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CT Scheduler - *New Release!* 2.02

Summary: Turns your phone into a fully automated assistant! Automatically sends SMS, switches profiles/bluetooth/Flight Mode, set call forwarding and do more at desired time!

WM5 or WM6 Smartphone

Price: $11.75

Arrived: 2008-03-01
Found under: Notes, FTP, Simulation,

Made by: Connective Tools Ltd.

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smartphone CT Scheduler - *New Release!* 2.02 freeware

CT Scheduler - *New Release!* 2.02 Description

smartphone CT Scheduler - *New Release!* 2.02 freeware software

CT Scheduler is a useful utility that adds a new functionality for automating phone actions in accordance to your schedule.

CT Scheduler allows sending SMS, switching profiles, bluetooth, Flight Mode, set Call Forwarding, run programs and do many other interesting things at the desired time automatically.

NOTE: Some actions must be supported by your mobile operator and may not work properly on specific and locked devices. Please try TRIAL version before buying this software!

The following actions are supported

  • Call Forwarding. Allows you to setup or disable call forwarding. You can use this action, for example, if you are periodically busy at meeting, and want to forward phone calls to other person.

  • Send SMS. Allows sending your SMS messages automatically. This useful feature is perfect for sending periodic notifications to somebody, sending message to friends at birthdays or doing other similar operations.

  • Switch Profile. Allows switching sound profiles. Use this action to avoid unwanted loud calls at undesirable time.

  • Switch Flight Mode. Allows switching Flight Mode. This action could be used at night, for example, for extending the battery life.

  • Switch Bluetooth Mode. Allows switching Bluetooth Mode. It is also could help to extend battery life.

  • Turn GPRS Off. Allows to turn GPRS connection off. This action not only extends battery life, but also keeps your money.

  • Run Program. Allows launching programs, documents, media and other files. Use this feature to automate your repetitive tasks.

  • Restart Phone. Allows restarting the phone. It is good idea to restart the phone periodically because restarting cleanups system resources and memory leaks. After this action phone works faster. You may arrange restart action to night time, for example.

  • Power Off. Allows to turn the phone off. Please note, if the phone is Off, no other actions are possible!

The key CT Scheduler features

  • Rich set of supported phone actions: send SMS, switch profile / bluetooth / Flight Mode, set call forwarding and more.

  • Simple and convenient user interface. The program is easy to understand and easy to use. You can view, change, delete and create events fast and easily. Status icons, sorting, filtering and other options significantly simplify your work with your list of events.

  • Comprehensive time engine. You can use an unlimited number of once- and recurring events. The following types are supported: next 24 hours, once, weekly, monthly and annually. Multiple events could be set on the same time.

  • NEW! Test Run feature. Allows you to test your events right from the program.

  • 'Skip Next' feature. This convenient feature allows you to skip the forthcoming event in advance. It is very convenient if you want to avoid the next event without its deletion or deactivation.

  • Configurable time accuracy, Automatic unlock ...and many other features!

the CT Scheduler - *New Release!* 2.02 free for Smartphone

Price: $11.75




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