Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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» Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme

• Summary: very cool blue and black theme for touchflo 3d

• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1
Diamond TF3D Config

• Price: Freeware

• Arrived: Nov 17, 2008aa
• Found under: themes, touchflo 3d, tf3d, diamond, touch pro, skins, blue,

• Made by: DjOuBhAa

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pocket pc Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme freeware
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Rating: 3.0/5
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» Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme Description

Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme Pocket PC software

very cool blue and black theme for touchflo 3d

very cool blue and black theme for touchflo 3d

Video Preview of Ultimate Blue Theme

If you have troubles or don't know how to install TouchFLO 3D themes please read this guide!

the Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme for Pocket PC free

• Price: Freeware

» Comments on Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme

Mon 17 Nov

Silvio Rostran wrote...

I have the Sprint HTC Pro. Very nice theme. Thank you !!!!!

11:07 am

Mon 17 Nov

Antu wrote...

Does it work on the TyTn 2?

1:16 pm

Mon 17 Nov

vito wrote...

i have the htc pro.. how do i get this theme on it? do i need to download other application? if so what is it and how do i do it?

1:19 pm

Mon 17 Nov

darries wrote...

Does this work on sprint touch(original touch)?

3:52 pm

Tue 18 Nov

droolfeet wrote...

good stuff. keep up the good work. and for the people that don't know how to do it, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS or that's what google is for !!! LOL

12:14 am

Tue 18 Nov

Steven Schuster wrote...

Will this work on any windows mobile 6 touch screen phone? I just bought the saga from Verizon and want to know if it\'ll work

5:58 pm

Wed 19 Nov

timm wrote...

how to instal on HTC touch?//

1:15 pm

Wed 19 Nov

timm wrote...

does anybody know how to install this on HTC touch. i already installed TFD3D config but doesn't work. please help. thanks

3:14 pm

Fri 21 Nov

Jose Rosario wrote...

I try to install the Ultimate Blue TouchFLO 3D Theme in my new touchpro but it those not install. Any help that i can get will be helpfull . Thank you.

6:18 am

Fri 21 Nov

359gsm wrote...

Здравей! Много яка тема! С удоволствие бихме почерпили едно кафе, ако нямаш нищо против. :) Пиши ми на мейла за да се свържем с теб. Поздрави Ангел Тодоров angel.todoroff@359gsm.com

6:39 am

Fri 21 Nov

preet wrote...

Does it works on ASUS P320 WM6.1 ??

7:15 am

Fri 21 Nov

MARC wrote...

Will this application work on my HTC P3400?

10:24 am

Fri 21 Nov

MARC wrote...

where can I dowload wmobile 6 for my htc3400 I feel way outdated. Please send the website. THNX

10:27 am

Fri 21 Nov

moh.a wrote...

will this work on my HTC blue angel. i have downloaded wm6 for it ...thanks

12:18 pm

Mon 24 Nov

useme2useyou wrote...

Will it work on my O2 Orbit 2 with Windows 6.1? Please advise...

8:04 am

Mon 24 Nov

useme2useyou wrote...

there\'s no CAB and so it doesn\'t work! where can i get the CAB file... does anyone know?

5:47 pm

Tue 2 Dec

ketan nimkar wrote...

its a very cool theam......

1:12 am

Thu 4 Dec

Veselin Nedeff wrote...

@359gsm радвам се че ти харесва, от този таг може да разгледаш още други теми http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-tag-themes.html. А колкото до кафето, ще се възползвам някои път

4:13 am

Sat 20 Dec

Esther wrote...

takes mighty long to download.

4:07 am

Mon 29 Dec

Thuy Trang wrote...

I like it because themes very good

1:09 am

Fri 2 Jan

nitin wrote...

very nice theme

11:14 pm

Wed 7 Jan

mike wrote...

can someone please help me install it,i have the htc pro,need some help,there is no cab

10:44 pm

Thu 29 Jan

yellad wrote...

very good

11:04 am

Tue 3 Feb

Sunil wrote...

hey can anyone help me... does this works in ASUS P320....?? plss someone reply..

1:40 pm

Mon 23 Feb

joe wrote...

its easy to install, but this stupid thing wont let me load the instructions

10:59 pm

Mon 23 Feb

joe wrote...

1st. If you can\'t find: \"Internal Storage\\Themes\\\" just go to program files and create a folder and call it: Internal Storage.

11:05 pm

Mon 23 Feb

joe wrote...

I have an HTC FUZE. I did it like this: 1st. If you can\'t find: \"Internal Storage\\Themes\\\" just go to program files and create a folder and call it: Internal Storage. 2nd. Download this program: Diamond TF3D Config, and install. 3rd. Download which ever theme you like 4th. Unzip the files into the file you created. 5th. Run the Diamond TF3D Config and go to its second tab called Appearance. At the top you should view a dropdown box called: PATH, click on it and find the program files open it and click on the \"Internal Storage file you created. 6th. Click apply, now it should load the new program, it will take a moment. Hope it works for you, it can’t get any easier, it took me a couple of hrs to figure it out.

