Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.1.0 for Windows Mobile Smartphone

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ť Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.1.0

• Summary: Pocket Tunes is the easiest-to-use music player for smartphones and PDAs. Enjoy music, audiobooks, podcast, as well as Internet radio within a single application on your phone.


•Price: $37.95

•Arrived: 2008-07-11
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•Made by: NormSoft, Inc.

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smartphone Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.1.0 freeware

ť Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.1.0 Description

smartphone Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.1.0 freeware software

Pocket Tunes is the easiest-to-use feature-rich music player for smartphones and PDAs. Try it today to find out why hundreds of thousands of customers love it!

  • NOW AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS MOBILE! Jam to your tunes on most Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.
  • NEW IN 4.1. Sync your iTunes playlists with your Windows Mobile smartphone or PDA.1
  • Play music stored on your phone or on a storage card in your phone.
  • Play hundreds of Internet radio stations from the built-in catalog or tune in to your favorites.3
  • View the album artwork for the music you are listening to.
  • Auto-sync your music from your computer and CDs.
  • Access millions of songs from compatible music subscription services.2
  • Listen to audio books and podcasts.
  • And so much more!

It's your phone, your music. Pocket Tunes gives you more ways to access your favorite tunes on your smartphone from where ever you may be.

Your Radio Stations
Tune into any of the hundreds of preset stations included with Pocket Tunes or access your favorites online. Pocket Tunes comes with a huge catalog of online radio stations in over a dozen different categories. And if you still can't find what you want, go online to find your favorites among the thousands available. Pocket Tunes plays Internet radio stations that are broadcast in MP3 and aacPlus formats, giving you broad access to the highest quality stations out there.3

Your Music Subscriptions
Pocket Tunes plays music from online music stores like Napster To Go and Rhapsody To Go, giving you access to millions of tracks without paying for each one. And, you can buy your favorites so you'll have them forever.2

Your Theme
Personalize Pocket Tunes with skins.

Your Ears
Bring pleasure to your ears with the high fidelity sound that you deserve. With advanced features including a graphic equalizer, bass boost, volume boost, crossfade, and gapless playback, you'll lose yourself in your tunes.4

Your Music Collection
Whether from your CDs or your computer, Pocket Tunes will sync your music to your phone so it is always available. Pocket Tunes works with music synced with Windows Media Player 10 or 11. You can also automatically sync your iTunes playlists1, and play music in all common formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC, and aacPlus.

Your Audio Books and Podcasts
It's not just music. Pocket Tunes lets you listen to your favorite audio books and podcasts too! Choose free or purchased audio books from many popular sources online or podcasts from your favorite newscasters and bloggers. Bookmark and auto-bookmark features exist for saving your place anywhere within an audiobook, podcast, or any supported audio file. With the auto-bookmark feature turned on Pocket Tunes will save your place each time you pause playback, creating a list of bookmarks for every file so that you can quickly jump back to playing any file where you left off.

Your Mixes
Create your own play lists. Shuffle, repeat, and re-order your tunes directly on your phone to create exactly the right mix of music.

With tons more, so try it today!

Technical Specifications

Audio Support: MP3 (all bitrates, CBR and VBR), AAC (all bitrates), WMA, Protected WMA (PD-DRM WMDRM9, Janus WMDRM10), aacPlus/HE-AAC v1, aacPlus/HE-AAC v2.
Playlist Support: Stored on SD card: M3U, PLS, ASX. Stored on device: internal playlist format. Accessed via HTTP: M3U, PLS. Other capabilities: playlists that include other playlists are expanded automatically.
Streaming Audio: Protocols: HTTP, Shoutcast, Live365. Formats: MP3, aacPlus.
Album art: JPEG format any size (depending on available memory). Supports album art embedded in MP3, AAC, or WMA. Supports album art stored in the same folder with the music. If multiple album art files are available, automatically selects album art that most closely matches desired resolution.

1 Only unprotected tracks purchased from the iTunes store are supported. These are referred to as iTunes Plus tracks from within the iTunes store.
2 Music stores that we have tested include: Napster and Rhapsody. Pocket Tunes supports both subscription and purchased content. Online music store access requires a paid subscription to one of many compatible music services.
3 Listening to Internet radio may incur data usage charges please check your wireless data plan before using this feature.
4 Crossfade, gapless playback, volume boost, and the equalizer are not available on copy-protected tracks.

the Pocket Tunes Deluxe 4.1.0 free for Smartphone

• Price: $37.95

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