninstalled all sounds on phone are disabled n cant speak or hear any caller! its crappy on the hd any way to fix this problem?

10:28 am

Tue 8 Jun

Carlos wrote...

works on my TP2 but the vol. does not work... sounds really niz when using bluetooth headset able to control Vol. with the set :).. instal the cab then soft reset

10:03 am

Tue 8 Jun

nathan orr wrote...

I did soft reset after installing, as have others I have talked to that had the same problem I did. Hope for an update soon since this is one of those programs that are "useful". This one will be on the first page of the favorites soon.

7:59 pm

Sat 12 Jun

tomchat wrote...

any one try it on acer neo touch?

6:59 am

Sat 12 Jun

tym wrote...

the program is great but seems after a day after installation it will cause the phone to turn its screen off. weird bug. can only be fixed by soft reseting with button and deleting program all together. then reseting again.using htc tilt 2

4:39 pm

Sat 12 Jun

carlos wrote...

ok it was running good on my TP2 But now is making my phone to act funny hehehe my onscreen keyboard is all messed up... cant wait for tge bug to be fix/kill thatnks guys

11:15 pm

Sun 13 Jun

Carlos wrote...


6:52 pm

Sun 13 Jun

carlos wrote...

ooh i forgot soft reset after.. HD2 GUYS TRY THAT :)

6:55 pm

Tue 15 Jun

peerapong wrote...

its nice.

10:44 pm

Tue 15 Jun

stache wrote...

I have a Treo 800w and after uninstalling the software I have no sound whatsoever. This seems to have affect my media players like Pocket Player; it just doesn't work. No sound on phone rings either. Need support urgently.

11:00 pm

Tue 15 Jun

stache wrote...

I just did some research and got my sound back. The XDA Developers site has a fix that may address more than one problem. Here\'s the link. Hope it works for those having problems.

11:33 pm

Thu 17 Jun

benjamin wrote...

great work! similar to the crystalizer for xfi sound cards.. works well on the htc hd2 as long as u install to the storage card. Turning off the srs makes you realise how crap the sound is with this great app turned off. 5/5

2:08 am

Thu 17 Jun

viroj wrote...

good program

10:45 am

Fri 18 Jun

dwi wrote...

It works on my xperia x1. I'm using winmo 6.5.3 with sense 2.5. First time installing this driver, it displays SRS WOW driver not loaded, now exit. Then I change registry and works. Here the steps: 1. Before install, check what is in registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Builtin\WaveDev] "DLL" 2. Install the cab 3. Then replace [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Builtin\WaveDev] "Olddriver" with what was in "DLL" before install. Because driver name is spesific for each manufacturer, then it should works on other brands also.

7:27 am

Fri 18 Jun

hrtgone wrote...

does work with the HTC Mogul. Same error as everyone else

3:25 pm

Fri 18 Jun

nitenarmor wrote...

that should have stated this will not work with the HTC Mogul. Same error message as everyone else. No driver installed.

3:39 pm

Sat 19 Jun

saul martin wrote...

Downloaded it last week on my hd2 didnt work unistalled it gave it another try wit the soft reset right after install and it works fine now. Sounds so much better than stock!!!

7:41 pm

Sun 20 Jun

ipoex63 wrote...

there is no wow hd driver loaded... help me please... on htc touch diamond 2

12:42 pm

Mon 21 Jun

olaf wrote...

i installed it on my omnia 2 and i gave the "no driver loaded" error. and i didnt had any sound more. The xda-developers fix didnt work aswel. Now i had to reinstall my phone. Sorry, 1 Star.

12:46 am

Mon 21 Jun

Rabi wrote...

Simply great

2:08 am

Mon 21 Jun

domyda wrote...

poor on hd2

9:54 am

Mon 21 Jun

audreytomasmorrison wrote...

great tool

9:57 pm

Wed 23 Jun

Shatterv2 wrote...

Speck Fucking Tacular

11:51 am

Fri 25 Jun

Oscar Pedraza wrote...

HD2. Awesome App!. . .Have to set to "Headphones" to remain on

12:13 pm

Sat 26 Jun

larsm1980 wrote...

didnt work.

7:59 pm

Sun 27 Jun

Shawn Downs wrote...

Pros: Made spkrs on my Sprint HTC TP2 sound a lil better, made headphones sound quite a bit better. Cons: Each time phone was put in standby, had to soft reset phone to regain functionality. Also made boot time lag, and UI (Sense2.5, Co0kies Home Tab 1.8.5) wouldnt load w/o hitting Home under Windows menu. Result: Uninstalled. Good functions, bad habits. Can live w/o.