11:10 pm

Tue 24 Feb

REX wrote...

could anyone help me install it. i have a HTC touch P3700

9:51 pm

Sat 28 Feb

kunal wrote...

Its doesnot work on HTC touch viva. Why? I have installed Diamond TF3D Config . Then installed the new theme. But when i go back on main sreen after disabling the touch 3d flo there is nothing seems as per the theme outlook

3:16 am

Sun 1 Mar

joe wrote...

Kumal did u install it on your phone or your memory card?...

11:33 pm

Fri 6 Mar

jarrod wrote...

I have the Omina I900. I do not know how to install skins, or anything. I have been trying to figure out how to install that Vista Suite that looks tight as hell. Please some one shoot me a e-mail who can walk me through installation. jarrodsoles@yahoo.com

4:09 pm

Sat 21 Mar

kalel wrote...

how can i install it in my omnia pls help me...

12:48 am

Fri 3 Apr

antione wrote...

its not workin 4 me just the blue background showin up nothin else someone help me

4:21 pm

Sat 2 May

Clint wrote...

Worked great. I followed the direction posted by Joe on the 23rd of Feb. Installed with no problems, just have to jump threw the hoops. Thanks Joe

9:34 am

Mon 4 May

Spartak wrote...

thx a lot, Joe! \"it took me a couple of hrs to figure it out. \" me too, untill i read your guidance. much obliged

3:34 pm

Fri 19 Jun

Alex wrote...

Hi, I followed all the Joe's procedure but after reset my device, only the background theme changed, i installed everything on the memory device - Can someone help me ? Thank you very much

10:27 am

Sun 28 Jun

daniel wrote...

hi, i followed joe\'s instructions and tried installing the theme on my phone but it says u need 20MB for the new theme (which u don\'t have on the touch diamond) so it dies halfway through the install. any way round this? cheers

12:38 am

Sun 5 Jul

mmrugank wrote...

i have a htc touch dimoundd. how can i download this?

10:09 am

Thu 16 Jul

ozzy wrote...

hi I have installed this theme but there is no options in setting ,today

2:19 pm

Thu 16 Jul

Mano wrote...

Hi there can somebody assist me with this query Joe's explanation's perfect BUT does this theme work on the htc tytnII ?Please if anybody has info please respond thanks .

8:15 pm

Fri 17 Jul

markey wrote...

hey joe well i read what you had to say about it.. i did everything.. i installed the dimond tf3d an everything.. i just dont know how to get it out of zip or unzip it thats just not workin out can you tell how..

3:49 pm

Sun 26 Jul

Mirssy wrote...

Why I can\'t install the touchflo 3d in Touch Pro?

12:07 pm

Sun 26 Jul

Mirssy wrote...

There are some program that I can use for Touch Pro?

12:09 pm

Tue 4 Aug

marjoe manuel wrote...

interested for themes download

3:29 am

Mon 10 Aug

ahmad a. ahmad wrote...

great theme

2:23 pm

Thu 13 Aug

joe wrote...

Diamond TF3D wont work if you have modified ur phone to limit the ATT programs from loading, i found that out when i replaced my fuze cause it was malfunctioning. THE THEME will load if you have enough memory on ypur phone.

1:04 am

Wed 2 Sep

Jorge wrote...

well done.

4:53 pm

Fri 11 Sep

rajpaul wrote...

its good

9:30 am

Mon 14 Sep

glen evans wrote...

hi i got sprint htc pro need help asap pleas call me at 7144204731

8:47 pm

Sat 7 Nov

CHARLES wrote...

PLS HELP ME. I download & install the DIAMOND TF3D CONFIG on my HTC P3400i.I open the diamond TF3D CONFIG it shows some errors. pls let me know how to use it. pls mail urs guide:cherrycharles15@live.com

11:37 am

Fri 4 Dec


NICE THEME, IT IS WORKING ON MY NOKIA N73 & HTC P3400i. Without this Diamond TF3D Config. It is working fine.

3:27 pm

Mon 14 Dec

a donaghue wrote...

only works as a wallpaper on htc touch 2.no touch flo

12:21 pm

Fri 22 Jan

ryan wrote...

wont work for htc touch pro 2. no touch flo, just a wallpaper

4:24 am

Sun 4 Apr

art wrote...

would this work on htc pro touch 1 from spring

1:29 am

Mon 21 Jun

withits wrote...


12:41 am

Sun 27 Jun

JR Johnson wrote...


3:57 am

Fri 23 Jul

yosmany wrote...

Hi im new on this can some one tell me ho to install a theme on my htc pro 2 , where do i have to go ?

2:35 pm

Mon 26 Jul

omar wrote...

interested for themes download

7:31 am

Thu 26 Aug

mrjogiraju wrote...

v good

4:21 am

Tue 5 Oct

jacazar wrote...

good job

2:54 pm

Thu 14 Oct

mohammedshafi wrote...

super thems

1:56 am



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