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Impact Of Internet On Children's Attitude And Behaviour


Information technology has changed the world of today in that, every person is living is informed even children, not like past. With the presence of internet, it is aiding to change the mode of lifestyle in the world. Whereby any information one may need are available in websites one can login into relevant site and get the information, either newspaper, cinema tickets can be booked online. Changing of entertainment concept, a person can listen to music, watch moves at home by just connecting to this site, with this technology it the impact on the children both positive and negative.

How in the modern world can you control children?

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Hoverwatch is a free app especially designed to use for Android. Its list of functions includes recording all communication activities on the phone. This includes SMS messages, call history, online activities, and keeping track of all other in-app chats and communication. So if your children is using social networks, Skype or any other app, you will be able to view their interactions through Hoverwatch's user interface.

Positive side

The Internet has positively changed our mode of lifestyle in so many ways. It is giving chances to escape out the exact world while sitting on the chair and to wonder about the world. With the permanent repetition of given themes and through high visuals of powerful technical quality it is. It creates condition too many persons in behaviors and thinking in specific ways.

The Internet has its significant on providing customer relationship management and chain management, where online business is acting serious role by automating client relationship directions, like attractive voice systems where complainants can be dealt at any time one might feel to banks can also do the transaction without the physical presence of a person. Banks are also introducing electronic transaction and home banking. There is no class training for the change; instead, the concept is computer training through online, like electronic learning, online examination, and electronic gurukool.

Communication channels are present on the internet on everything one may need to know. Online have links to works, games, travel, sports, libraries, travel, lifestyle, music, art, money, computing, shopping, people, and the rest. This is amazing if one could know the amount of information available on the internet. Through which one can get the most expensive and the best information. Any information in this world can be accessed through online. The same way E-mail has overturned the communication .voice is recorded and sent to the destination through voice mail. People are able to communicate online around the world at price of international calls

Current trends are dominated on the modern day's business networking and online techniques are reforming the commercial enterprise as an entire and masses are at the anvil for the ones interested by the use of them for gaining superior gain who are nicely-versed in technological and management components. E-trade is a forerunner in this regard.

Negative side

There is no challenge approximately significant role of the net Resemblance there additionally exists not merely unanimity, however, a developing concern about its dangerous impacts. However, wonderful influences do not stick so easily and terrible effects do not depart us so comfortably.

Therefore, it is advantageous and right to focus on the dangerous function of the internet in destroying our Indian lifestyle and in influencing specific university and school going youngsters at their fantastically impressionable age.

Online function in selling vulgarity and in weakening our own family traditions and values is especially distressing. The mistreat of this very effective media leads us to impeach the absoluteness of positive liberal concepts like freedom and choice in relation to viewing what one needs.

When private hobbies are available in warfare with the bigger issues of common morality morale and, there is a need for practicing choice and freedom with a few restraints. If the plan of manufacturers is unable to include their industrial instincts, the general public government and parents and elders have to step in to collectively articulate their worries and provoke actions to prevent its dangerous effects.


  • For the effect to lessen parents should become friends to their children and have enough time with them, parents should monitor the kind of programmers their children are viewing and reduce the time their children are taking on watching televisions the children should only the selected channel for an affixed hour.
  • Parents should encourage their children to have the habit of reading what is beneficial to them; on the same note parents should encourage their children to have the pet to catch their attention while they are playing with the pet. This will make them not to be television or internet addicted.
  • Children should be encouraged to pursue outside activities and crew video games in natural settings.
  • Parents should set a good example as a role model for the families Elders should take action to educate their children social skills and help them say their problems fearlessly.
  • The best way to avoid grave mishaps in children, they should view media under parental control and regulation in the best manner


The technology runs our society to date. It makes a decision what human beings are interested in and the way they behave. Due to the technology children concentrate less on reading and in training and they value killing their brain cells while sitting on the sofa viewing television and computers.

We as a figure want to show our interest far away from the personal computers and televisions and cognizance extra on every other people, studying books, going to parks, and taking a lot of time with circle of relatives and friends and many others. In preference to giving kids sending them to more doctors and therapists, and medicinal drug we ought to lessen the variety of electronics which can be jogging their ordinary lives. People need touch with different humans in order to lead a glad, healthful existence.

Basically, it's for the mother and father' obligation to display what their youngsters watch and how often they play video games and get entry to the net next, the government ought to without a doubt alter legal guidelines to lessen inappropriate television, net or video game contents. There has to be an access manipulate device in any irrelevant television or internet content not handiest for children however also for adults.

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Parents should be a role model for them to get an easy task to eradicate bad or undesirable behavior in their children not forgetting that this undesirable they copy them from parents and it becomes so difficult for apparent to erase this characters. If this happens parents should give them time adjust, remain consistent and focus on your relationship.