Windows 7 Theme for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

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• Summary: A Windows 7 Skin for Windows Mobile

• Requirements:
Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5 , 6 , 6.1

• Price: Freeware

• Arrived: Sep 29, 2009aa
• Found under: themes, skin, windows 7, wisbar, desktop, ,

• Made by: rajivshahi

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pocket pc Windows 7 Theme freeware
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Rating: 4.1/5
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» Windows 7 Theme Description

Windows 7 Theme Pocket PC software

Finally A complete windows 7 theme for vga screen device....both portrait and landscape version

Windows 7 Theme Screenshots

A Windows 7 Skin for Windows Mobile A Windows 7 Skin for Windows Mobile

A Windows 7 Skin for Windows Mobile A Windows 7 Skin for Windows Mobile

Here is video shot by Brandon Miniman from PocketNow


Having trouble while uploading new files to XDA.. So download VGA landscape version and new portrait version (Win Se7en) from Mediafire link HERE


You need ALL THREE files to completely install this theme...
QVGA Portrait version Released ( BIG THANKS TO BRUNO FOR QVGA) link here

QVGA Landscape version Released (BIG THANX TO BRUNO) LINK HERE

Download the installation guide and other required cab for QVGA version from HERE




3) IN YOUR DEVICE BROWSE THE FILE Win Se7en Portrait.wadesktop and Win Se7en Landscape.wadesktop AND CLICK THEM IT SHOULD SELF INSTALL...









the Windows 7 Theme for Pocket PC free

• Price: Freeware

» Comments on Windows 7 Theme

Tue 29 Sep

Luke wrote...

Does this overwrite everything else? Or can I go back to the normal WM skin?

9:00 am

Tue 29 Sep

fwartgferg wrote...

Wow, that looks great! i ve stocked at 6th point and dont know.. i cant see this file :/ Anyone have one cab to install this??

9:24 am

Tue 29 Sep

Ryan Taylor wrote...

I have Spb Mobile Shell 3 running on a Tilt 6.0. Will installing this skin interfere with that? Will it just replace the usual Today screen and can this skin be uninstalled if needed?

9:58 am

Tue 29 Sep

Omegakaii wrote...

could put this on my touch pro 2?

10:06 am

Tue 29 Sep

AlexGV wrote...

Great work guys. What about the Omnia version (240x400 - WQVGA)?

10:16 am

Tue 29 Sep

Ruben wrote...

it does look great, but there\'s no way how to download the system, pls send me a true link to download

10:22 am

Tue 29 Sep

akash wrote...

not working on HTC diamond. Only half screen is full but tool bar is half. all other programs in start menu is half. I used QVGA.

10:41 am

Tue 29 Sep

Try Again wrote...

Any plans for WVGA?

11:25 am

Tue 29 Sep

Veselin Nedeff wrote...

@akash you need to download VGA version. @Luke, @Ryan Taylor this runs under Wisbar and don\'t replace your default today screen setup.

11:43 am

Tue 29 Sep

Prats wrote...

Even i am stuck at point 6.... Help anyone???

12:05 pm

Tue 29 Sep

Mark wrote...

Installed it and deleted it two minutes later. Looks cool but the worst theme ever. Don\'t waste your time. Cool idea though,

12:15 pm

Tue 29 Sep

Prats wrote...

It MIGHT be a good application but just doesnt seem worth it..

12:15 pm

Tue 29 Sep

Akash wrote...

does not work by using QVGA & VGA also. Having HTC diamond.

12:45 pm

Tue 29 Sep

Harsh wrote...

its worked...installation is tough for a new user..i liked it but the quality of graphics isnt very gud!!...need improvement in it!!

12:47 pm

Tue 29 Sep

Dawud wrote...

Very hard to install, some steps may be skipped depending on the device (could be on mine). Takes alot of customization compared to other freeware on the site, however, if you have some freetime to install everything, looks pretty cool. Nice user interface. Couldn\'t get my device to display like the youtube video, but the theme I am using is pretty cool too. Thanks for the work (I put in alot too!)

4:06 pm

Tue 29 Sep

TechGeek wrote...

What a waste of time.. Won\'t recommend this to anyone..Needs lots of improvement.

4:14 pm

Tue 29 Sep

ErebusAres wrote...

When I run \"WAD2\" my screen just shows the original Start Menu Title Bar, (with Signal, Volume, Battery, Clock, etc..) nothing comes up, or does anything. even waited a few mins... no \"loading circle\" or anything.

5:00 pm

Tue 29 Sep

Ryan Taylor wrote...

Thanks for the info. I already have Wisbar Advance installed on my device. Will this change the install steps?

