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PEPID Critical Care Nursing Suite 8.3

Summary: The Ultimate Critical Care Nursing Reference Software! 2300 topics, Drug Interactions, Calculators, Full Drug Database, Superb Navigation

Requires BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher, memory card with 22mb free space and 8 mb of free device memory.

Price: $179.90

Arrived: 2008-02-22
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Made by: PEPID

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smartphone PEPID Critical Care Nursing Suite 8.3 freeware

PEPID Critical Care Nursing Suite 8.3 Description

smartphone PEPID Critical Care Nursing Suite 8.3 freeware software

A one-year subscription to PEPID RN Critical Care for BlackBerry devices.


PEPID and the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) have partnered to create PEPID RN Critical Care. Advanced practice nurse authors designated by the NACNS have provided the critical care content. Following PEPID's commitment to provide comprehensive clinical information in all specialties, PEPID RN Critical Care includes content throughout all specialty areas with an expanded and in depth approach to critical care nursing.

Available for both PDA and Internet access, PEPID RN Critical Care provides every nurse in the department access to critical information in seconds. Access PEPID from any Internet connected or wireless patient care computer, or download to your PDA.

PEPID RN Critical Care Facts and Features

PEPID RN Critical Care includes an extensive critical care section written by editors designated by the NACNS

  • Managing the ICU Environment - key points for admission, transfer and patient assignments
  • Airway Management - includes airway protection, management of the ET Tube and Extubation with nursing considerations
  • Mechanical Ventilation - includes key nursing points on weaning from the ventilator
  • Hemodynamics - includes fluids & electrolyte balance and replacement solutions, blood products and basics of hemodynamic monitoring
  • Acid Base Balance - includes compensation and buffers, metabolic acidosis and alkalosis and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis
  • Nosocomial Complications - review preventive measures for VAP, BSI, anemia, skin breakdown, UTI and Infection Control
  • Pain/Anxiety Management in the ICU - ICU specific sedation and analgesia topics, including IVCS and NMBA
  • Critical Care Assessment - detailed assessment for cardiovascular, neurological, renal, gastrointestinal and respiratory
  • Nutrition in the ICU - Critical care nurse checklists for enteral and parenteral nutrition, laboratory monitoring and key concepts of nutrition in the critically ill patient
  • And Much More! - Ethical Considerations, Palliative Care, Psychosocial Support, every ICU calculation you need, IV compatibilities and VADs
  • Includes PEPID Laboratory Manual with 400 lab tests, normal ranges and related tests

PLUS PEPID RN Critical Care is a complete clinical reference covering all specialties:

  • 2300 Disease and Trauma topics with detailed diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment information
  • Instant access to Immediate Lifesaving Protocols BLS, ACLS, ATLS, PALS, RSI, procedures, quick drugs and drips, toxidromes, and algorithms
  • Topics include Nursing Considerations that provide teaching and charting points.
  • Nursing Assessment (Health History, Physical Exam, Mental Status Exam, etc.)
  • An extensive Pain Management section with high risk patient management, interventions, assessment, legal considerations, etc.
  • Electrolyte Imbalances/ABG's as a separate section for instant access
  • Vascular Access Devices (common complications, catheter care, site selection, documentation guidelines, etc.)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine section
  • IV Drug Incompatibilities listings at your fingertips
  • Tips and advice from experienced and respected nursing professionals make PEPID RN like having a conversation with a respected senior colleague


  • A complete Drug Database - includes over 7500 drug, herbal and OTC generic and trade names with extensive kinetics and mechanism of action information, adult and pediatric dosing with built-in dosing calculators (weight-based, body surface area-based, even IV drip rate calculators), overdose management, and trade/cost information
  • Virtually every Medical Calculator you can ever need is included with direct links from relevant topics. There is also a user-friendly stand-alone medical calculator index. You can tap on the underscored name of the calculator to review the calculation first, or enter directly into the calculator itself from the Calculator Index by tapping on the icon next to the name.
  • Cross reference up to 50 drugs, herbal remedies and OTC medications simultaneously in our Drug Interactions module. This is the most user-friendly interactions program you will find. The results are scored on a 1-5 basis one being low and 5 being high. Just tap on each interaction found to read the explanation.
  • Internationally Comprehensive with SI Lab Units presented along with American units, an SI calculator, complete metric conversion calculators, and even includes 1200 Canadian drug trade names in drug monographs and incorporated into the Drug Interactions Generator
  • Comprehensive Dynamic Index lets you search for almost 10,000 entries - medical topics, procedures, drugs, herbals, common abbreviations, eponyms, equations, etc. - all in one place.
  • Embedded Illustrations such as Dermatomes, Rule of 9's and rhythm strips add even more value to PEPID.
  • Plus: Personal Notes that allow you to add your own content to each PEPID topic and drug. Notes are saved whenever you update your PEPID.

Price: $179.90




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