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Smartpong 3.0

Summary: Bat and ball style game with explosive actions and effects.


Price: $3.95

Arrived: 2004-04-03
Found under: Other, Legal, Stocks,

Made by: MadBeetle Limited

smartphone Smartpong 3.0 freeware

Smartpong 3.0 Description

smartphone Smartpong 3.0 freeware software

Smartpong 3

Following the success of version 2, 3 brings more brick busting action, but this time its harder and faster. All new effects including rippling explosions, particles, shaking screen, and the game makes use of the vibration effect of your phone. Some of levels are bigger than what you first see, and they'll scroll down as you clear the bottom bricks. With many more bricks per screen and 50 levels you'll be playing along time before you complete this game. The game includes a online high score table so you can log your score (if you get in the top 10).

Features include :-

  • Online highscore table
  • Auto Save & Resume anytime
  • Customizable keys
  • 50 massive levels, some levels scroll down as to clear the bottom bricks.
  • Great Effects, including rippling explosions, shaking screen, vibration and particles.
  • Different ball types including the fire ball; blows up everything it touches; and the disintergrator; thats passes straight through all bricks.
  • Lots of block types, including the mine, the exploding barrel and the bomber that drops bombs to shrink your bat size.
  • This time its harder and faster than smartpong 2.

You can build and share your own set of levels by downloading the level editor. See our site for the download

the Smartpong 3.0 free for Smartphone




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