8:54 pm

Tue 29 Sep

rayre wrote...

work on my HP ipaq rw6828,,but can\'t re-assign the shortcut for please?

9:05 pm

Wed 30 Sep

Rob QVGA wrote...

im havin trouble getting the themes..I think I hav to sing in to XDA to get themm..I dun want to register though. can you please provide links to dl the themes frm another site? that wud be helpful :D thnks in advance

12:22 am

Wed 30 Sep

Arpit wrote...

if u need latest windows mobile softwares @free of cost just cal me on my no +919462222322

2:41 am

Wed 30 Sep

Arpit` wrote...

i have cool and latest windows mobile(pocketpc) softwares if u need those softwares call us at +919462222322 spb shell with key and lots of

2:49 am

Wed 30 Sep

jeffrey tan wrote...

cant install the installation part, the 3rd one. help me

4:10 am

Wed 30 Sep

jeffrey tan wrote...

the installation guide cannot be download. said link appear to be broken. HELP !!

4:16 am

Wed 30 Sep

Prof.D wrote...

dont seem to work on the diamond 2.. :-(

6:21 am

Wed 30 Sep

shaukat wrote...

there are two words for your side are \"think and get\"

10:32 am

Wed 30 Sep

xPhAnToMz wrote...

Installed on HTC Touch, works great, awsome theme thanks, just follow the steps took me about 30 min through phone and laptop sync.

11:06 am

Wed 30 Sep

Sammy Sticht wrote...

why in my touch pro the icon is very small?

11:46 pm

Thu 1 Oct

Milan Thakkar wrote...

can anyone give direct link for download ? As xda have useless system for registration and then download.Even after registration the error comes for wrong uasername /password.Probably they do not want to give software free.Don\'t waste your time.

1:52 am

Thu 1 Oct

thanush su wrote...

i have downloaded this but trying to install can any 1 explain me how to do it?

4:28 am

Thu 1 Oct

WIndows 7 wrote...

It\'s a Bet(t)a theme ? RTM has a better wallpaper than the betta fish used for beta version of 7.

4:40 am

Thu 1 Oct

thanush su wrote...

i have installed but i found two - points 1. profile picture can not saved of storage card can not changed

4:51 am

Thu 1 Oct

richard wrote...

i have a htc touch,upgraded to 6.1. The site we guys take these softwares and stuff is a freeware site.but XDA seems to keep a hold on most of the sucks to see that the XDA page opens up.I couldnt download it anyways.will try and make one of my own..cheers guys all the best for trying.

8:55 am

Thu 1 Oct

Kre wrote...

I did everything on the qvga instructions i have the htc mogul. but when i go to scan for new themes it comes up with nothing.

9:45 am

Thu 1 Oct

Hannes94 wrote...

Can it work on my eten glofiish x800 with windowsmobile 6.1 professionell? Please help me :)

1:30 pm

Thu 1 Oct

donce wrote...

how change resolution ?

6:42 pm

Fri 2 Oct

heena sehgal wrote...


6:22 am

Fri 2 Oct

fakih a razak wrote...

I m having Imate Kjam Pls. guide me how to download this software and install

10:07 pm

Sat 3 Oct

nitin wrote...

hey i am unable to download this software plz any one reading this send mi this windows theme 7 plzzzzz my email id is

4:41 am

Sat 3 Oct

alkesh wrote...

free but not a free it's fuck

5:31 am

Sun 4 Oct

imartificial wrote...

my theme doesn\'t look like ur\'s. how to make look like ur\'s?

1:04 am

Sun 4 Oct

Moses James wrote...

installed it but it didn\'t fit to my screen.please a samsung sgh-i780

7:24 am

Sun 4 Oct

Jared wrote...

i have a sprint htc touch pro it works but comes up really small. the task bar at the bottom only goes half way across the screen.its all distorted. does anyone know how to fix this?

7:56 pm

Mon 5 Oct

Ali wrote...

thanks for sharing such cool applications.

2:21 am

Mon 5 Oct

dani wrote...

no for samsung i900? wqvga :(

3:30 pm

Mon 5 Oct

guest wrote...

my feedback is, make some useful release by making easy installation, it's totally unprofessional and unsafe to install in 11 steps!!! holy crap, get your ideas right man...

3:59 pm

Wed 7 Oct

dhaoracle wrote...

when is this going to be available on the Omnia i910...

1:12 pm

Wed 7 Oct

reg66 wrote...

this looks great. would love to a more finalized version with simple cab install rather than a 11 step process, not for the average user. bit concerned about how \'sluggish\' it would be using 3rd party software. unable to test now, but shows great promise

9:47 pm

Sun 11 Oct

eagel1974 wrote...


