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Photo Contacts PRO (w/ Call Filter) 4.02

Summary: Photo Contacts PRO is the premier contact, distinctive Ringtone and Business Photo Caller ID manager with integrated Call Filtering and Profiles.

Windows Mobile Smartphone and 1MB of memory

Price: $24.95

Arrived: 2006-11-23
Found under: Sports, Spreadsheet, Notes,

Made by: Pocketx Software Inc.

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smartphone Photo Contacts PRO (w/ Call Filter) 4.02 freeware

Photo Contacts PRO (w/ Call Filter) 4.02 Description

smartphone Photo Contacts PRO (w/ Call Filter) 4.02 freeware software

Photo Contacts PRO (Smartphone Edition)

Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition

Photo Contacts PRO is the premier Contact, Ring Tone, Call Profile, Call Blocking/Filtering and Photo Caller ID manager for your Smartphone. Supports Motorola Q and Windows Mobile 5 devices with landscape and portrait screens.

This fully featured picture contact manager lets you assign distinctive ringtones to contacts, contact categories and Unknown and Private callers on your Pocket PC Phone.

Reject unwanted callers including Unknown and Private callers with the new Call Filter with Profiles. Fully integrated per contact and per category Call Filtering allows users to specify the following settings to incoming calls:
1. Reject - the call is automatically rejected and sent to voicemail (if available)
2. Silent - the call is permitted to come through but the ring is silent
3. Vibrate - the phone vibrates
4. Bypass - the call is allowed to bypass the call filter in case of a default setting

Fully customizable Phone Profiles let the user group and customize call filtering, ring volume and ring type settings.

During an incoming call, you will easily see who is calling you before you choose to answer. Photo Contacts PRO features Full Screen Photo Caller ID and the new Business Photo Caller ID mode that shows the company and title of the incoming caller in easily readable large text.

Intelligently add (large) photographs to your contacts then browse, create and edit your contacts with photographs utilizing the four intelligent contact browsing views. Photo Contacts PRO also lets you send email, SMS messages and share photos with other users.

Photo Contacts PRO is the best in business for fast Photo Dialing. Especially useful when you need to concentrate on other things.

With Photo Contacts PRO, assigning photos to contacts is easy! Assign photos on your Pocket PC using the intelligent photo crop engine, or with your desktop PC using our SmartName
TM technology.

Photo Contacts PRO supports Windows Mobile 5 and Smartphone 2002/2003/SE devices with regular (176x220), QVGA (240x320) and landscape QVGA (320x240) screens.

Photo Contacts PRO is fully customized for the Motorola Q supporting its integrated keyboard and thumb-wheel.

IMPORTANT - Please Note: This is the Smartphone Edition of Photo Contacts PRO for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices (without a touch screen) - if you have a Windows Mobile Pocket PC (with a touch screen) such as the Cingular 8125, Treo 700w, Samsung i730/i830, Siemens SX56/66, Verizon XV6600/6700, Audiovox PPC 6600/6700, iMate JAM/KJAM/JAMin/JasJar, O2 XDA II/Mini/Exec/Atom, Qtek S100/S200/9090/9100, Sprint PPC-6700, T-Mobile MDA/Compact, etc., then you will need the Pocket PC Edition of Photo Contacts PRO.

the Photo Contacts PRO (w/ Call Filter) 4.02 free for Smartphone

Price: $24.95


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