11:50 am

Mon 28 Jun

binod wrote...

can you please help me? i installed the srs wow in my acer x960. aferter making some change in registery it is working but my sterio headset stop workink for music. please anyone of you tell me the solve. thank you

7:15 am

Mon 28 Jun

NewKreation wrote...

Rush's suggested registry modification apparently is no longer needed. After a soft reset, it worked perfectly on my iPaq 210. While playing an audio file, I went to the control panel, and ran WOW HD. I maxed out the focus level, devinition level, input gain, and output gain. Each adjustment would increase/boost the volume of my iPaq 210. This is superb software. Thank you times 100!

9:49 am

Thu 1 Jul

Surya wrote...

Will this work on Tilt 2, Stock ROM?

5:11 am

Sat 3 Jul

web wrote...

i put on hd2 while back and lost my voice command, talked to tmobile rep and he said he had the same problem and srs wow was the culprit. i have praises and some negative stuff from hd2 forums, so what is the straight poop. would like to use it but gun-shy, i had to hard reset last time and we all know that is a PIA. WHATS THE TRUTH ?

11:37 pm

Tue 6 Jul

Ralph wrote...

I downloaded the SRS WOW HD sound driverv1.51 and did the soft reset and everything worked fine but when I put my iPaq 210 into standby I can\'t seem to bring it out of stand by I have to do another soft reset everytime I want to stand by, other than that it worked great I removed it and I am waiting for the SRS WOW HD sound driver V2

8:14 pm

Sat 10 Jul

Caution wrote...

bricks the i-mate 8502! blue screen hang and non-resettable! do not install!

11:15 am

Sun 11 Jul

scott wrote...

standby problems on touch pro2 6.5 cht1.8 sense 2.5

1:51 am

Mon 12 Jul

elang wrote...

work great on SE X2. Wow awesome software.

1:26 pm

Thu 15 Jul

mysticman wrote...

For all Ipaq HX2000 Series Users with "no WOW HD Driver loaded": change the Value olddriver in HKLM...(stated anywhere above) in "wavedev.dll" and do a soft-reset. Works like a charm.

3:31 pm

Fri 16 Jul

andi wrote...

super tool! wenn man input und output gainauf -3 stellt; klingt es auch nicht mehr überrissen! klanglich top!

8:07 am

Sat 17 Jul

Carlos wrote...

NIZ!! this a cool app. sounds awesome. watchin divx movies swith to theater srs wow.. so people with TP2 6.5 install in Memo card and reset.. i had problems with stand by i found a app. here to turn off the screen and problem solve :)

6:12 pm

Mon 19 Jul

FRANKY wrote...


12:52 am

Mon 19 Jul

Pablo Ballistreri wrote...

What do you mean by, "RESET SOFT", many people said the same, but I don't know how to do that reset.

10:38 am

Thu 22 Jul

Rabindr wrote...

It doesn\'t work in Sony ericsson Xperia X1 windows mobile. It has a error. So please how i install this great software.

12:44 am

Sat 24 Jul

naija wrote...

i installed it on Samsung Omnia2 (i8000), after soft resetting, it gives error message \"THERE IS NO WOW HD DRIVER LOADED. THE CONTROL PANEL WILL NOW EXIT\" and exit without opening. please help!

9:37 pm

Fri 30 Jul

dimitar wrote...


2:39 pm

Sun 1 Aug

alfri wrote...

i can't use WOW HD with se x2 how to use

12:53 am

Fri 6 Aug

Manish Shrestha wrote...

soft reset means restart the phone. this thing works like a charm. hd2

10:31 pm

Sat 7 Aug

BRYCE wrote...

why do it lock up my TP 2

4:57 pm

Mon 9 Aug

CHANDU wrote...

Works great on my HD2. The sound is really \"WOW\".

10:21 pm

Wed 11 Aug

chummar wrote...


7:09 am

Fri 13 Aug

Michael S wrote...

HTC Advantage 7510 - killed my device. I now have to Hard Reset, and install my over 40 apps all over again. Don\'t install this unless you feel lucky.

4:12 am

Fri 13 Aug

dave wrote...