1:30 pm

Mon 12 Oct

Jeff Merrill wrote...

I did something wrong. How can i uninstall and reinstall? Pleaseemail @

10:54 am

Mon 12 Oct

Nik wrote...

I am unble to complete step 6 please help someone

11:04 am

Mon 12 Oct

Ferdi wrote...

can someone plz help with step 3,6,7?

2:36 pm

Mon 12 Oct

James wrote...

Definitely not for someone not versed in smart phones or computer use. However, I got it installed on my HTC Touch Pro 2 and it works great. There is a little lag when a button is pushed, but the ease of use is well worth it. Follow the direction and use your knowledge to figure out what some of the \"less than perfect\" translations are. Once it\'s on, you\'ll like it.

8:31 pm

Tue 13 Oct

Tom wrote...

All I need help with is step 8. I don\'t understand what to do because of how it is explained.

4:03 am

Tue 13 Oct

Tom wrote...

I\'ve got a VGA HTC Fuze from AT&T. Hope that helps.

4:06 am

Tue 13 Oct

Shivan wrote...

i got the windows vista pe sp1 to work but i cant seem to get the windows seven to work ...can some one help me!

2:46 pm

Tue 13 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

Hi i\'m the creator of this theme and well for those people who is saying about the 11 steps to install the theme... well i\'ve explained it in detail and otherwise i could have just wrote 3-4 steps... Cheers Rajivshahi

10:16 pm

Tue 13 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ tom. there is a file named WMP Control.exe INSIDE THE WMP CONTROL folder inside VGA package... and you just need to copy that to \\program file.. and if you are using QVGA you should follow QVGA guide as the guide posted up is for VGA device... CHeers Rajivshahi

10:19 pm

Tue 13 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Ferdi well i guess you are using QVGA device... so please follow QVGA installation guide... and well about step 6 inside windows folder there will be a file named mortscript ( yellow in colour) you just need to double click it.. (but you need to install mortscript first) cheers Rajivshahi

10:25 pm

Tue 13 Oct

Tom wrote...

Which program file are you talking about? If you\'re talking about the Lakeridge Wisbar program file, I tried that once and it still didn\'t work. Maybe I\'m doing something wrong.

11:20 pm

Thu 15 Oct

Shivan wrote...

yess...i got working perfectly on my lg ks20...

9:44 am

Fri 16 Oct

Amol wrote...

it work on my cell phone but screen is not fit my mobile is HTC P3400i plz help me

2:37 am

Fri 16 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ tom just open file explorer and copy file to internal memory \\ program files.... there will be a folder named program files in the root of your device ( internal) memory....

9:59 pm

Sun 18 Oct

loganathan wrote...

My mobiles hes htc p3400i this mobiles windows7 software download pls this software sent pls

5:02 am

Tue 20 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ loganathan ... Your device is QVGA so please use the QVGA which should work perfectly in your HTC P3400i....

11:52 pm

Wed 21 Oct

Kendall wrote...

i have a htc fuze...step 1 and 2 were fine...step 3 i had no cab file to please i would really like to use this theme

12:46 am

Wed 21 Oct

tchibo wrote...

help: when i install mortscript there is no mortscript file in the windows dir! what i\'m doing wrong?

10:15 am

Wed 21 Oct

tchibo wrote...

i have already found the file, but the theme is working too slow, i will deinstall it

10:38 am

Wed 21 Oct

Kendall wrote...

ok so i found the mortscript tells me to run an extension...please help

2:29 pm

Thu 22 Oct

jose wrote...

Hi folk! The installed cabs were deployed in Program Files, not in Windows directory. So look for the programs there. Hi Rajivshahi! dou you have a version for WVGA? :-)

10:25 am

Thu 22 Oct

sebastian wrote...

i am using an htc touch pro i am having trouble in step 6 \"MORTSCRIPT\" does not appear under my \"WINDOWS\" folder

12:49 pm

Thu 22 Oct

sebastian wrote...

i found the MortScript folder but when i try to run it, it tells me to run any .mscr/.mortrun file am i doing something wrong?

12:57 pm

Thu 22 Oct

rob wrote...

it works for my htc touch pro with us cellular, however the icons are super small, pushed to the far left? nothing hardly visible. please advise.

1:27 pm

Thu 22 Oct

Kendall wrote...

sebastian me nd u are having the same problem if someone tells u what to do please relay the message

8:34 pm

Sat 24 Oct

Neal wrote...

