Vista Dialer for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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• Summary: New Vista Dialer very smooth and glassy look, best working on VGA/QVGA devices with Windows Mobile 2005. It is tested on HTC Wizard, but it should work on other devices too....

• Requirements:
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • HTC Wizard

• Price: Freeware

• Arrived: Jan 26, 2007aa
• Found under: Misc/Fun, Themes/Skins,

• Made by: Jimm98y

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pocket pc Vista Dialer freeware
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Rating: 3.8/5
(70 votes cast)

» Vista Dialer Description

Vista Dialer Pocket PC software

New Vista Dialer very smooth and glassy look, best working on VGA/QVGA devices with Windows Mobile 2005.

It is tested on HTC Wizard, but it should work on other devices too.

the Vista Dialer for Pocket PC free

• Price: Freeware

» Comments on Vista Dialer

Wed 31 Jan

jason wrote...

doesnt work ?

2:03 am

Thu 1 Feb

Anis wrote...

It doesn't work active sync reject it

4:17 pm

Fri 2 Feb

hoang wrote...

it's a .cab it on your phone then install it. however for my own experience with treo 700w, doesn't work

11:50 pm

Sun 4 Feb

HTCP3300 wrote...

Dude it works fine. i have a HTC running on wm5. first u hafta upload it from ur comp to the PPC. then unzip it.

1:56 pm

Mon 5 Feb

marco wrote...


7:24 am

Fri 9 Feb

Buggin2555 wrote...

It doesn't work for me either... MDA says "installation unsuccessful"... to bad, it looks sharp!

7:19 am

Fri 9 Feb

Seth wrote...

I unzipped the file, then uploaded the cab to my phone. Installed the cab, rebooted when it asked, then my phone bricked. After the cingular bootup window the screen turned white and stayed that way. Had to do a hardware reset. HTC Hermes (Cingular 8525), try it at your own risk.

3:49 pm

Sun 11 Feb

Saeed wrote...

Doesn't work in my mobile pocket ps windows 5.0 thanks

1:54 am

Wed 14 Feb

Chris Fardon wrote...

Hi, i got it to work....but it cuts off the top of the numbers when i dial them because of my mobile providers name in the top left hand side. Is there a way i can edit this?

8:05 am

Mon 19 Feb

sawwi wrote...

Works fine with HTC tytn.

12:30 pm

Tue 20 Feb

spencer wrote...

hey guys. I had downloaded this of another site. but I had to hard reset everything coz of mem space. I just downloaded this one but it isn't working. I will give it another go. if it doesn't work I will post the address for the site I got it the way its lush when u get it going... its much better than ur average joe!

7:54 am

Tue 20 Feb

spencer wrote...

yeah I just figured it out...I'm using t mobiles vario...similar to xda it should work on those 2. but its pretty simple just let the thing do its work...oh and by the way u have to soft reset it before it does do it automatically...

8:02 am

Tue 20 Feb

brahim_tnwolf wrote...

Hey people what now It's working or not ....... !!!!!

11:28 pm

Wed 21 Feb

Marc wrote...

Works fine on my Orange M3100. Just copied the file onto my data card and double clicked it. Looks fantastic Thanks

8:10 am

Wed 21 Feb

Asad wrote...

This setup dosn't works with Imate Pda2k.

7:47 pm

Sun 25 Feb

doublea wrote...

worked perfect cool! thanks (cingular 8125)

7:34 pm

Thu 1 Mar

waterproof wrote...

Works with my HTC Hermes/TyTN/Vodafone compact III. After installation the softreset took a loooong time, but worked fine. Unforunately the skin has no buttons für videocalls :(

5:22 am

Mon 12 Mar

peppe wrote...


9:40 am

Tue 20 Mar

Kaeon wrote...

On the main dial screen there is a white pixel hiding in the corner...

6:14 pm

Thu 22 Mar

viml wrote...

just trying

11:22 pm

Thu 22 Mar

lt.duc wrote...

dude the loud speaker button doesn't work on o2s

11:25 pm

Tue 27 Mar

RIPLU wrote...


2:12 pm

Fri 30 Mar

Magnus wrote...

Works fine on my HTC 8100 (Cingular). Download to pc, copy to ppc, open the cab file. After install, reboot. Easy! Looks good.

4:38 pm

Sat 14 Apr

Luca wrote...

L'ho installato sul mio Tytn... x me è molto bello.

12:23 pm

Sat 14 Apr

oscar wrote...

this is a great skin

3:42 pm

Thu 26 Apr

Suryanto Lee wrote...

Amazing! I like It. Cool!!

3:23 am

Sun 29 Apr

dafensh wrote...


7:40 am

Mon 30 Apr

aris wrote...

i have the 8125. does anyone know if i install this if i will lose the area where it shows the photo for my contact? thanks!