Doesn\'t work on TOUCH PRO 2 !!! WM 6.5

11:30 am

Fri 20 Aug

Troy wrote...

works great on my hd2..outstanding with a really good set of headphones

7:36 pm

Mon 23 Aug

steva wrote...

froze the sound system on xda stellar...had 2 uninstall completely

3:19 pm

Wed 25 Aug

lamech wrote...

it killed my imate ultimate 8502 and it can\'t even load the operating system...somebody help please

7:14 am

Sat 28 Aug

ken wrote...

tried to install on my SE X2 will not work

2:54 am

Sun 5 Sep

mbacke thiam wrote...


6:45 am

Tue 7 Sep

arun wrote...

good its work

10:45 am

Fri 17 Sep

AnOther wrote...

not run in ipaq rw6828

6:32 pm

Tue 21 Sep

Glen wrote...

I installed on my HTC touch diamond and when accessing it it says'there is no WOW HD driver loaded.The control panel will now exit..please advise as i need better sound as mine is really soft..pls help

6:26 am

Thu 23 Sep

rubin wrote...

i like srs souns and i think it will help to produce good sound

9:59 am

Thu 30 Sep

johny wrote...

it does nt work on my htc said hd drive nt installed can any1 help me out it possible to make it work.

7:33 am

Thu 28 Oct

chris miller wrote...

wow i love it works great

3:15 pm

Sat 30 Oct

chill wrote...

when your phone ring will it make the ringtone sound better and louder

12:59 pm

Sun 7 Nov

orahova wrote...

not work with htc hd2 thx for nothing

2:27 am

Sun 7 Nov

orahova wrote...

grubish or bether its shit app

2:28 am

Fri 12 Nov

jhonny wrote...

work but cant talk on head set or blue tooth on hear but you dont care its fine I uninstall it some bug

2:44 am

Thu 25 Nov

joe ervin wrote...

works great on hd2

3:13 am

Sun 5 Dec

Pauwels wrote...

doesn\'t work on htc touch2. after running te installation he tells to install a WOW HD driver plugin or something in that way. but I don\'t know how to get that activated on my device someone help me please? kind regards wim pauwels

3:05 pm

Sat 11 Dec

Pauwels wrote...

I am kind of surprised it doesn\'t work on my new device because I could use it as a very handy tool of sound enhancement on my HTC Advantage X7500 before... (WITH OLDER SOFTWARE OR OS) so any idea what I need to get it working on my HTC touch2. because of older working I had better experience with this tool than now having to use htc equalizer only available when headset connected... so I would really like to see this working thanks in advance wim pauwels

4:54 am

Mon 20 Dec

Smitty wrote...

My device would not \"wake up\" after pushing the power button. In this state, it also did not allow SPB Time to sound my alarm this morning. Very distressing. I read the reviews, and hoped for the best, but I had to un-install it. I had to pop my battery out to turn my phone back on. Bummer!! Devs: please look into this.

5:55 am

Thu 23 Dec

Jim Bolt wrote...

Works great on my Hd2 after doing a soft reset. Thsnks!

6:54 pm

Sat 1 Jan

carlos wrote...

its an incredible sound exp.for my HD2 for my music and even better for movies.for those having trouble it does not matter where you install it as long as right away after install you soft reset it will be found were your told and with no problems.its worth trying again! ;)

8:57 pm

Fri 7 Jan

Gray Rogers wrote...

did not work on my HD2, had to remove.

12:30 pm

Sat 15 Jan

scott minster wrote...

I installed this on my omnia II and my phone lost audio for EVERYTHING.I could not make calls, receive, not anything. not even a sound was made for pushing a button!! removed app and all was fine

1:09 am

Wed 16 Feb

chris wrote...

works great on hd2 plus gives ur audio a clear boost of audio whn used n conjunction with the stock audio booster..suck it i

2:55 pm

Mon 11 Apr

stickeynote wrote...

not a fan of this app. sound doesnt work anymore and i dont feel like downloading another driver, so hard reset for me.

2:17 pm

Sun 24 Apr

dpsailo wrote...

Not working with Samsung Omnia II

9:35 pm

Wed 29 Jun

eugene coplin wrote...

This one works great! on htc hd2

10:22 am

Sun 25 Sep

Ercan wrote...

I hv HTC Touch with windows mobile 6 and also CF 3,5 but this doesnt work on HTC Touch.could be usefull cos HTC doesnt hv this sound control I will be very happy if u can make this software work for HTC touch with W6 Thx after installing and soft reset HTC doesnt make any sound at all no music no ring nothing at all pls check this software once more,after uninstalling the tel goes back to its normal functions but this system could be really useful with 3D and preset equalizers

2:09 pm



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