Hi..I want to download windows7 theme in my HTC P 3400i.........How to do this.........Pls Help me.........

4:05 am

Sun 25 Oct

Tony wrote...

can it work on Omnia i900

6:03 am

Sun 25 Oct

jezze wrote...

does work on omnia i910 since it\'s only QVGA, doesn\'t look like it\'s supposed to desktop is stretched out, but the windows that open aren\'t

3:01 pm

Mon 26 Oct

topec wrote...

what is two map?? "Copy the two maps on your pocket pc" can you tell me pls..

9:43 am

Mon 26 Oct

db brooks wrote...

work awesome! ...newbie installed on mogul!

12:40 pm

Wed 28 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

Hi @ sebastian & Kendall when yoo click the mortscript it says registerd please run .mscr/.mortrun file... so you have sucessfully installed mortscript follow next step... Cheers Rajiv

9:50 am

Wed 28 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Rob it doesn\'t depend on your cellular network... did you install VGA version ??? as touch Pro is VGA not QVGA... @ Topec Where did you see two map.... i don\'t remember writing any thing regarding map in instalation text.... please read it carefully...

9:56 am

Wed 28 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ jose follow the XDA link.. i\'ve posted a WVGA makeover, sorry not complete WVGA theme but it will make VGA look like WVGA... ( so install VGA version and follow the WVGA guide for make over).... Cheers Rajiv

10:00 am

Thu 29 Oct

krunal wrote...

its vary good site for windowmobile

4:27 am

Thu 29 Oct

krunal wrote...

nice site

5:58 am

Fri 30 Oct

jin wrote...

blacks out my screen.gliches when i press buttons, reply soon.

5:31 am

Fri 30 Oct

Raihan Rahman wrote...

its cool

7:25 am

Fri 30 Oct

rajivshahi wrote...

@ joey please use google Translator i can not understand what you are saying... @ jin which button are you pressing ??? please be spicific.

9:47 am

Sat 31 Oct

joey wrote...

sorry! i dowloaded the vga version and unpacked it.wich files do i have to put on the phone? can you please end a step by step way for me? i really want this on my phone. thnx

1:02 pm

Mon 2 Nov

Eduardo wrote...

Work in Windows Mobile 6.5?

7:45 pm

Tue 3 Nov

Nicolaj wrote...

where do i find \"wmp control.exe\" cant seem to find it please help

4:31 am

Tue 3 Nov

Nicolaj wrote...

this is a very cool theme kinda hard to setup whi all the buttons and that but there is hardly any fault and u can set it up as you want just follow the instruktion it works with htc hd and i,m kinda guessing it wil work whit htc diamon and pro too :)

10:05 am

Tue 3 Nov

suntao wrote...

I like

9:23 pm

Wed 4 Nov

BrandonLP wrote...

mine is so big...i cant navigate thru if resolution is set at like

3:35 am

Wed 4 Nov

spytfyre wrote...

Does it work on Sony Ericsson X1?

9:04 am

Thu 5 Nov

nawfal wrote...

nice site ths

8:56 pm

Fri 6 Nov

Suku wrote...

can you please end a step by step way for me? i really want this on my phone. thnx

9:10 pm

Thu 12 Nov

ARmAGeDon wrote...

Me too pls I don\'t know how started the program :(((

11:58 am

Fri 13 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

sorry guys there is no easy way... you have to follow steps properly.. and you will succeed... and it does work in 6.5 if you have wad2 installed...

6:36 am

Fri 13 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

And i had stopped any furter development in this theme so please don\'t ask for easy instalation files...i\'ve done my best to help you guys,so please follow steps ,its not really hard...

6:46 am

Sat 14 Nov

Adrian wrote...

You had to put your name and your picture there... nice theme but i like my phone persoalized for myself not for you.Dont get me wrong but you could put there a user not your name and pic.For this reason your theme sucks

6:49 am

Sat 14 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

Well that\'s not a big deal you can change it as you wish it just take few minutes so better ask first than showing disrespect....

11:12 pm

Sat 14 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

And if you read carefully there is a another version in the original forum without my picture or name....its v 1.1,,, for VGA portrait...

11:15 pm

Wed 18 Nov

panch wrote...


9:45 am

Thu 19 Nov

MGmotors wrote...

I like this theme!!! where can i get this other version? without your name and pic ;)

1:56 pm

Thu 19 Nov

ROUSLAN1989 wrote...

hi...i hav just 1 question abt this windows can work in omnia player addict i900???bkoz i try but nothing...

3:50 pm

Sat 21 Nov

zerokoolnapster wrote...

thank you so much really its funny best theme i had ever installed

12:13 pm

Sat 21 Nov

jose wrote...