10:45 pm

Wed 2 May

Daminvs wrote...

Just installed it on my HTC P3300. Works fine. Well sized buttons for thumbs. I just hope my original dialer is unaffected on uninstall.

2:11 pm

Sun 6 May

Kevin wrote...

Works flawlessly on Audiovox xv6700, just took me a minute to find the backspace

5:09 pm

Mon 7 May

kinetz wrote...


1:55 pm

Tue 8 May

Ralph wrote...

It failed to install the first try for me as well. Here is what I did. Hope it works for you. 1- Extract the CAB file and copy to your device 2- Reset your device 3- Run the CAB (double click) from your device prior to using the phone. Works great!

1:38 pm

Thu 10 May

Smoove wrote...

I have MDA Compact III (HTC P3300),just worked fine.thanks

2:10 am

Sat 12 May

FLA Anthony wrote...

Download, stick the zip file on the phone, extract ,install & enjoy. Looks and feels much better than the built in dialer. Thanks Jimmy98y

8:50 am

Mon 21 May

Lurker82 wrote...

Works great on HTC P4000

4:36 pm

Fri 8 Jun

ahusan wrote...

dosent work on a pocket pc 2003 ..does it ??

4:49 am

Fri 8 Jun

Vince wrote...

how does this work on Sprint PPC 6700???

7:11 am

Sat 9 Jun

ahusan wrote...

it says that the setup is not a valid windows CE file !!!

1:45 am

Sun 10 Jun

bdbigbee wrote...

working great on my htc 8525 download straight to phone and unzip. thanks

12:14 pm

Wed 27 Jun

tuan wrote...


10:02 pm

Thu 28 Jun

luca wrote...


1:58 pm

Mon 2 Jul

Tattoo Gaz wrote...

Works excellent on my Orange SPV M700 (HTC Trinity) Nice one buddy :D

4:07 pm

Thu 12 Jul

joshua wrote...

Nice, this is wonderfulllll

1:16 pm

Fri 13 Jul

TommyD wrote...

HTC PPC6700 must reset device to install. If you have used the phone it will not install correctly. It will give you installation unsuccessful. I reset the phone and first thing ran .cab from device worked great!

8:18 am

Sat 14 Jul

Rogue11 wrote...

Clean!!! Very nice.

10:39 pm

Sun 15 Jul

Dirk wrote...

Works very well. No problem on my HTC tytn (WM5.0) without a single problem. THANKS! This is what i was looking for, like the black background, fits my "Today" background. Can I find the same for mu communication manager?

11:26 am

Wed 25 Jul

Sylvio Rinaldi Filho wrote...

very nice

12:59 pm

Sat 28 Jul

Damo wrote...

About HTC TyTN, can anybody says if contact photo, speed dial and call history features are still availables with new cool Vista Dailer? In call progress, speaker on, hold, mute, notes and contacts are still availables too? Please, let us know!

8:15 pm

Mon 30 Jul

love wrote...


5:28 am

Wed 1 Aug

Giupetto wrote...

Beautiful.Easy.How do I videocall on Tytn?

12:31 pm

Wed 1 Aug

Justin wrote...

Freakin awesome dude, works flawlessly on my xv6700 and it looks a hell of a lot better with my ppc looking like vista already

8:53 pm

Thu 9 Aug

jones wrote...

got this workin on my spv m600 on the second attempt,had to to soft reset after first install failed, now its workin perfectly..

3:23 pm

Tue 21 Aug

ajlani wrote...


10:46 am

Sun 2 Sep

Smiley wrote...

I installed it on my ppc 6700 it said sucessful, but after the softreset it bricked my phone. Any ideas what to do?

5:04 pm

Tue 11 Sep

jackie wrote...

thank you very much

10:46 pm

Tue 18 Sep

orane grant wrote...

it wasgood I liked it

4:38 pm

Fri 21 Sep

Jacob wrote...

Intstalled it on the HTC P3600. It works great except for the fact that my Contacts list is slowed down a lot- really, it takes a minute to load. Which is really not that great

9:15 am

Tue 25 Sep

farrariliata wrote...

very nice thank you very much!

6:18 am

Tue 9 Oct

Abraham Cruz wrote...

It works great in my HTC Wizard 9100. Perfect for my today theme. Gracias!

3:06 pm

Mon 5 Nov

Matt wrote...

I also have the problem with the top of the numbers being cut off when dialing. Looks pretty ugly. Any way to fix this?

6:28 am

Tue 13 Nov

laura wrote...

works great on PPC 6800!

6:53 pm

Tue 20 Nov

JBoogz wrote...

Would it work with a T-Mobile Wing?

