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Autoflight 3.1.1

Summary: It is unique software to have your Smartphome become a micro Big Ben, a time speaker, an alarm, and more important, a time switch for flight on/off, reset, silent/normal and power off.

Smartphone 2002

Price: $12.59

Arrived: 2005-10-09
Found under: FTP, Simulation, Bonus Packs,

Made by: Cyberhorse Workshop

smartphone Autoflight 3.1.1 freeware

Autoflight 3.1.1 Description

smartphone Autoflight 3.1.1 freeware software

  • Turns flight mode on/off at scheduled time. Support unlock PIN code when turn off flight mode(phone on).
  • Reboot system at scheduled time to have system clear and cool and to keep away from dead.
  • Turn power off at scheduled time.
  • Switch between Silent and Normal Mode at scheduled time.
  • Add above functions to system's Calendar program. Therefore, there are seven tasks from AutoFlight self and limitless tasks from Calendar.
  • Set multiple alarms with different sound and title.
  • Hourly announce with voice or chime.
  • Speak time at any moment by pressing twice volume up key.
  • Lock keypad automatically and unlock keypad or phone by pressing only one key (new function with version 3.1.0).

Changes of Version 3.1.1 :

  • Removed the bug of resulting Smartphone 2003SE to reboot system unwilled.

  • Removed the bug of resulting Smartphone 2002 to fail switch mode.


All previous version registered user can free upgrade to the new version by email with informations such as user name, register date, buying ID, device owner name and so on.

Welcome to try AutoFlight: Autoflight V3.1 is a time limitation shareware. You can download it freely for trial with period of 7 days.


  • Speaking Time: At any time, any case, include key locked or device locked, Autoflight can speak time by pressing twice Volume Up hotkey sequentially within one second. It acts as volume up when you press it with interval greater than one second do.
  • Alarms sound files are located in "Storage\Program Files\AutoFlight\Alarms" or "Storage Card\Program Files\AutoFlight\Alarms" folder. You can add any PCM wave file with format of 11.025 kHz, 8bits to the folder. You also can delete any alarm sound file in this folder but there must be a file named "music.wav" always.
  • All sound files of announcing time, located in "Storage\Program Files\AutoFlight\Sound" or "Storage Card\Program Files\AutoFlight\Sound" folder, may be replaced with your own files to fit your language or favorite.
  • Unlock keypad or phone by pressing soft1 key if you have enabled auto lock option. Strongly recommend to disable system's Phone Lock function.
  • Daily Tasks Setting: See animation gif on right up.
  • Schedule task by calendar: Insert a string listed as below to "Subject" editor box of Calendar program. AutoFlight can automatically check the calendar database at every o'clock, or at moment of Task8 being done, and at start of program. You also may quit and restart AutoFlight to check calendar database and refresh Task8 at once.



    Flight Mode


    Silent Mode


    Reset phone


    Power off


the Autoflight 3.1.1 free for Smartphone




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