Hi Rajivshahi, it is working great on my HTC HD2. The only one I do not know is how to make my own icon (added to the desktop) to be hiden when I open other window. The new window (e.g. for Contacts) is visible but my icon too, over the Contact window. Please advice ;-)

3:31 pm

Sun 22 Nov

jose wrote...

for MGMotors: Also Photoshop beginners could manage that. I have there photo of my naked girlsfriend instead of rajivshahi\'s photo ;-)

6:17 am

Wed 25 Nov

eddie wrote...

I did it σn my omnia but the screec are to small i just get like the corner of the screen, can i do somthing abour that?

3:19 pm

Wed 25 Nov

Stuart wrote...

Nice work Raj, got it working in 20 mins on my Omnia. Cheers for making and taking the time to create install instructions :) tc buddy.

5:24 pm

Thu 26 Nov

toshiba portege wrote...

number 5 in the istructions list is not available on my phone,in my windows folder i got no mortscript installed instead its in the program list as a folder with win word texts in it please help((((

3:34 am

Thu 26 Nov

prashant wrote...

hey...nice work...but its not working on my HTC Love. can u pls guide me how to install it....

6:25 am

Thu 26 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

@ jose after you create an icon in desktop tap and hold and use the option send to background or something like that... it will send it behind any active windows.... for everyone wanting to put there photo please use your photo and resize it and just add it in top of my photo .

9:39 am

Thu 26 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

@ toshiba portege please check yhis and try again....

9:48 am

Thu 26 Nov

rajivshahi wrote...

@ eddie well if possible can you post some screen shots so i can exactly know the problem you are facing... @ prashant... well the instruction is straight would be nice if you point out which step you are stuck on...

9:51 am

Tue 1 Dec

Rizwan wrote...

hello there, i had installed the thems works fine but it gove me very large icons and no startup screen also, my hand set is imate 8502

1:36 am

Tue 1 Dec

Four2zero wrote...

The program installed successfully on my Samsung Code i220 phone running Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. However, it does not work well with a non-touch phone, Can you make this app compatible for non-touch phones as well.

9:38 pm

Wed 2 Dec

pamancp wrote...


11:24 am

Wed 2 Dec

rehan wrote...

plz..someone tell me..i have qteck s200,windows version 5.0 than how can i download it and install it?

1:48 pm

Wed 2 Dec

Perry Levine wrote...

H, when i try to install the landscape and portrait, I get a message saying select a folder to install the theme. I click ok ad nothing happens.

10:05 pm

Wed 2 Dec

Perry Levine wrote...

I have an HTC Pro...sorry

10:06 pm

Thu 3 Dec

emerson agnitio gustaf wrote...

sory if i do something wrong.. are there some error function then in my window mobile? thank before

3:03 am

Thu 3 Dec

kishan wrote...

do it work on HTC p3300

7:02 am

Fri 4 Dec

taimur wrote...

i cant go past step 6 plz help

7:44 am

Sat 5 Dec

enriquedp wrote...

hey! im having trouble installing this theme i dont find Mortscriptfile in the windows folder neither WAD2 so i cant run it.... someone pls! =)

7:07 pm

Sun 6 Dec

enriquedp wrote...

does anyone helps in here? :S

7:58 am

Mon 7 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@ taimur and enriquedp please see the following pictures to make it clear... just click yellow mortscript file and it will give you some dialog box see this picture ...just click Ok and your done move to step 7

12:40 pm

Mon 7 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@ emerson agnitio gustaf it is normal as those links were for the apps i used and you\'ll have different app.... you can edit it by clicking and holding the image and editing the script to appropriate app...

12:43 pm

Mon 7 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Perry Levine just select any folder and click ok.... it will self install... and go to wad2 settings and scan for new theme and the theme should be there....

12:45 pm

Mon 7 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Four2zero sorry i don\'t have a non touch device and doesn\'t really know how it works, with wad2... it is basically meant for touchscreen devices...

12:47 pm

Mon 7 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Rizwan, my initial guess is that you installed VGA version... your device is QVGA so install QVGA version and you\'ll get normal icon and starmenu as well...

12:51 pm

Mon 7 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@ rehan install wad2 and install the theme according to your screen resolution...

12:52 pm

Tue 8 Dec

John wrote...

Does this work on the HTC HD2? When i click on download its say: Broken link! How or where can i download the theme? Greets John

12:02 pm

Tue 8 Dec

noga wrote...

i got the same problem that enrique haved.. please help!

9:44 pm

Tue 8 Dec

rajivshahi wrote...