11:16 am

Sat 24 Nov

alex wrote...

how do i install it in my hyc 8525

4:03 pm

Wed 28 Nov

Ptcruuizer wrote...

Just installed it, seems to work great! (8525)

10:11 am

Mon 17 Dec

Eric wrote...

Works awesome! The only WM dialer that doesn't disable the autofind feature (filters address book based on numbers/letters entered). Remember to save it to your computer, copy it to a folder on your mobile device, then unzip it from your device.

7:17 am

Sun 6 Jan

stefano wrote...

I install it on hp 6595,come out installation successful but can't find the program and keypad still the same!any idea?

9:44 am

Sun 6 Jan

raticus76 wrote...

Awesome on my Wizard! Is there a way to launch "iContacts" from ths dialer's "contacts" softkey? That would make it perfect!

12:54 pm

Wed 16 Jan

Flicknife wrote...

As long as you move the .Cab file to your Windows Mobile device and then load it, it works fine. uploaded it on my XDA Orbit and works great, the one thing i hated about my old phone was the dialer not having large enough keys to finger tap them. this solves that problem in a stylish way.

5:20 am

Thu 17 Jan

Knight6852 wrote...

Does this work on WM6 on a Tilt?

6:06 pm

Mon 28 Jan

lance wrote...

How do you get to the contact screen on a Mobile? It just goes to the numbers when I push the phone button.

2:09 pm

Mon 18 Feb

Darksyn wrote...

Works great on my PPC 6800. When I make or recieve a call I get my contact's picture and the ability to create notes. Doesn't work unless those conditions are met. Nice looking program though

12:11 pm

Tue 26 Feb

SalC wrote...

Jimy is my hero love this on my PPC 6800

1:58 am

Wed 27 Feb

lhfh wrote...

i just installed it, and it works well. however, h stiil prefer my original one, but i can uninstall it, can anybody help me?

8:49 pm

Wed 27 Feb

lhfh wrote...

i just installed it, and it works well. however, h stiil prefer my original one, but i can not uninstall it, can anybody help me? HELP

8:52 pm

Fri 7 Mar

james wrote...

installed on my mogul and it works fine

3:04 pm

Fri 25 Apr

tilter wrote...

Works nicely on my ATT tilt

1:39 pm

Sun 27 Apr

Dediyanto Molangga wrote...

great software

2:06 pm

Mon 28 Apr

Rogmar wrote...

Works fine on my HTC Tytn II. Thanks a lot mate.

8:59 am

Fri 6 Jun

Veeshy wrote...

I installed it in my Sprint Mogul HTC 6800. Looks cool, seems to works find, accept for when I dial a number, there seems to be a small blacked out square in the left hand corner where the last caller ID is suppose to be. It kinda bugs when you dialed a number and check to see if you actually did dial the right area code or not.

4:51 pm

Tue 12 Aug

Tote wrote...

Works on Samsung i830

11:18 pm

Sat 6 Sep

kami wrote...

hi , this software solve my big problem of dialing with HTC P4350 . I can just appreciate for it

4:12 am

Mon 29 Sep

drsam wrote...

good one guys.worked well on my qtek but where is mute,handsfree and conference tab....

4:26 am

Mon 13 Oct

ulhas wrote...

compicated to install on mobile

3:36 pm

Thu 26 Feb

gromiteer wrote...

Works great on my Cingular 8125 with WM5! Thanks!

4:08 pm

Wed 18 Mar

Sgp_HTC_user wrote...

I installed into my HTC Touch Diamond, but must say that it don\'t work. The layout look very messy.

7:35 pm

Tue 19 May

ricardo wrote...

amazing jimmy!! easy to install on htc8125, and beautiful!! thanks a lot!!

9:32 am

Wed 20 May

captain picard of the uss enterprise wrote...

this is awesome!!! installed it on my HTC tytn2 and it works brilliant looks way better than the default dialer, thanks jimmy!

2:23 pm

Thu 11 Jun

Koedy Harper wrote...

Can you install this on Htc touch diamond and if so... HOW????

7:40 pm

Fri 17 Jul

Scott wrote...

Worked well on my old PPC6700. Gave it a very updated look and feel. Nice work!

8:17 am

Sun 16 Aug

hogg wrote...


9:47 am

Tue 18 Aug

Adrianus wrote...

It works great on my i-mate K-JAM/HTC Wizard. I even have a matching Vista theme.

9:21 am

Fri 16 Oct

MasterKaiser wrote...

Nice dialer, better than the stock Tilt dialer. When install, just be sure to install on the device, (not the storage card)

11:33 am

Mon 2 Nov

Jeff wrote...

Works great on my chinese knock-off with wm5

10:19 am

Sat 24 Apr

king wrote...

It does not look good on my HTC TOUCH PRO...It\'s all scrabble images.

8:38 pm



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