IBE Shopping List Regular for SP 1.0 for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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IBE Shopping List Regular for SP 1.0

Summary: we have an excellent applicationthe to note items you want to shop.

Smartphone 2005 Regular

Price: $9.99

Arrived: 2007-04-15
Found under: Golf, GPS, FTP,

Made by: IBE Group, Inc.

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smartphone IBE Shopping List Regular for SP 1.0 freeware

IBE Shopping List Regular for SP 1.0 Description

smartphone IBE Shopping List Regular for SP 1.0 freeware software

You have a powerful smartphone with you all the time (anyways!) and we have an excellent application why do you need a paper and pen or remember yourself the items you want to shop?
Here comes our 'Shopping List' to keep track of your shopping list:
  • Add or edit your shopping items with ease.
  • Set priority for each item (identify your priority easily with cool looking icons).
  • Sort your items either by description or priority.
  • Filter them by 'active' or 'completed'.
  • Enter some note for each item if you like.
  • Create and maintain as many lists as you like and export or import items between them.
    Apart from the usual stuff, it comes with a novel feature if you are on the move or unable to take down the 'wish list' of your children or spouse, just ask them to send a text message. Its that simple! No matter what phone they use, just a text message from any source or even from internet would do. This application takes care the rest!

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    the IBE Shopping List Regular for SP 1.0 free for Smartphone

    Price: $9.99




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