@noga see the folowing picture

11:44 pm

Thu 10 Dec

karan wrote...

hi i install this skin my omnia mobile it working but ican are very big why that look like..

3:49 pm

Wed 16 Dec

el_mac wrote...

amazing.... thanks :)

7:44 am

Thu 17 Dec

darwin wrote...

how can I download to my samsung sgh i-780? please help me..

2:04 am

Sun 20 Dec

CHARLES wrote...

Hi, Anybody help me pls.. I have Htc p3400 Wm6. Any option to install in My Device Wm6 ?

12:59 am

Mon 21 Dec

Cherry wrote...

Dear Author, I install all cab files as per yours guidance. Win7theme,wad2,mortscript4.2,message2reg. But, When I change the theme Win7 doesn't appear any new theme. Default only works well. My device info: HTC P3400i Professional wm6. PLS GUIDE ME this posts or by mail Cherry 919840649062 I am waiting for your reply......

4:58 am

Tue 22 Dec

Andrew wrote...

The mortscrip is located in \"program files\" when you install for the first time. Author... can you tell me how to keep the theme running even after I hit the home button on my HTC Touch Pro?

9:19 pm

Thu 24 Dec

Eric B wrote...

I have a Mac so the .exe file doesn\'t work. is there anyway i can still install this on my phone

6:20 am

Thu 24 Dec

Eric B wrote...

I cant get any of these files, i dont understand

6:28 am

Sat 26 Dec

noim wrote...

i did all the steps at last when i run wad2 it runs,but it does not have any button named search new me....

12:38 am

Sat 26 Dec

djwar wrote...

open wad tap and hold screen click on change theme tap menu press scan for theme then it should say found two themes then click on the portrait and click menu then click on make portrait do the same with landscape

2:40 pm

Wed 30 Dec

jeroen wrote...

Thnx Rajiv, it works outstanding! or in dutch : het werkt fantastisch! bedankt!

6:20 am

Wed 30 Dec

spiros wrote...


7:21 pm

Sat 2 Jan

waqas wrote...

hi rajive i have WVGA phone which version should install. i have install windows 7 theme from other source but i want to get same icons. my phone is HTC HD2 plz help thanks

3:07 pm

Sat 9 Jan

avinash wrote...

I want windows 7 on my HTC Touch viva mobile pls help me

11:57 am

Sun 10 Jan

raju wrote...


7:59 am

Sun 10 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Cherry, highlight the theme and click the menu and set as portrait or landscape for landscape and click apply....

8:26 am

Sun 10 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

@ Eric B you don\'t need pc to install it... just copy it to your phone and install....

8:27 am

Sun 10 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

@ noim right click (tap and hold ) in the theme and go to settings.. change theme>>> menu and there you can find scan for new theme, after scanning highlight the theme, click menu and set as portrait theme and apply...

8:31 am

Sun 10 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

@ waqas PLEASE install VGA version and apply WVGA transformation package...

8:32 am

Sun 10 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

@ avinash please install the qvga version of wad2 and qvga theme...

8:34 am

Sun 10 Jan

tim wrote...

mann i have a problem i need serial to open wisbar 2.5a can you help me.. i have no money to register i wait you email

10:12 am

Sun 10 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

@ tim sorry man i\'m the author of theme , not the author of the the i can not help you with matter.... i can only help you with theme, and i\'m using wad2 v2.2

5:35 pm

Mon 11 Jan

Avinash wrote...

Pls sent me details of Windows 7. I\'m do\'nt install windows 7 on my HTC touch useing windows 6.1

6:07 am

Tue 12 Jan

Avinash wrote...

Pls help me about the install windows 7 on my HTC touch viva pls call me on me at +919881754567. thanks Avi

6:45 am

Tue 12 Jan

mad dal wrote...

i cant get win7 theme on my wm6.1 the \'so-called\' links to get it wont work. nice one who created it. ur a total fck up! go blow yourself up!!!

10:08 am

Tue 12 Jan

kiabee wrote...

step 3. the file is not installing. please help

8:37 pm

Wed 13 Jan

danimal wrote...

everytime i try to download the theme i only get one file. where can i get a ligitimate download

11:44 am

Sat 16 Jan

abara renji wrote...

i\'m succes install this theme. Qvga version on my omnia. i\'m modify to wqvga version. because screen omnia 240x400 pixel.. thank\'s to rajivshahi..

3:11 am

Sun 17 Jan

rajivshahi wrote...

to all who is having trouble downloading. you need to be registered in xda-developers to download the QVGA files....

12:26 am

Sun 17 Jan

rajatg wrote...

I have a HTC Touch and I am stuck at point # 6, can u help me ?

2:47 am

Sun 17 Jan

Quinne wrote...

can any 1 help me to install this on my omnia i900? i cant understand when i watch the video... T_T

8:53 pm

Mon 18 Jan

rajatg wrote...

hey rajiv, I can\'t find the MORTSCRIPT in WINDOWS folder..

10:14 am

Mon 18 Jan

Quinne wrote...

why is it that i already rgister at the XDA and still i cant get the file there?... T_T

10:45 pm

Tue 26 Jan

Jeroen wrote...

Doesn\'t work properly on my Htc Touch Pro. The Windows vista screen only uses half of my mobiles screen.

2:26 pm

Tue 2 Feb

tarkaboy wrote...

Thank you :) It perfectly works on my samsung omnia (i900) I love that. /cheer

3:09 pm

Wed 10 Feb

neeraj wrote...

will it work for WVGA b7610 omnia pro.

4:25 am

Thu 11 Feb

kalpesh wrote...

i like it

6:12 am

Sat 13 Feb

mac wrote...

hey dude,,thanks a lot,,but step 3. the file is not installing. please help please please please

10:44 pm

Sat 13 Feb

eminem wrote...

rajivshahi,,please give me your y m..please

10:57 pm

Sat 13 Feb

excited wrote...

gud day,there is no Message2Reg cab PROVIDED INSIDE THE FOLDER INTO MY PHONE MEMORY my windows mobile is htc touch viva..please help..thank u

11:27 pm

Sun 14 Feb

mamama wrote...

what is that extractd folder?and where will i paste it??

1:04 am

Thu 18 Feb

AsiMiT wrote...

Hi I have I-mate Jamin Haw can i install on it please guide me windows 5 is their

12:03 pm

Mon 22 Feb

fylpee wrote...

im stuck on step clueless as to where im suppose to find this file

10:29 pm

Tue 23 Feb

kakalakakis wrote...

Thanks for your efforts, but the install instructions are a little poor...i can΄t execute step 6. There is no mortscript in my Windows folder!! If i execute step 5, i can΄t choose the Windows folder ??!!??

2:58 pm

Sat 27 Feb

HTC PRO wrote...

Those install instructions SUCK brother. Why didn\'t you make a batch file that auto extracts and installs them in order and ensures that the install goes according to the correct order? The Theme looks good, but nobody is gonna do 50 million installs just for a Windows 7 theme.

10:57 pm

Wed 10 Mar

Hayden wrote...

Awesome but a bit laggy and freezes up every now and then. Thank you

1:09 am

Sat 13 Mar

Habib Shaikh wrote...

Hi rajivshahi, u had done gr8 job dude..everyone stuck in 4/5/6 steps & stuck step 7.. I cant go to next step..pls reply..thnx a lot..

11:59 pm

Sun 14 Mar

v.a.turner wrote...


3:31 pm

Tue 16 Mar

seyhan wrote...

i have instal alot of files but id dont works plz help me! :$

9:03 am

Wed 17 Mar

sdpptb wrote...

i liked it but i failed to install hepl me plsss... mobile:- imate jasjam (windows5)

5:48 am

Fri 2 Apr

aasikin wrote...

dear rajiv, pls make it like single click cab file we used to install the mobile shell 3.5, thanks buddy, we love you and we bless you

2:12 am

Fri 9 Apr

arshiv wrote...

where can i get WVGA version of this. Any help appreciated. thanks

12:20 pm

Mon 12 Apr

Jurijs wrote...

Many thanks for author efforts. I applied this theme on WM 6.5 device emulator and suddenly felt a bit disappointed and I thoat WHY shold i have the same interface as on my PC and make my life more difficult?

10:29 am

Sun 16 May

zaid wrote...


4:53 am

Mon 17 May

subir wrote...

hi where is the file difficult 2 find pl.s help

2:57 pm

Fri 21 May

koren robinsion wrote...


12:46 pm

Sat 22 May

dixon wrote...

soooo good this software

6:27 am

Sun 23 May

hakyono wrote...

hi where is the file????

8:41 pm

Thu 27 May

Marie1 wrote...

Should b easier to install

10:11 am

Thu 10 Jun

paul velez wrote...


5:24 pm

Sat 12 Jun

Chetan wrote...


8:39 pm

Sun 13 Jun

irgihadi wrote...

i failed .,i dont have mortscript in window folder .,i stuck on step 6 .,my phone is dopod 838 pro

7:49 am

Tue 15 Jun

binod wrote...

where do i download this from. do i need to register? i suppose it was free. links take me no where

12:45 pm

Mon 21 Jun

joyesjoyes wrote...

Hi rajivshahi, u had done gr8 job dude..everyone stuck in 4/5/6 steps & stuck step 7.. I cant go to next step..pls reply..thnx a lot..

6:02 pm

Mon 21 Jun

joyesjoyes wrote...

Report Broken Link ! Please try couple of times to download and then report a problem, thanks in advance.

6:52 pm

Wed 23 Jun

munna wrote...

it\'s working good.

5:45 am

Fri 25 Jun

anish wrote...

how to download

2:36 am

Fri 2 Jul

Tonny wrote...

The theme is too good, but I can not download it. send me to another page where I can not do anything. help me please. someone who has the files I send to my mail please: would greatly appreciate it

1:18 pm

Thu 8 Jul

chemaleiva wrote...

i like

7:38 am

Sun 11 Jul

Hasan wrote...


9:11 am

Tue 13 Jul

Ramσn wrote...


4:36 pm

Fri 16 Jul

cobb wrote...


1:55 am

Sun 18 Jul

travis wrote...

I have a palm treo 800w and when i install the vga theme its all big and when i install the qvga its not big enough

4:16 pm

Wed 21 Jul

Duddy wrote...

Quite good, working well in my HTC Touch Pro. Except for the message and weather. In landscape, shortcut message is working well. When i\'m switching to landscape/potrait, it takes times to change completely. and volume tray icon don\'t work too :) Most of all, i like this theme :D Thx u very much

4:15 am

Sun 25 Jul

Lee wrote...

it looks very well crafted. just cant download it on my touch pro 2? can anyone help me?

3:18 pm

Sat 14 Aug

Dipin wrote...

i couldn\'t see Win Se7en Portrait.wadesktop and Win Se7en Landscape.wadesktop to install after unzipping the files i downloaded...plz help...

3:27 am

Thu 19 Aug

Arif Ullah wrote...

can any one tell me . does it work for HTC HD2. if it does, which version.

6:03 am

Sat 21 Aug

vasu wrote...


5:40 am

Sat 21 Aug

armando wrote...

can you post directions that we can actually follow? these directions suck. theme looks great!

1:55 pm

Tue 24 Aug

gober wrote...

I don't really know yet, if you all would just let me download the thing. I'll know in a minute though.

9:39 pm

Tue 7 Sep

beizza wrote...

it is work on m930?? please i want that theme,,, is great theme,,,

6:10 am

Fri 10 Sep

uioy wrote...

does not work HTC TyTN 2 Windows Mobile 6.1 but otherwise would not fit on the screen

9:12 am

Tue 14 Sep

vouthyvong wrote...

i dont know how the best theme windows phone 7 is?

12:54 am

Tue 21 Sep

blocku wrote...

good themes :)

4:34 am

Thu 23 Sep

farhad wrote...

the last file is f**ked up man! it\'s always broken..

3:33 am

Fri 24 Sep

morteza wrote...

for htc

1:26 pm

Sun 26 Sep

David Vizcaino wrote...

The last file is not messed up. If you have a windows phone, you need to download the last file from your internet explorer. If you have a device that only has Opera as your browser or any other browsers, you will need to download the file from your computer and just drop it into your storage card. Worked for me.

1:55 pm

Mon 11 Oct

parinya wongaeim wrote...

i want theme windows 7

2:01 am

Tue 28 Dec

santozrx wrote...

the zip is brokeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn.!!!!!!!!!!! i dnt understan how to install.!please explain me

10:07 am

Thu 30 Dec

Sergio Salazar wrote...

Awesome !

4:25 pm

Sat 29 Jan

sara wrote...

can u uninstall if u dont want the theme anymore

8:47 pm

Fri 4 Feb

Jonathan Manickam wrote...

could you plz plz plz plz put this all into one cab file and if you do not want this theme anymore how do you stop thnx

11:09 pm

Sun 9 Oct

shbban4pc wrote...


12:34 pm

Thu 13 Oct

taku13 wrote...

Does it worked on HTC touch diamond

7:23 pm

Mon 31 Oct

Egerhazi Peter wrote...

that dont works, fu.

6:00 am

Sat 19 Nov

Rajesh wrote...

hello!!!i have samsung i780 windows6.1 mobile. i did 8 installation steps out of 11. When i tried to do 9th step my phone got hanged. I have removed my phone\'s battery and pressed power button. But my phone haven\'t turned on:( Guys can u suggest me a good solution to my problem????

10:55 am

Sat 24 Mar

bahaabebo34 wrote...

nice skin

9:03 pm



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